Re: Jango Fett...Dissapointing...hmmm...

draco fett wrote:

The Slave I's walls were decorated with Jedi heads.

Way late, but is that from the "Being Boba Fett" comic in Star Wars Tales? 'cause the artist in that made Slave 1 look like the interior of a fairly nice sized apartment. And I hated that "head's mounted on the wall" thing. For a hunter like Bossk it would have worked, but I always thought Boba was too cold to do something that personal.

And I'm not sure if this belongs in this topic, but I think the main difference between the two Fetts, and what makes them unique characters is their backgrounds.

Jango was a soldier and a warrior before becoming a bounty hunter. Which meant he was used to combat and totally destroying the opposition.

Boba was trained to be a bounty hunter from a very young age. So it makes since that he's the more subtle of the two and the better hunter. He built on what Jango taught him and adapted it to suit his personality. Jango had a warrior's background not a hunter and had to learn the bounty-hunting game more by trial-and-error.

I think if they were dogs ( maybe a bad analogy, but the only one I could come up with at the moment), Jango would be a pitbull and Boba would be a Doberman. Yeah, Jango'll get the job done, but it ain't gonna be pretty. Boba on the other hand, is just as deadly, but more efficient and without as much mess.

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