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Since I've been playing a bit of Tomb Raider I thought it might be fun to put a Star Wars twist to it.

The Story (Set in KOTOR time):

Legend has it that a century ago there was a great Jedi Master named Athu Asterfelt who found the key to eternal life. It was said he possessed a rare jewel called the Baklah Claw, it was a long blood red crystal that the Jedi Master had worn around his neck for years.

Both Asterfelt and the Baklah claw went missing and their last known where abouts was on the planet Cathaway on a large island that was rumoured to be covered with catacombs.

A bizarre message from Asterfelt's final journey has been echoing over a few radio channels and it's reawaken the interest in the Baklah Claw...

The Rules:

1. You may create any character you want. But please have some variety and clarify their name and species so others can follow their actions easily.

2. You can kill characters you create but you can't kill other people's characters unless they say they have been killed in battle with you. However you can wound them...

3. You can have any weapon you want but you can only have what your character could physically carry - otherwise they wouldn't be able to move.

4. Be consistent, eg if someone says they blew up a building, don't suddenly be assaulting it.

5. If you have sustained many wounds you will have to either get medical help or eventually die.

6. Follow the storyline, sure add a few twists and turns but allow others to see where you want to go so they can help you get there.

7. Have fun.


The vacuum of space was the only place that Nalta Orbb found any peace. Her current business transaction with an annoying Trandoshan was finally done and she could rest for a little while.

Nalta was of human decent, she had a little Twi'lek mixed into her heritage but the only traces of it was the faint tint of pale orange in her skin. Luckily most assumed she'd simply been in a tanning machine for too long.

Nalta sat back in the pilot's chair and flicked through the open channels only to hear a voice of a man who'd been missing for over a thousand years...

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Re: RPG - The Tombs of Asterfelt

Name: Camdreth Worth
Aliance: black sun
species: Human/Stenax
Ocupation: Pirate/ Bounty Hunter
W-O-C: Heavy mando blaster pistol
Other: various hiden Vibro weapons / blasters
Clothing: Black pants and jacket that hides wings but has velcro so wings can be spread when wanted
Physical apperance: humane luking except freakishly tall and has wings blond hair green eyes dark skin with red tint

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Re: RPG - The Tombs of Asterfelt

Camdreth picked up a strange Comm. from a man long dead Camdreth sat and listend a find like this could be worth a few credits.....

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Re: RPG - The Tombs of Asterfelt

Name: Victor Leshnerr
Species: Falleen
Alliance: neutral
w-o-c: two gloves with a long vibroblade attached to each glove finger, making for a total of 10 blades on both hands.
secondary: two blaster pistols and thermal detonators.
appearance: Falleen, black chestplate that administers an electric shock when struck, black spandex pants, black bandana tied around forehead. Entire left side of face is covered in self-inflicted burns & scars to show his difference & alienation form other falleens.

Victor Leshnerr was of falleen heritage, though any falleen would deny his exsistence. He had detsroyed a priceless faleen artifact, and had been exiled from the planet, and disowned by his people. He had decided to become a serial killer with falleen victims only, as revenge for his exilement. He had just slaughtered a house of 5 falleens, when the radio that had been playing in the house the whole time erupted in static. What was this?

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Re: RPG - The Tombs of Asterfelt

Name: Bidlo Kwerve
Species: Human
Heritage: Corellian
Occupation: Freelance Pilot
Weapon of Choice: Upgradeable Disruptor rifle
Other weapons: Dual heavy blaster pistols and one vibrosword
Armor: Enchani light fiber armor (Upgradeable)
Physical Apppearence: Tall, black hair with a streak of white, blue eyes, blaster burn on left cheek.

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Re: RPG - The Tombs of Asterfelt

Name: Salacious Jerricko
Alliance: ???
Ocupation: Genoharadan Assassin
weapon: Grievance Striker Carbine
secondary: Power Claw

Little is known of Jerricko's background, and those who learn more become scarce to find. One of the few of his species to ever stray from his homeworld. He is never truly himself, but he is known to prefer the form of a dark green trandoshan with Baragwin Shadow Armor on. His motives are always buisness and he has never failed to produce for the Genoharadan. Now they have sent him to find the origin of a strange message picked up on his previous mission.

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Re: RPG - The Tombs of Asterfelt

Fetterthanyou wrote:

Name: Salacious Jerricko

(lol, a Kowakian-Anzati assassin jester, is that what it is?  ^_^)

(HUN will come later...I have a lot of free time later this month.)

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Re: RPG - The Tombs of Asterfelt

Name: Grov Vontross
Species: Human
Occupation: Failed Experiment/Assassin
W-o-C: Arm mounted vibroblades
Secondary weapon: Verpine upgradable sniper rifle
Appearance: Black stealth armor, jet pack, helmet with advanced capabilities

Grov Vontross had been kidnapped from his home on Alderaan he had been submitted to gruesome scientific experiments meant to make him the deadliest assassin ever. The experiments seemed to have failed, however. Grov escaped before they killed him. He looted the weapons and armor and killed every scientist that had worked on him. With his enhanced sight, strength, and speed Grov became immediately succesful in the Bounty hunting world. Grov is prone to mental  collapses that proves destructive to everything nearby. The only way to prevent these outbreaks is to take medication every day. On certain issions he does not take the medication because he is much more powerful in his mental rages.

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Re: RPG - The Tombs of Asterfelt

(FYI Memnon, Rawk hasn’t been born yet as KOTOR takes place almost 4000 years BBY. Therefore it’s impossible for you to have a Rawk Chopped Special. What you have is merely a sawed-off double-barreled shotgun resembling the accelerated charged particle array gun circa the Clone Wars)

The outskirts of Iria were mellow and quiet during the evening. A sound couldn't be heard and the sun had just begun to set.

Griindaker "Grinder" Revlakai was no doubt an individual with quite a reputation on Cathaway. Typically the humanoids on this world all joined the swoop gangs sooner or later, but for the first time Grinder was thinking that there might be more to life than racing at death-defying speeds and wreaking havoc.
Grinder’s parents had immigrated to Cathaway when he was an infant to escape the oppression of the Tof. The young Nagai had still never seen his homeworld. All he had in the world was his swoop, his father’s Tehk’la blade, and a wrist lasers he’d taken off the corpse of his parent’s killers. There was a setting wired to his gloves where he could fire them by simply clenching his fists down. They were perfect for firing on enemies while gripping the swoop’s handlebars.

Vengeance was sparked in Grinder by the murder of both of his parents when he was barely 13. He’d then spent the next three years racing across the desolate landscape of north Cathaway tracking down the gang responsible.

Grinder unconsciously gripped the handle of his father’s Tehk’la blade sheathed at his side.

Now that the long hunt was finally over, Grinder had decided to find himself a gang. After he’d killed the leader of the Red Streaks, a rival gang had sent him an invitation. With the Streaks out of the way, that meant that the town of Iria was Hawk-bat territory.

Hogshead, the somewhat hefty leader of the Hawk-bats sped over to where Grinder was parked slumped on the seat of his swoop looking into Cathaway’s magnificent sunset. “Alright kid,” said Hogshead in a gravelly voice. “Your race starts here and ends at the temples. You come around the plaza and then it’s a straight trip back to Iria. Got it?”

Grinder stared at Hogshead through his tinted goggles. They created a strange effect on his pale face and black hair. With his lack of facial expression, he almost looked like a corpse.

“So I’m not racing you then?” asked Grinder with only the slightest twitch of an eyebrow. He’d heard old Hogshead was good, but it looked as if his swoop was barely supporting his weight.

“Fat chance,” said the leader. The corner of Grinder’s mouth barely turned at the irony of the statement. “You’ll be going against Scar.”

As he said this he nodded his head over to his assembled posse. Scar wore Tusken wrappings and rode a pretty mean-looking swoop.

Grinder shot off towards the starting line and his competition followed. He wasn’t too concerned because he’d run the temple course more than once. To be honest he’d expected something a bit more treacherous. And while his bike may have looked like an antique, he’d made several modifications that the Hawk-bats couldn’t possibly know about.

The temples were what the inhabitants of Iria called a few crumbling old ruins about four miles from town. In the center of them was a plaza with a dried-up fountain in the middle.

If Grinder ever got a date, he’d take her to the temples. Atop the tallest one was a spectacular view of the north Cathaway shore and the lush, green island in the distance.

The Cathawayans never visited the island. There were all sorts of legends of horror and mystery surrounding it. The whole “no one’s ever returned” bit. Grinder hoped to visit it someday though. It was the only bit of green he’d ever seen on the planet.

“3… 2…” counted Hogshead. One never came. The little transceiver that the leader always wore on his belt had started emitting static.

Grinder’s foot slowly crept away from the foot pedal disappointedly. Hogshead put the radio to his ear.

“What have you got for me Jax?” he spoke into the transceiver. “Jax? JAX!”

Then the transceiver began to produce some audio that Grinder was too far away to hear. Hogshead bent his head towards the device to listen.

“Anybody know a barve named Asterfelt?”

Re: RPG - The Tombs of Asterfelt

Nalta tuned out the static and listened to the audio message:

This is Athu Asterfelt, Jedi and adventurer. If you are hearing this transmission then I am surely dead. I've come to see the place that the Baklah Claw was supposed to have originated from.

The was a moment when the signal dropped out, then continued: Urnya, I'm sorry my sister. This is something that I have to do. I know we only just found each other but this must be done. The Baklah Claw is too powerful for one being...

The signal dropped out fully then repeated, still leaving the gaps. Nalta homed in on the signal. It was coming from Cathaway. She programmed a course for the capital, Cowra.

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Re: RPG - The Tombs of Asterfelt

Bidlo Kwerve was just about to jump into hyperspace in his modified Corellian Corvette when the ship picked up a transmission:
"This is Athu Asterfelt, Jedi and adventurer. If you are hearing this transmission then I a surely dead. I've come to see the place that the Baklah Claw was supposed to have originated from."
Suddenly there was a pause, and then it continued to talk about his sister and that the Claw was too powerful for one person. Kwerve checked the transmission to see where it came from. It had come from Cathaway. He set a course for it's capital, Cowra, to see what this Baklah Claw was. After all, it could be a very expensive artifact. This might be Kwerve's chance to become very wealthy!

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Re: RPG - The Tombs of Asterfelt

" Urnya, I'm sorry my sister. This is something that I have to do. I know we only just found each other but this must be done. The Baklah Claw is too powerful for one being..."

Nictor listened to the odd transmission from the nearby radio. Too powerful? Surely obtaining this "Baklah Claw" would end many falleen lives. Vicotr checked the area that the sound was originating from. Cathaway. Victro quickly left his calling card on the wall before departing. He wore gloves that sported vibroblades sprouting from each glove finger, giving the appearance of long claws. Victor coated one blade in a pool of his victims blood, and scrawled one word on the wall for twhen the authorities arrived:

Fallen . His calling card. His own race. Though Victor was biologically falleen, he had been alienated & disowned by his people. He had burned & scarred his face as to differentiate himself from other falleen. He would claim his race to be a fallen, instead of falleen. This had a dual meaning. It was falleen minus one e, but it was also Victor's life story. Up until that day, at least. For now, Victor would hunt down that Baklah Claw, and god help anyone who got in his way. And once he found it, god help the falleens.

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Re: RPG - The Tombs of Asterfelt

((Is it to late to join this rp?))

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Re: RPG - The Tombs of Asterfelt

Name:Mouleg Shar
Species: Devaronian
Alliance: Himself and Money
Occupation: Smuggler
Favorite Wepon: Light Weight Rocket Launcher
Secondary Wepon: Blaster Pistol and Thermal Detonators
Apperance: Brown Gloves, Black vest, a blet with many pockets straped around back, brown shirt under vest, and dark brown pants, no scars or disfugers on face, Horns are kept clean and has two small earrings in right ear.

History: Grew up on Nar Shadda, knows most of lower level gangs and hideouts of Nar Shadda, knows how to get threw locks and doesnt like droids. Has a small bounty on head by republic, 5000. Is crazy as hell and will fly his ship straight threw a republic blockade. His ship is a Junk crusier and really like the planet of Tattoonie. Can be found in cantienas and Sabbac Dens. Has a weakness for Gamleing and cant keep his hands on his money.

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Camdreth found out where it was coming from it was cahtaway he set a course and got his docking codes ready and went for a smooth landing something that dosent happen so much in a Republic Escape Cruiser.....

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Re: RPG - The Tombs of Asterfelt

The race had already started. Grinder had to admit that Scar was pretty good. They’d basically been dead even up until now, but he knew that some thrust with a slingshot around the plaza would bring him into first easily.

Fully aware that a slight collision would leave them totally obliterated; Grinder only leaned farther forward. The landscape blurred and shot behind them as the two racers’ speed steadily picked up along the straightaway. The wind nearly blew the black mane of hair off his skull. It was just the kind of exhilaration he lived for.

They were almost at the plaza now; Grinder could see the temples rising up overhead. His thumb expertly moved along the handlebar ready to hit the turbothrusters on the way around the fountain. Now it was crucial that he stayed on the outside for room to maneuver.

They were at the temples now. He’d always wondered what ancient civilization was responsible for their construction. No one could ever really tell him their origin when he brought it up. No one worried about it too much. Grinder had just always known them as the temples.

The fountain was fast approaching now. The slingshot on this course was a pretty well-known move. Not a lot of people tried it because it required a racer to hug a roundabout at an incredible speed. Grinder knew he could handle that though.

Sticking to the outside Grinder prepared to hit the boost when Scar suddenly rammed the side of his swoop completely throwing him off the course. He tried to gain control as his opponent easily rounded the fountain and started back towards Iria.

So there are gonna be some dirty tricks after all, thought Grinder. Ah well, a minor setback.

Grinder was about to swerve in and try trailing after him, but he knew something he could do that might work better. He’d tried this on his own a year or two back and had nearly broken his neck doing so. Oh well, there was a lot on the line now that he thought about it.

He kept going past the fountain a few feet and then cut in heading straight for the nearest temple. His timing had to be perfect if this was going to work. He could see Scar not far ahead racing back to Iria thinking he was home free.

We’ll just see about that.

He revved his thrusters just as he shot up the pyramidal side of the temple. The perfect ramp. He spurted off the top and revved forward even higher. Before losing any speed, he glanced to this side to see if Scar was still where he wanted him to be. He was.

He leaned towards Scar’s swoop bringing his bike into a quick descent and turned straight into his opponent’s path. Grinder wished he could’ve seen this expression under those Tusken wrappings. Scar was forced to hastily slam on his brakes allowing Grinder to move ahead and shoot off ahead to the finish line.

* * *

“Nice move over by the temples rookie,” his rival commented slapping him on the back when they race had finished. “That took a lot of guts.”

Grinder shrugged accepting the compliment. “I just thought, what the hell?”

“Well kid,” Hogshead started zooming over to where they were. “Congrats, you’re in. Not a lot of guys could’ve pull it off.”

Grinder nodded. “So what now?”

The others laughed.

“Now?” asked Hogshead. “Now we ride.” He punched his fist into the air drawing a cheer from the rest of the gang.

“We saw a Republic Escape Cruiser land in port not too far off,” his new leader informed him. “We were gonna strip it down for parts.”

“Sounds good to me,” Grinder said smirking. “The first thing he needed was a few creds. Badly. He hoped that the new guy got a share.”

“Alright rookie,” said Hogshead pleased. Then he shot off into the distance. His crew followed.

He was a Hawk-bat know.

Re: RPG - The Tombs of Asterfelt

Mouleg landed his junk cruiser down in the port looking at all the other ships docked. He noticed a republic ship being turn to shreads by bikers. He left his ship and made sure to set the old and rusty auto turret on protection mode so the bikers didnt strip his ship to. He locked his ship and payed his bill and walked towards the city.

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Re: RPG - The Tombs of Asterfelt

Camdreth steps out of his ship and points his heavy blaster pistol at one of the bikers
-"you guys realy dont want to do that" he says with a smirk
-"What makes you think i dont?" one of them chuckles and takes more of his ship. Camdreth laphs and blasts him in the head
-"any one else wanna try that?".....

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Mouleg heard the blaster shot and turn around fast blaster drawn. Thinking it was the auto-turret, Mouleg runs fast back to his ship to protect his ship and its cargo. He arrives to find one of the bikers with a hole in his head and a freakesly tall human holding a gun with a smoking barrel.
"Wa is going on ere?"

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Re: RPG - The Tombs of Asterfelt

-"these nerf herders where stripping my ship and i had to do a little violent negotiation"  a nother biker trys to take the power convereter.....another blaster shot to the face
-"I can do this all day guys try it again and youl all end up like these two"......

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Re: RPG - The Tombs of Asterfelt

"Jus don shoot Mouleg tall one, Mouleg no wanna die." Mouleg slowly reachs behind him and fingers his small rocket launcher."Ey bikers get away from ter!" Keeps his blaster on the bikers.

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Re: RPG - The Tombs of Asterfelt

One charges the devaronian as another heads for his junky cruiser.....

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Re: RPG - The Tombs of Asterfelt

Mouleg quickly blasts the one charging at him then pulls out his small rocket launcher and blows up the biker with a skilled shot not hurting the junky cruiser.
"No body touch Te Inferno"

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Re: RPG - The Tombs of Asterfelt

Camdreth starts blasting all bikers in sight he skims the side of the new member after too long the new member and the leader where the only ones left.....

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Nalta sat braiding her hair as her ship was tractored in for landing. She'd paid a premium for one of the best landing bays, she'd heard that Cowra was know to have a high theft rate.

As the ship settle into position, she left the cockpit and check both her blaster pistols that were each strapped against her outer thighs. They were ready for action as usual. She adjusted her black leather gloves and straightened her dark green tunic before stepping out into the hanger bay.

The bay was well lit and smelt like dust and detergent. As she walked outside she heard the fight. It appeared two groups were fighting each other. One group looked to be a gang of bikers, the other a motley bunch of mercs or bounty hunters.

She watched as two broke out into a fist fight. "Take him out, Grinder." One of the bikers shouted. Nalta assumed the younger apponent was the said Grinder.

Nalta walked forward as she saw the merc going for a vibroknife. Nalta lifted her pistol set it to stun and hit the cheater in the hand. He cursed and Grinder pressed his advantage by giving the cheater a knockout upper cut.

Nalta walked over to admire his handy work. "Nice."

Grinder glared at her. "I didn't need any help."

Nalta shrugged, "Fine have it your way. I just assumed you'd want to live long enough to reach your twenties."

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