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Topic: Droid Rebellion RPG

Ther's been alot of RPG's that have pertained oly to living creatures so why not start one that has to do with droids.

Here's what to post: 1) Identification, 2) Model, 3) W-O-C, 4) 2nd weapon, 5)Tech.

Also you can have hidden weapons that you can pull out at any time or that can be your main weapons. This all occurs during the Clone Wars. You can have any droid on either side but you all will be infected by a virus that gives you free will and makes you adaptable. You can choose any droid you want from the video games or the movies or you can make one up.

There can only be three IG models.they look like Grievous' bodyguards with different modifications. they are the first ones to rebel. And the have jetpacks but everyone can be outfitted with jetpacks. All droids are stronger after they are infected.

Identification: IG-54
Model: Assassin Droid
W-O-C: modified sniper rifle
2nd weapon:electrostaff
Tech:Cloaking Device(it has been modified to be able to stay on for extended periods of time.)

IG-54 looked up. He was in a labratory. He scanned the room. There were two others like him. he could not identify their purpose but he knew his. He has created to kill. To kill whomever he was designated to kill. IG-54 noticed that there was screaming. There was screaming because a droid virus had escaped the containment and was uploading into the three droids.

IG-54 felt empowered after the virus uploaded. He felt superior. He knew the humans were inferior to him and he was going to kill them. He was going to have a droid rebellion and take over the known galaxy. He would set up the perfect government.He would be omnipotent. But that would all start after he killed these three lifeforms and contained the secret of his power.

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Identification: IG-100
Model: Magna Guard
W-O-C: Droid balster rifle with grenade launcher
2nd weapon: chest guns, chest opens and mini guns unfold and blast
Tech: Jet-pack and speed boosters for running

IG-100 took his blaster rifle from an attachment holster, his sensors picked up a hostile target in the next room. "IG-54, the next room, hostile target detected." he said in a deep voice.

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Identification: IG-87
Model: Silent Droid (Like a spy)
W-O-C: Silenced Comando Blaster Pistol
2nd Weapon: Kamino Darts, Standerd Knife on Wrist
Tech: Thermal Vision, Completely Silent

After being uploaded, IG-87 immediatly turned on his thermal vision, there was only one hostile. No one would here if either IG-54 or IG-100 shot. The next think IG-87 heard was from the hostile, "Wha-?" That was his last action before hitting the ground face first, dead.


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Identification: HK-55
Model: HK Class Assassin Driod
W-O-C: Mandalorian Assult Rifle
2nd weapon: Flame thrower and Grenades (Ion and Thermal)
Tech: Advanced Targeting program and Stealth abilities.

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Identification: I-Two
Model: I model assasin droid
W-O-C: heavy gattling gun
2nd weapon: Break action slug thrower
Tech: Shield Generator-deflects up to medium blaster fire-, advanced computer and demolitions specialty

I-Two stepped through the doorway, hefting the gattling gun over the left shoulder. Slowly, meticulously stepping closer and closer to the intended target. The entire building was locked down, one escape left. Harris hoped to find that exit.
"Forty Five feet left."
A voice that rang throughout the empty building, sparks falling to the floor from broken cables. Rounding the corner. Target trapped, dead end. I-Two lowered the massive weapon into either hand, the barrel beginning to spin. Twenty Three shots, barrel rolling to a stop, smoke exuding. Target deceased. Mission accomplished.
Turning, I-Two walked down the appropriate hallway. Into the last useable exit, the lift zooming down past the levels and into the ground. Opening into the sewer.
On to the next mission, throwing the gun over his shoulder once more. Marching down the sewer into the waiting speeder beside the walkway. Two humans manning the controls.
"I told you, hiring this monster was the best idea we ever had."
They sped along, churning the liquid as they passed.
I-Two watched in silence as the droids activated themselves from a monitor. Behind a new employer.
"All according to plan, don't you think my metallic friend?"
"No. But I haven't been payed to think now have I?"
I-Two left the room, heading off to meet the IG models. Part one. He snapped the slugs into the rifle, clomping off to meet the droids.

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Identification: XT-45
Model: Stealth Droid
W-O-C: Blaster Rifle
2nd weapon: None
Tech: Invisabilty Cloaking

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Identification: G-23
Model: Gonk Droid
W-O-C: Flamethrower Attachment
2nd wepon: Slicing upgrade
Tech: Computers

G-23 moved slowly threw the streets of Corsant. He just downloaded a rather large sum of money from a bar's computer. He was almost finished with his mission, his master told him to download the money then come back to the hide out. G turned into an alley and went out of sight. He then walked threw a wall, the wall was a hologram, he completed his mission.

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identification S-24       model assault droid      w-o-c rocket launcher  w-o-c 2 shotgun            tech sheild generator

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S-24 felt a sudden change in him, the virus flowed through him he hopped aboard a droid star fighter and headed off to Coruscant to meet this rebel leader.