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Topic: Non-Star Wars collections

I am not sure if this should be in Collections, or in Fans.

What other items do you collect? Also, what are in your collection?

I collect:
-Deadpool comics

-early American coins

-Alice Cooper items
--"Life and Crimes of Alice Cooper" four disc boxed set
--two disc "DragonTown Special Edition," seven-thousand five-hundred created
--unused backstage pass to the DragonTown tour
--two disc deluxe edition of "Billion Dollar Babies"
--"Live at Montreux" DVD, which comes with a CD featuring the same songs
--two disc limited tour edition of "Brutal Planet," which was only realesed in Europe
--"Super Hits" CD
--"Welcome to my Nightmare" CD
--the first of the Marvel "Last Temptation" comics
--Alice Cooper T-shirt
--"Can't Sleep, the Clowns Will Eat me" T-shirt

--knives (exactly sixty, including a throwing knife and a butterfly knife)
--swords (only six currently)
--a Mideval flail
--thirteen shiruken
  ---Remington .22
  ---Winchester .243 magnum
--miscelaneous weapons

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Re: Non-Star Wars collections

I collect trading cards of any type (except sports) and WWII memorabilia including:
-3 grenades (2 american 1 german)
-grandpa's jacket
-Tank cannon shell
-various plane bullets
-models of vehicles used.
-very few weapons since they are fairly hard to come by, and usually quite expensive

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Re: Non-Star Wars collections

I'm not quite sure how this one got started but I collect those Choose Your Own Adventure books. I think I started it as a kid, and I have almost a full shelffull, but I'm still missing several.

I also collect dust. tongue

I don't think I have much in the way of collections other than SW.

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Re: Non-Star Wars collections

I collect human souls.

Fetterthanthou, you have a tank cannon shell? That is awesome.

I have an old G. I. Joe and (I hate to admit it) Superman Choose Your Adventure book. I have read the G. I. Joe one in the order one would read a normal book. When I read it the way it is ment to be read, I became obssessed with reading it in every possibility. I also lead my troops to demise thousands of times.

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Re: Non-Star Wars collections

Dragonball Z (I have like 8 pages of trading cards, six action figures, two shirts, the Saiyan Saga DVD Boxset and ten tapes)

Transformers (I have an Optimus Prime Bobblehead, about fifteen toys, four shirts, a wristband with the Autobot symbol on it, a little tiny Sideswipe and Optimus Primal, a big talking Optimus Prime, a bunch of Happy Meal Toys, four books, The First, Third, and Fourth Season of G1 ,the Second and Third Season of Beast Wars, and Part of the First season of Armada DVD Box sets, the 20th Anniversary of the Movie DVD, and three of the Star Wars Transformers.)

Star Trek (I know...BLASPHAMY!) (Anyway, I got a couple magazines, The Fourth, Sixth and Seventh Seasons of Star Trek: DS9, a couple twelve inch dolls, and three books.)

Rocks (Yeah, I collect any weird shaped/colored/whatever rock I find laying around. I all ready have a drawer full of them)

Music (I have like a couple hundred CD's, ranging from Heavy Metal to Classical)

Other Manga/Anime (I got the Excel Saga DVD Box Set, the first four Ranma 1/2 Mangas, The first six Chobits Mangas, Three Cowboy Bebop Mangas, the first three Sailor Moon Mangas and a couple Character books, the first two episodes of Urusei Yatsura, some Inuyasha and Cowboy Bebop I recorded off the TV, and whole bunch of Shonen Jumps)

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Re: Non-Star Wars collections

gotta give it to the human souls... and ya, i got a tank shell, its huge.
Also I didn't mention i have a parachute from one of the jumpers in the 101st.

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Re: Non-Star Wars collections

Pokemon cards
Yugioh cards

... I'm asian give me a break

And those little souvenir pennys you see. The one you put in 51 cents and it smashes a design onto one side.

And comics. Just anything I can get my hands on.

Re: Non-Star Wars collections

Ghost in the Shell TPB
Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex The Lost Memory
Ghost in the Shell Man-Machine Interface
Rurouni Kenshin volumes 1-2
Excel Saga volume 1
Mobile Suit Gundam:The last Outpost
Hellsing 1-7
Naruto 1-6 10,11
The all new Tenchi muyo 1-3
Inuyasha 1-6,8,17
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Episode Zero
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Ground Zero
Bleach volume 1

Medabot toys

Trading Cards (I have a whole box of them; Digimon, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Medabot, Naruto) Haven't actually boughten any packages for some time now.


Predator figures


Karate Trophies

Dig magazine

Anime and Manga magazine


Sonic Comics

Anime Model Kits

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Re: Non-Star Wars collections

Mwhahahaha, I collect model horses. I also have an on-the-side business making saddles for them, and repainting and customizing them.
Saddles and repaints and stuff here:

Re: Non-Star Wars collections

I used to collect Venom and spider man stuff now i collect Alien, Predator, Dawn of the dead/other zombie stuff, godzilla stuff, and bb guns along with sadistic weapons disguised at normal clothes...which i just make myself(never used on innocent things)

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Re: Non-Star Wars collections

Mcfarlenes Dragon figures...their so hot

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Re: Non-Star Wars collections

Hero-clicks, anything Mortal Kombat, War-Hammer 40K artwork and game pieces, Battle Tech and the spin off Mech Warrior. Resident Evil games, all the Tom Clancy games Rainbow 6, Ghost Recon, stuff from Slipknot and anything else that I can afford.

Oh yeah and accessories for my car.

Re: Non-Star Wars collections

I have a bunch of 12" ultimate soldier guns and figures,
1:18 model cars,
Ive got a couple of rifles:
12 ga. pump shotgun
.22 henry lever action rifle
Pirates of the Carbibean 2 stuff

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Re: Non-Star Wars collections

Comics-Marvel Only
Specifically Ghost Rider comics
Comic Book Action Figures
Skulls of my defeated enemies. tongue

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Re: Non-Star Wars collections

I collect Nintendo games. XD

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Re: Non-Star Wars collections

Various Anime DVD's, dolls, manga, etc.
My Little Ponies  smile

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Re: Non-Star Wars collections

I collect marvel comics(not much of a DC or Darkhorse fan, besides Star Wars.) mostly Iron Man.
I also collect action figures, mostly Star Wars, but I also collect Marvel heroes.
And also, I collect D&D minis and such.

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Re: Non-Star Wars collections

I recentlly added Alice Cooper's "Brutally Live" DVD and CD to my collection.

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Re: Non-Star Wars collections

I also have a pencil collection I haven't added to since I was a kid. And a stamp collection that my mom started for me but I never kept up with it.

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Re: Non-Star Wars collections

Oh yah the new year and getting stuff out of my storage reminded me of one of my older more valuble collections.

Magic The Gathering.

Re: Non-Star Wars collections

Comics: all kinds image, marvel, DC,  Darkhorse what ever.  Also collect Yugio cards and other trading card games like Magic.

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