Topic: how boba got his skillz

boba was just a kid when jango got him,  and since jango was only there for one episode, how do think he got his skillz to be the ruthless bounty hunter we all and know like?

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Re: how boba got his skillz

Boba was not just a kid when Jango got him; Boba is Jango's clone, and Jango took careof him until he (Jango) died. Jango was around for more than one episode. Boba recieved his skills on his own.

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Re: how boba got his skillz

Not to mention in the junior novels Jango leaves him the black book that helps steer boba in the right direction.

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Re: how boba got his skillz

Well in his "previous history" I think he was supposed to be a Stormtrooper for a little while like Han Solo. Correct me if I'm wrong...

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Re: how boba got his skillz

Hm, all very interesting stuff.

I've also wondered where Boba picked up so much nack for bounty hunting.  Guess that's part of what makes him mysterious.


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Re: how boba got his skillz

actually jango had been training boba all boba's life. boba doesn't grow faster than normal, unlike other clones.

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