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Some pretty neat Disney Weekends promo posters.  Check out the "baggage claim" one. 

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Re: Disney Weekends promo posters

that is awesome! i love the ewok one

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Re: Disney Weekends promo posters

on a loosely related note...

i recently went to disney land, for the first time in about a decade.
i thought to myself "im going to ride star tours". i had remembered it being fun...way back in the day.
so i am sitting in-line with my friend and it occurs to me- nothing has changed. no updating...
nothing. still the same decor.

i mean it has only been 10 years and three movies later.
so a slightly deflated cujo gets buckled into the ride. and im thinking this is gonna be in hi-def.
or im about to see the slave1 drop a sonic charge.
so the star tour starts up...and another shocking revalation is upon me!
IM OLD!(30). because the rocking motion of this this is literally unsettling my stomach...
oh and nothing about the ride has changed. NOTHING!
same non-descipt robot pilot. same space flight effects...

i shake my fist at disney and lucas. those stingy bastards, for shame.
would it break ur bank to flip the ride every millennia?

ok, my rant is done...

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Re: Disney Weekends promo posters

Aw, those are so funny! I love them!

...I printed out the Boba Fett one and taped it on my mirror! <3

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