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Topic: Vader Green Lightsaber

so i was watching That 70's Show and in it they talk about the Vader action figure with the rare green lightsaber...anyone else hear of this or is this strictly t.v.? besides i dint think green was put yet since that was ROTJ and thats 83...not 70's so.

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Re: Vader Green Lightsaber

I've a commercial for that episode years ago. During one of my classes at school today, I was thinking of that line. It could have just been a coloring error on the figure.

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Re: Vader Green Lightsaber

There is a rare Palpatine packaged with a blue lightsaber that came out for ROTS. I saw it but didn't get it. I was stupid. sad

So there might have been a Vader like that. There's been a handful of TPM Obi-Wan's out with a green lightsaber (but I guess it could be Qui-Gon's lightsaber), but that was several years ago.

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Re: Vader Green Lightsaber

Yep it was green in the 78. Good eyes.