Topic: Why did I look ???

Yesterday I was in this large store that sells TV's and in a special room was a huge TV [about $25,000
worth] and it was showing Star Wars made me feel I was with the them,,it was showing the last part
before Boba Fett meet his tricky end,,I felt I could just take him out before that Hans Solo knocked him
to his Death SOB!!!!!,
Then this Salesman came in a saw my SAD face ,,''Friend of yours ??"".

Re: Why did I look ???

Awe bless smile

Eek…that is a lot of money for a TV.

LOL I am strange but I do not like huge TV’s. The TV that we have got is big but not too big. I love watching films on a big screen so I would get a projector screen to watch films but I do not like seeing TV programmes on a big screen.

Jedi photographer - May the focus be with me.