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Topic: Star Wars Battlefront II

Eh, if you play SWBF2, post ur name here.

My most popular name would be Glitch_Master_Shmit, but a few others are The_FullMetal_Alchemist, Darth_Revan, and Darth_Bane_The_Destructive.

EDIT: Oh yeah, post if you play on 1.0 or 1.1

Re: Star Wars Battlefront II

mine would be. The General

Lord Optima stronger then strong scarier then scary and powerful enough to blow up a galaxy but don't think i can't be bothered killing pethedic people like you

Re: Star Wars Battlefront II

I have the version 1.0
If you want to know my rank is General
my nickname is only: Robert

And if i write nonsense thats why my mothertongue isnt english!

Re: Star Wars Battlefront II

i play v 1.1 i have tones of mods on it

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Re: Star Wars Battlefront II

i got mods too.

+123 special edition
SWBF1 Conversion Pack Version 1.8.1
Boras II: Stunt Course
Dogfighting Death Star
Rhen Var: Temple
Nelvaan: Village
Ancient Research Facility
Eddie's Italia
Eddie's Kastel
Mos Eisley Spaceport
Mos Eisley Dawn

Re: Star Wars Battlefront II

Commander Ret