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The reviewer has to say as a historian that this is one of the most exiting autobiographys to date.The author became well known in later life as a bounty hunter but this book coveres his early life.He was in an unique position to become aquainted with many of the core leaders of the seperatist movement.He was the son of Jango Fett,the original template of the clone troopers.Also he knew many important figures such as the jedi renegade count Dooku.Fett records several conversation with Dooku ,who described why he left the jedi and also how the sith viewed the order.Fetts description of being hunted by the jedi as well as the seperatists after his fathers death would be upsetting to the modern order.The authors opinion of the war is challenging and quite unique as all other principles involved are long since dead.

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It does sound interesting smile

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