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-Briefing on Kalaar

The turbolift ride was uneventful and the small mando group played their parts convincingly throughout the scanning checkpoint until they were all led to the two rooms where they were to "stay" during their diplomatic visit.

The first room was that of Senator Dik M'an and wife, a luxurious suite complete with an ordinately large balcony with a view of Kalaar and the planet surface several hundred feet below the floating city.  The room was definitely large in stature and in luxury, fur carpets line the exotic hard-wood floors, a fully loaded bar was in one corner and a decorative but functioning fireplace was in another.

Roleks had opened the door and let Spinx and Grov inside and whispered non-chalantly "Don't say anything, until I get back" then in a more normal voice "I take it the room is to your liking, senator?  I shall leave you and show your aids their quarters, but I will be back shortly", with that, Roleks had shut the door behind him, leaving the astonished couple staring at the only bed in the room.

Back at the "servants' quarters" Roleks gave the "aids" the same whispered message, but also shook Bjor's hand while he once again welcomed them enthusiastically.  "Welcome to Kalderast, I do hope the senator will enjoy his stay".  Bjor looked down onto the palm of his hand, on the note scribbled on a scrap of flimsi.  -They are here, your room is bugged, be extremely careful of what you say, dinner is the best time to talk unwatched-

Mari quickly picked up on the expression of Bjor's eyes and decided to play along.  She could not help but wonder what Grov and Spinx where upto though.

Back at the senator's suite, Spinx and Grov were finally relieved to have Roleks back.  Roleks shook Grov's hand vigorously and left him the same note, shortly after he was out in the hallway and down the turbolift.

All five mandalorians could only wonder what else was in store for them, but that would have to wait until dinner, for now they would have to wear the robes a little bit longer and avoid talking about their mission, at least in not so obvious words.

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Orsusk had already snuck a peak at the note over Bjors shoulder when he entered the room. He slowly moved along the edge of the room, he had found 3 bugs already but he would take no chances. It only took one to pick up a conversation. "That Roleck guy seemed quite nice." Orsusk said as he slid his bags under a bed. Gotta keep the chatter to a low, don't wanna let anything slip.

He could see that Mari and Bjor were both uncomfortable. It had taken years of stealth work and many unwanted missions to keep Orsusk relaxed in the strangest of situtations. This job wasn't as bad as when he got eaten by that fambaa... at least not yet.

"I bet you two are *starved*, I can't wait for dinner myself."

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Spinx looked at Grov and mouthed, 'You,' she pointed at him, 'Bed.' and then pointed at the bed, 'Me." she pointed at herself, 'Couch,' and finally pointed at the couch. He nodded and mouthed, 'Okay.'

"So, when do you think dinner will be? I'm starved," she asked him.  "Hopefully soon, I'm hungry as well. The trip from Coruscant to here took more out of me than I expected." She faked a laugh, "I told you not to stay up late watching that horror on the HoloNet." They continued with the idle chit-chat for awhile, both waiting for the moment when Roleks came back to take them dinner.

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-The Dinner

Several hours later, Spinx and Grov sighed almost simultaneously when the door chime to their suite rang.  Sure enough, Roleks was rihgt outside waiting for them.  They had both changed into a more relaxed attire albeit still not the armor and weapons they were used to.  Grov now wore a grey robe almost without any ornaments aside from the "senatorial" seal hanging from his neck.  Spinx had a more modest gown, showing less of her skin but still quite elegant, she was still quite upset for having to masquerade as such and was in fact, quite angry about her shoes.  It took a lot of her self control and balance not to scream out loud from the frustration of her high-heeled designer footwear.

Shortly the whole team was assembled and sitting around a richly food-laden dinner table in a lavishly decorated dining hall.  Roleks had told everyone discreetly that it was safe to discuss issues of the mission at the table as long as no one was in ear shot.  Roleks also tucked a note in Spinx' hand while he pretended to kiss it before taking his leave.  "Mrs. M'an, I do hope you find everything to your liking.  I shall leave you for the night and will check back on everyone in the morning."

As soon as Roleks had left the dining hall, Spinx looked down at the flimsi in her hand. -Move tonight, they are preparing to leave, gear and weapons moved to storage room in basement.  They are at a hangar 72 couple clicks.  Heavily guarded.  Have hostage, the daughter of the King of Kalderast. Ransom.  Good luck.-

Spinx knew that the hostage would complicate things, at the worst they could just disregard her and let her take a stray blaster bolt, at best they could rescue her and earn the gratitude of the King.  Spinx discreetly passed the note under the table to Grov, who in turn passed it to Orsusk until the whole team knew what the situation was.  They knew they would have to move quickly as soon as they left the dining hall.  If they didn't return to their rooms, the Deathwatch would be suspicious and could take off before they could get to them.  They needed to secure transport to get to the hangar quietly and quickly.  At the most they had a few hours and they knew nothing of the number of their opposition.  They would have to plan on the fly or on the way there.

Time was of the essence and they were walking into a situation blindfolded.

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Bjor closed his eyes and tried to think. He wasn't a strategist by any means, he was a soldier, but this was a simple assault on an enclosed area; even he should be able to plan this. First, he wanted this damned fog of war to get out of his way. He glanced at Spinx:

Sniper, perfect. She should be used to solo missions by now, and we could use that long-rifle of hers.

"Spinx, I want you on overwatch. Get a speeder, steal one if you have to, and scope out that hangar. If a turret so much as twitches in your direction, you bug out, we can't blow this op before it even starts. If they don't notice you, stay put until we breech the personnel doors, then you set to hover, crack a seal, and open fire from the outside. They'll have their backs to you, easy flank."

Alright, one angle covered. But, surveillance or not, some numbers can't be beat. The odds are good that she'll find that hangar swarming with troops, more than the four of us can easily dispatch without casualties, not with a straight charge. Solution: simple.

Don't just launch a frontal assault.

"Grov, you're going to get to the primary personnel doors from the hangar complex, the only direction they'll be expecting a threat from. If there's any guards outside, deal with them as loudly as possible, then blow the doors. I want them to think there's an army beyond that threshold. Lob a few smoke grenades if the breeching charge doesn't give you enough cover, just don't let them know you're alone. Keep fire on them, hurl a few charges, whatever you have to do to keep them blind from everything else. Mari, you tag him. Add to his fire, make the notion of a large attack force believable, and ghost anyone that comes through that door. If they find out you two are alone, they'll charge, en masse."

A serving droid rolled by, carrying a plethora of colorful drinks for another table. Bjor wasn't sure if it could record what they were saying, but he didn't want to take the chance; apparently, neither did Grov.

"Yes, I agree, quite delicious. We should make these back on..." He trailed off as the droid passed, then returned his attention to the Ubese, whose head was wrapped in an ornate cloth, leaving space only for his eyes.

"So, what about us?" Orsusk growled in his reptillian voice, leaning forward to make out Bjor's quiet, rasping words. "Where are we during all this ner vod?"

"This is a standard, multi-layer hangar complex, one set of landing pads stacked on another for several stories. They had a similar one a manor I once served at." He shook away thoughts of his past slavery, and re-focused on his strategy.

"They use an elevator system that can pass through multiple levels, transporting fuel, parts, even small ships. They're supposed to save space and cost, one elevator serving every hangar in a vertical line. Orsusk and I will be on that lift, one level below the target bay. We take it up after Grov and Mari start the fireworks and Spinx opens up, catching them on yet another flank. Between the three squads, and our element of surprise, every living thing in that bay should be carved to pieces."

Bjor was surprised at himself, that third angle might give them a significant edge, and wasn't something that would stand out at most people. At least, he didn't think so. With any luck, they'd get through this without any casualties. But then again, one can never rely on luck.

"Questions? Objections?"

"Alright, they're in front of us, they're behind us, they're on our left, they're on our right.....they can't get away this time."
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Knew he had it in him, Spinx thought triumphantly. She rose to her feet, "If you'll excuse me, I'm going to retire early. This has been a busy day." She nodded goodnight to her 'servants' and kissed Grov on the top of his head, "'Night, honey."

If she wanted to get undetected, she'd have to leave as soon as possible. She knew how to get out of here without anybody knowing, and how to trick the bugs in her room. Spinx hoped that nothing would go wrong, and Bjor had layed out a plan that left room for... modification. Spinx smiled, This is going to be fun. 

Spinx entered the room that she and Grov unfortunately shared, and picked up, what appeared to make-up kit, she tapped the buttons and layed it on a pillow. Imeditely it began to play a pre-recorded conversation of her sleeping, and the occasional sound of someone turning in their sleep. Thanks, Dev, she thanked her daughter. At the thought of her adopted daughter, she froze. Forgot about the dang hostage.

She stopped the device and acted as if she had forgot to say something to her 'husband'. Spinx returned descretely to the dinning room, "*Honey, I forgot to tell you. My sister is planet-side. Do you mind if we stop by tommorow?*"

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****. Bjor cursed to himself, instantly losing the confidence he'd felt while formulating the attack. He'd forgotten all about the hostage, and throwing her into the mix just made everything more complicated. A stray shot or grenade from any of them could ghost her as surely as one of the guards, and while he was no diplomat even he knew it wouldn't help improve relations with the Kalderastians, and might go so far in the other direction as to lead to war.

"Any ideas?" He whispered, which wasn't much of a challenge for him. There wasn't much to be done, unless they scrapped the entire assault they had thus far and started from scratch. "Orsusk, feel up to extracting her beforehand or even during the attack? We might be able to spare one more, possibly Mari, if you think it can be done."

That was it, he had no other idea how they'd manage to get her out. And if they couldn't, that left only one other alternative: carry out the assault, and claim the princess was collateral.

"Alright, they're in front of us, they're behind us, they're on our left, they're on our right.....they can't get away this time."
-Lewis B. Puller, United States Marine Corp

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"Beforehand isn't going to be possible if you want the element of surprise. I mean even if I could get her without a sound, they would definately realize she was missing. But if we can get up that elevator just as Grov blows the door open, I think that should give me a good window of oppertunity." It sounded like a feasible plan, but things always went wrong.

Orsusk rolled over hundreds of scenarios in his mind, ranging from the hostage being totally unguarded to being protected by an 8 man squad. Most of his ideas came down to the hostage being shot, which discouraged him. He had only failed a mission once, and that was only because of a traitorous ex-partner. Finally he smiled a toothy grin and looked up at Grov.

"I think i found a use for those det packs you gave me, oh and Bjor could u spare one of your flashbangs."

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I get to scope out the place; Grov and Mari will blast the front; Bjor and Orsusk will infiltrate from the inside, she ticked their missions off in her head. She did wonder what Orsusk was planning, but, since she had almost no knowledge with pyrotechnics(sp?), she left her curosity alone.

"Good luck, ner vode," she whispered under her breath and headed out for the open city. She'd find a speeder somewhere it couldn't be traced, get close to the base, and get her part over with. Yes, she thought again to herself, This is going to be fun.

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Name: Xendor Fang
Hieght: 6 foot 1
Armor Color: Blue with black trim
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Primary wepon: E-33 blaster rifle
Secondary/ Skill: Stealth

Bio: Xendor was trained to be an Mandalorian assasin when he was about ten. He was a child of sith lord  who was ordered to be killed by some mandalorians after they killed him they took Xendor and adopted him. They trained him in almost evry form of fighting and trained him with many wepons including blaster rifles, pistols viroblades,and even a lightsaber . Xendor is also force sensetive

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Swinging a leg around, Spinx hopped off the speeder bike. She'd parked it in a garage a good number of blocks from the garrison. It be interesting to see how her teammates handled fighting in this environment. In a city, anyone, even your neighbor, could be your enemy. And, it was harder to determine whether someone was an enemy soldier; not every soldier wore a uniform.
    She blended into the crowds as she walked toward the garrison. But, quickly abandoned the idea of sneaking onto the grounds  pretending to be a local making a normal pass. The crowd stayed totally away from the garrison and guards were posted all about the grounds.   
    But, there was something else...
    The guards wore a uniform almost identical to her body suit... she sat down on a bench close to a bus stop.... she brought up her datapad display in her HUD and studied the information she had been given and had borrowed. Guard rotation would be in about 15 minutes. But, there was a snag, the guards wore a helmet far from her own. She quickly scanned the recent logs; there had been a recent break in and had involved many of the guards... she could say that her's had been destroyed...
    She stood and pretended to become impatient for the bus, and briskly walked away. She could leave her armour behind near the garage where the speeder was, and one the way back she could add herself to the roster for guard rotation.
    None would agree with her decision to go in unprotected, but she couldn't get in any other way.
    She walked into the garrison, she was grateful for the contacts that Grov had given them, they had altered her sand-coloured eyes to a normal light brown. She nodded to the gateguard, gave him her idintification-card and explained the helmet situation. He took her bait and told her where her post would be. On the top of a building with a good veiw of the garrison; her watch would span two hours.
    She climbed the ladder, and relieved the guard off his watch. She set up, quickly relaying the information into a mini commlink her daughter had given to her for the team. Spinx cocked her head to one side, a guard was staring intently at her, she jerked her head to the side to tell him to get his patrol. His eyes left hers, but she still felt like something was watching her, like something had touched her mind.
   Stop this, dikut. You're just nervous. You can do this. It's no biggie. Just use it. Don't let something like pre-battle nerves affect your performance or the mission , she preached to  herself like she had done when teaching Devon. For a breif moment she wondered how her daughter was doing, what she was doing, and where she was, but squelched the thought. She'd only get distracted, she focused on the mision solely and returned to relaying the information.

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To those of you that participated on this RPG, I apologize.  I have let this thread die, due to lack of time and it was inexcusable.  I am posting this in order to let the participants know that I will no longer finish this RPG.  I would, however, love to get some feedback on how the game can be improved and what, if any, were your impressions, likes, dislikes and other comments on how the game was played/written.

You can either post in here, if it is okay with the mods, or PM me directly.

Once again, sorry for the death of this thread and hopefully future moderated RPGs will carry through the accomplishment of the mission.

Thanks for everyone's participation.