Re: Clone Your Own Army.

supreme commander jean de la vallette.
generals richard the lionhart,edward 11,robert de sable(templar grand master),king arthur,godfrey of boullion,charlamgne,robert lee,rommell.
officers.major jack churchill,edward the black prince,odo de st armand,robert masters,general jackson,vespasian,judas macabeus,gideon,hector.
other ranks.all the theban legion,all hospitliars at the seige of malta,all templars from the spanish preceptory,a gurkha regiment.a private from an irish regiment,private tommy atkins,an SS corporal. bernard du claivoux,bl william doyle MC,st ignatius loyola,padre pio,st loius de montfort.
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Re: Clone Your Own Army.

Everyone in my army would be a clone of my Lab, Tank. Except the Commander, 'cos Tank's not the sharpest knife in the block. The Commander would be a clone of my Golden Retriever, Mac.

We are the Tank. Resistance is futail. If you attempt to resist you will be slobberated.

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Re: Clone Your Own Army.

Alright, make the entire military clones of Gunnery Sergeant Carlos Hathcock, Vietnam Marine Corps sniper with 293 confirmed kills, and many other unconfirmed. Game over.


Re: Clone Your Own Army.

what if the enemy got up close? shouldn't there be like a contingiancy plan for that? And what about tanks, planes, and any other vehicle? Snipers are all fine and good until their weapon is useless.

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Re: Clone Your Own Army.

Hey Draco, noticing your ultimate weapon, is your rabbit anything like the white rabbit from the Monty Python and The Holy Grail...

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Re: Clone Your Own Army.

You insult her. Comparing her evil to that?! You better watch your back tongue.

I am talking about my pet rabbit. She is absolutly evil.

take it easy baby take it as it comes