Re: Fetts romantic backstory

OrdoHunted wrote:

AS far as I Know its not a fanfic it was just something I ran across one night, It could be and someone just reposted it as if it was fact. Either way.  From what I remember ( I cant find the site anymore thats why I was wondering if anybody had heard of anything simular.) the chick he fell in love with was killed by a Jedi but was not one herself.; and considering Boba Fett had a hugr distain for jedi it makes some sense I did know that whole backstory about Sintas ans well as his grandaughter but I just thought that this was an interesting turn on his character.

It has to be a fanfic (or at least made up by a fan as a cool story starter) because it has been stated that the hair is in fact a strand of braided wookie hair.

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