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I think we all wish we could be a fett.  Who wouldn't want to get paid collecting scum and being the coolest and best at it.  If anyone has info on how to mold plastic to make your own helmet and armor let me know.  Thanks and God Bless!

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Hi welcome to BFFC hope you like it here.

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1. The subject of this thread makes it sound like an intro thread which belongs in Dialogue I think, either that or General.

2. If it's about wanting to be Boba I think it should go in General.

3. If it's about making your own costume it should be in Creative.

But welcome, and hi. And no I don't know how to mold plastic, good luck on it though.

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Moving over to the Creative Forum.

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BFFC Costume Guide
You can find a lot of good info here.

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Welcome to the Boards! big_smile

I hope you have fun here.

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Wecome to the best fan site in the galaxy,


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