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Boba Fan wrote:

Lets see...
I have read:
Ultramarines Omnibus
Flight of the Eisenstein
Galaxy in Flames

Me 2 addto that death world, 15  hours, and the rest of the hourus heresy series.

Never again should they make a pg-13 predator/aliens movie. ever.

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I now think that the first avp wasnt all that bad, not good but not bad. Anderson was making Resident evil 2 at the same time and had to be thinking up two different stories. I'll cut'em some slack on that.

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I must be one of the only people who actually enjoyed the first AvP movie. But then I've always been into the suspense more than the gore. Looks like I'll have to shut my eyes in a lot of bits. I'm really not into gore, now senseless violence is something else entirely tongue

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i thought the first AvP was okay, if only it had been just a leetel more to its predecessors.