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Topic: some more Fett skins :)

yes I know I've made a couple topics about fett skins b4...but those were for kotor.

I came across two skins, a set of boba fetts mandalorian armour for elder scrolls 3 morrow wind or somthing found here

http://www.fileplanet.com/search.aspx?s … =mandalore
you may need an acount for that, I dont know

and a pretty cool Fett skins for heretic 2, which doesnt have a jetpack unfortunatly. sorry I cant give a link cause I have no idea where I got it, it was just in a skin pack I downloaded.

Also I got no screen shots cause I dont got Elderscrolls, and Heretic 2 isnt supported by xfire. But I highly doubt any of you have heretic 2 if you do have H2 and you want it emailme, the author didnt say anything about distribution, so im gonna distribute it.

Ps. I have no life all I do is search for Boba Fett mods for my games smile

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Re: some more Fett skins :)

Well it works without a log on, pity it doesn't show a picture sad

I'm sure you do have a life, you're just a Fett fanatic like the rest of us big_smile

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Re: some more Fett skins :)

if i had games to mod, i would do the same!

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Re: some more Fett skins :)

they need to armor skins on Xbox Live marketplace for oblivion. thatd be cool, walkin round in Mando armor. or storm trooper armor with a staff that looks like a blaster.
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Re: some more Fett skins :)

oh theres a way to do it big_smile but I can't really tell you how since its illegal for some reason

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