Topic: Help - Any Tech Heads out there?

So many of you guys are so totally tech savvy.  I am not.
I have a general questions, hoping someone can point me in the correct direction.
I'm going to do a web site.
I have a URL ( .com), and I have a web page template that I picked up because I liked the colors.
I have Front Page 2000.
Is that the only thing to use for web pages, or is there something easier, and better out there?
I find I have difficulty opening up the pages with that program, and after a while, couldnt' see the images (in the view, it comes up with an x in the corner).

So, is there something else I should investiage?
(Ultimately I will need to get someone to maintain it, but right now DH is hunting around for a better program than FP2000 and is going to give it a go at learning the whole scene. )



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Re: Help - Any Tech Heads out there?

I don't really know much about Front Page, I've never used it. My favorite site program is 1st Page. I'm not sure if it's still up for downloading though, I haven't seen it around in a while, but it was free when I got it. You can try googling it, but if you can't find it I think I have the installation thing saved to a cd I can give it to you. 1st Page is an html editor that color codes what you write (like links are one color and tables are another, etc), and it has all the codes for special characters (like the e that has a little dash on top of it), and inside the editor you can go to a preview without having to save and you can have multiple pages up while working on it, and I think it even has table templates. It comes with a spellcheck too.

Other than that I haven't really worked with any site building things. When I first started out I found it was easier to learn html than anything else, and with that I've even used Notepad to work on my site, though I really, really, really hate it and that's why I haven't updated my site in a while cause I can't find a good html editor for linux and 1st Page's installation thing is a .exe  which doesn't work on linux.

Good luck! smile

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Re: Help - Any Tech Heads out there?

Ursula, Front Page is absolutely not the only thing. As one of the worst web authoring tools out there, Front Page may make things look easy, with "What You See Is What You Get," but it's tailored to Microsoft with unstandard and convoluted methods. That said, the tried-and-true standard for a WYSIWYG editor is Dreamweaver, originally by Macromedia and now by Adobe, for the Mac and PC. There's a nice balance of working visually, or working with the HTML to see how things work. Adobe GoLive was also an option, but has less of a market share than Dreamweaver; with the companies merged, GoLive would probably be the one to go.

Notepad, or better yet EditPad, for the PC is also something to consider if you're looking to start with the basics and learn the programming. It's certainly getting easier these days, with these parts called DIV layers and Cascading Style Sheets. If you're interested in learning, that's where you'll end up.

You can see more of how BFFC is built in our Colophon. As things get fancier around here, though, no more will viewing the source code help in knowing the tricks. But, nevertheless, peeking at that option in your browser is a way to learn.

Re: Help - Any Tech Heads out there?

THANK YOU MIBA AND AARON!  I knew you guys would come through!