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Some of you may have noticed some changes just now, and earlier this week to the rest of the site. Feel free to post any feedback here. Also, it's prone to misalignment since there's no "tech team" for this site, and I can't test the spectrum of popular browsers that come here, from PC thru Linux and Palm to PSP.

Re: Integration

Nice, I like the 3D models! I like what you have done.

-Boba Dude

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Re: Integration

As long as it doesn't turn my computer into an assasin droid and try and kill me it looks great. Nothing to really complain about...OH MY GOSH IT'S...ChOKING,NOT BREATHING...Well, that's going to leave a mark, anyway always nice to know we're still up and running like a well oiled...something or other.

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Re: Integration

Looking good.  Very nice and colorful and eye-catching.  The yellow almost makes you feel more awake.

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Re: Integration

I like it admin!!!!  Good job and THANKS!!!!


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