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Just wanted to let every one know that you can now trust what I say, I am no longer a used car salesman.  lol
I started a new job at VW of Orange Park as a technician, in two years I will be eligable for A.S.E. certifacation, and in about seven years VW certified master tech. status.
Just want to know if any of you have a new job or promotion that you would like to share.

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Hey, congrats!  smile

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borat voice "nnnice".

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good for you

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Congrats tongue.

I'm smiling because they havn't found the bodies yet. :)
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My last change was a promotion. I used to be an "all purpose clerk" which meant I was the Assistant Nutrition Manager, checker, bagger, dairy stocker, etc. etc. etc. Now I'm just Dairy Manager. Which I like. Got boosted up from 9.40/hr to 12.50, and now I have weekends off and get off at 1 every day.

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