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Around my Computer I have a little World around it ,,one day I will try ans post a photo', but
at last I have positions for my Boba's
One is telling this Stormtropper off,,''Don't you know who I am''
One with a dragon offening him a Cake ''What you baked this for me''
Third one ,holding a Alien from Roswell ''You may have BIG eyes but you couldn't see me
And the last one with his guns blazing from coming out behind a photo ''Sirus you mongal cat,,come up here
once more you're  DEAD
I wonder any one here have their World around their Computer ??

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I have a Marvel legends Bishop Variant (the cool bald one)
but otherwise no.

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Re: My Four Boba Fetts

I have a laptop, so, no.

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Re: My Four Boba Fetts

I have a Gentle Giant 1/6 Boba Fett scale on the left of my screen with a Kotobukiya Episode III Clone Trooper on the right and a personalized signed photo fron Jeremy Bulloch on the wall next to me.

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i have a laptop but i do have the family crest on the top and boba as my wall paper

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Re: My Four Boba Fetts

Around my computer lay mounds of junk:
Wallet full of change (mainly pennies)
Masking tape
My rent which I'm mailing tomorrow
Agents of Chaos 1: Hero's Trial
A 25-range multitester
Spare glasses that no longer have screws cause I scavenged them for my current pair
Paycheck stub
Shirt transfers
Clear tape
Hair clip
Fingernail cutters
Wal-Mart Reciept
A box for a Wii game
Reciept from the bank
Hair ties
And so on and so forth. All of that's bound to change at any moment though.

My only full-time Star Wars things are my two mini-Yodas. smile They're adorable.

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Around Bat's computer,, Horus  ,is
5 Boba Fetts
3 photos and two artworks of David Bowie
One Alien from Roswell
1pyamid,Horus Jackel,One Jewelled Cat all from Egypt
3 Polar Bears and 4other bears from different countries
tiny,Snake,Rat and ond tiny Nodding Dog,a cat climbing never gets ay futher
4 Moose
1 Storm Trooper ,1D Rider from the LOTR
1 Tiger
5 Bats and a Tribal Bat Stone
2 Seals ,1deer,1 hoving Seagull
5 Dragons,one Toy Spider surprized how soft it is LOL!!!
1 Little Dessert dragon Lizard he lives in Central Australia
A photo of my two cats ,,Sherpa and Hima,,they have gone to Cat's heaven,,no photo of my now Cat Sirus
  anyone else that can BAT that LOL!!

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I have a Boba Fett escaping the Salacc figure lots of fire and tentacles. And a Deathstroke the Terminator (also known as Slade from Teen Titans), I tend to like the mercenary bad boy types.

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Re: My Four Boba Fetts have Boba Fett next to a small stuffed bunny.  I think they fight when I'm not around.  There's a little penguin watching from a distance...but he won't tell.  Jango used to hang out too, but his head fell off and my cats drug it away somewhere...  So I put his corpse in the drawer under some papers... 

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Let's see, I've got a clone trooper, Shock Trooper, Hologram Obi-Wan, and a little tiny Yoda.  Several gargoyles, Piccolo, Freeza, a dragon, Jean-Luc Picard, Steve Irwin, a Borg, a My Little Pony, and my die-cast Boba; who's in his own protective case.  Up on the shelf above my desk, I've got Boba, Obi-Wan, Leia, a Stromie, and my Star Wars Pez dispensers.

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