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I just got this package at Target for a mere 42 dollars U.S. (This amount does indeed includes taxes).
It comes with:
Empire At War
Republic Commando
Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast
Knight of the Old Republic
And a 14 day Free Star Wars Galaxies Trial
I haven't tried installing Commando yet but I got them all to work on my laptop without any major snags aside from Kotor which I have to play on my Father's Desktop because it actually has enough ram to play.

If you haven't gotten the games already I seriously suggest looking for this box set. It's for the PC so Mac users might have a small problem to work out but supposedly Apple products can run Windows now. I wouldn't know, the lack of second button on the mouse has always made me hate Mac computers so I don't own one.

Empire at war is just slightly boring in my opinion, maybe it's the sudden difference between Age of Mythology that's doing it.

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Re: Star Wars: Best of PC

Unfortunately I already have three of those games so I didn't see the point of getting it. Mind you if I didn't have them I would jump at the chance wink

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Re: Star Wars: Best of PC

I got it for Christmas. smile

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Re: Star Wars: Best of PC

My friend got that set too.  I am really upset that a Mac can't use them to the same quality a PC can.  I think it was a pretty good deal for him, as he already has KOTOR II, and this helps fill in the background, and give him a chance to play other good games.

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Re: Star Wars: Best of PC

I'm on it!

They shall be mine!

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Re: Star Wars: Best of PC

Saw it at EBgames the other day.  Bought it right away, even though I have Republic Commando from before.

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