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Re: Naruto Fans

((Cool. I made up some jutsus for my guy. But they're relatively average.))

Gender: Male
Height: 6' 2''
rank: Jounin ninja
village: hidden waterfall
jutsu's: mositure vacuum style= ninjutsu (absorbs moisture from the air in immediate vicinity, causing all present,including the user, to eventually loose conscousness, )
Substitution jutsu
Ice tyrant illusion=genjutsu (creates illusion of giant demonic entity of ice. Used to intimidate.)
Barrage of lions= taijutsu
Umibōzu (water snake monster=summon)
Kokuangyo no Jutsu =genjutsu(Bringer-of-Darkness Technique)
Magen: Narakumi no Jutsu =genjutsu(Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing Technique)
Muon Satsujin Jutsu =ninjutsu(Silent Homicide Technique)
Tsutenkyaku=taijutsu (Painful Sky Leg)

Bloodline trait: hero water blood: chakra super boost

Enter Musari:Ninja of the waterfall.

Musari stood before his master, the leader of the waterfall village, awaiting his assignment.
Musari sported a green bowl cut, ruby red glasses and a silver necklass, which sported a pirahna charm.
He wore bright blue track pants, and a dark orange vest. His chizzelled abs could be seen under the unzipped vest.

"Musari," his master began,"Your mission. is to find missing mist ninja, Talve Ren, and return him here, so we can study the secrets of the mist ninja."
"Yes, my master."
"If you fail, you will lose your life. Perhaps more..."
"Yes, master." Musari shuddered. His master had powerful ways of punishment. Musari knew the lives of his loved ones hung in the balance.
Shutup, stupid. Musari scolded himself.   you won't fail. You will get this guy. You will bring him back. Then, You and your comrades will dethrone the mist village. Forever.
"I will not fail you master."

"You better not."

Musari took a scroll from his master's hand. He really wished he knew what his master name whas. He didn't tell anybody. This annoyed Musari.

Musari headed out of his organization's building. reading the scroll as he went.

Ugh. He thought as he saw the seals burn off. He hated these burning scrolls.  He read up on the Ren guy, about his past as a sound ninja aswell as a mist ninja.

Well, that's interesting. cool. two villages with one stone. Nice. He thought again.

He opened a pocket on his vest, pulling out his hunting mask. It wasn't necessary, but he liked the mask. He loved the anonymity. He checked his vest pockets for everything he needed.

This would be fun.

Next:  A minor detour: panic at the restaurant

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Re: Naruto Fans

Jinnai made it inland without much trouble, a small fishing village without much worries. Thankfully he wasn't wearing his hunter mask yet, a group of Konoha ninja had stopped and were about ready to eat. He walked past, headband in his bag as well. He didn't need to catch attention from any ninja village. Especially if he was going to the land of rice fields through Konoha territory. In a worst case scenario he'd be killed by another shinobi hunter.
Moving out of the village he sped up through the trees, his long sleeve billowing behind him. As a mist ninja, he was desperately behind the continent nations who were close. He'd probably fail the mission, have to get Talve from a Waterfall or Sound ninja and then run. Such is life. He stopped for a moment to catch his breath, not even close to his goal.
He could have taken a longer boat ride, but he was almost broke. So, he was maybe a day or two away. Two days later, he made it finally into the land of rice fields. He took to walking then, trying to appear casual, next to a river he felt more comfortable.
And there was another man ahead of him, looking from side to side. He followed behind, onto a road that swept away from the river toward mountains. He could use genjutsu if push came to shove, it was a nice trick he'd stolen from a rain ninja. And the river reappeared, the man turned around, and look him in the eye from ten feet away.
"Why are you following me?"
"I'm not"
The other shrugged and pulled out a kunai.
"Yea right, you're a sound ninja spy aren't you?!"
He took two steps back, formed the first seal, and then the rest.
"Hiding mist technique"
The fog billowing out of the river, so thick you couldn't see. Not that he needed to, he knew where everything was by now. Diving into the river. He'd be the first to find Talve Ren, there was no other option.
(By the way, the leader of the Waterfall village is named Shibuki. Anyway, this topic is still open for any other discusion as well.)_

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Re: Naruto Fans

((Ooops. I just knew had no Kage.))

A minor detour: panic at the restaurant

Musari continued his journey, now having made it to the Land of Fire,keeping hidden in the trees. One day passed. Two days. On the end of the second day, Musari was almost to the Land of Grass. He stopped at a small restaurant, taking care to put away his mask and headband. He walked in & ordered some Ramen. He loved Ramen. he sat down next to a man with Dark Blue glasses and a cane. First mistake. He proceeded to eat his ramen in peace. At one point he dropped his chopsticks. Second mistake. He leaned down to grab them. Last mistake.  The man reached out and unzipped one of Musari's vest pockets. Out fell his mask and headband. For all to see.

"Well, crap."

People in the restaraunt stared. Then they turned on him. A vicious angry mob.

Musari smiled & began to sign.
"Bringer-of-Darkness technique." He said with a smile, as darkness flowed in the room.

Musari used the darkness to flee from the potential place of slaughter, making sure to grab his things first.

However, when he was a small distance away, he saw the man with blue glasses standing a few yards in front of him.

"What? How-" Musari began.

"Nice jutsu back there." The man interupted. "Would of worked on me if I could see."

With that, the man took of his glasses, revealing 2 empty eye sockets.

"Oh." Musari said, realizing the flaw in his plan.

" Sorry son, but we don't like outsiders in our village." The blind man said pulling out a Kunai.

Next: Battle with the blind man: Maruckod's savage power

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Re: Naruto Fans

By the time Jinnai made it out of the river, ten or so minutes later he found himself in a deep wood. About there he started a fire in an empty clearing trying to dry his clothes off. Hoping he hadn't damaged his amplifier, he'd made it waterproof but he still wondered. He rolled up his sleeve, and flicked it, a soft pinging noise flowing from it. He sighed, at least his bag wasn't soaked through either.
"First day in the land of sound, and I'm all wet already. Now I know why I hate mainland."
He'd made the mistake of following someone for too long. And he could still feel movement, someone was trying to watch him, and now he was probably a target with his amplifier. No wonder people thought he was sound ninja.
"I know you're there, I've got eyes all over this forest. Come and get me, if you think I'm a sound ninja. But you'll never touch me I bet."

Naruto Taisen 2 comes out in september of this year. Which is why i never bought Naruto Class of the ninja.
Also, I thought someone had named their Ferret Itachi, and then I figured out it means weasel.
and to finish, Kakashi covered in snow.

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Re: Naruto Fans

Battle with the blind man: Maruckod's savage power

Musari stood before the blind man.

"Hey, wait a minute. If you can't see, how'd you follow me?" He asked, pulling a handful of shurikens.

"When a man loses one of his senses, his other senses increase in power. I heard your mask and headband jingling around, and heard you run away." The blind man said.

"Huh." Musari said. "Barrage of Lions!" He yelled, setting his taijutsu attack. 

The blind man took his kunai and tossed it straight down. Narrowly mssing Musari.
"Heard you breath."

Musari was fed up. He quit trying to be flashy and began to toss shurikens with amazing accuracy. And yet, the man dodged them, heard them whizzing through the air, and thus could dodge them. The man grinned.

"You know how I lost my eyes, sonny? I lost on missions as a jounin from the Iwagakure!"


Musari kept tossing, although it was futile.

When Musari ran out of shurikens, the man ran towards him, landing a whirlwind kick to Musari.

"Remember the name Maruckod. It's the last name you'll ever hear!" The blind man...er...Maruckod said as he landed a barrage of fierce blows on the waterfall ninja, before delivering a deadly uppercut, sending Musari flying.

Maruckod began to sign.

"Earth Release: Earth Mausoleum Dumpling!" He yelled triumphantly, picking up a hufe dumpling shaped chunk of earth and hurling at Musari.
The ninja whas flattened upon impact.

Maruckod picked up the boulder to retrieve the fallen ninja's body. But in it's place whas a flattened cactus!

"Hey old man!" Musari yelled from behind Maruckod. "Ever heard of substitution jutsu!"

Maruckod whipped his head around.

"That's right Maruckod! I'm alive & kicking." Musari then reached in his vest and pulled out a small vial of water, shaking it up so his adversary could hear it.

"Hear this? This is all I need to take you down."

Next: Musari's bloodline trait: Hero water blood chakra boost!

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Re: Naruto Fans

Jinnai closed his eyes, letting his other sets do the work for him. Normal eyes wouldn't be able to find anyone in the dark. And there he was, the person with the Kunai from earlier pearched atop one of the branches in the shadows near the top of the tree. He opened the eye in front of the man, a floating eye looking him straight in the face.
"I see you."
He rolled up his sleeve, extended his arm, and then sent a blast of sound into the man's inner ear. Screwing with someone's equilibrium was alway enjoyable. The figure falling out of the tree, Jinnai could care less what happened. Packing his things and putting out the fire, he slowly ventured on. Toward the border to the Land of Fire, Talve Ren had been sighted moving about that direction. He was merely bored of Sound country mostly. The next day, he'd been sitting in the ramen shop, about the time Hell broke loose. Although he'd been the one who'd sat on the other side watching it unfold, it was always entertaining to see a waterfall ninja suffer. He didn't follow after the festivities but merely remained in his seat, he'd rather spectate for now. All eyes open, 1,002 of them.

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Re: Naruto Fans

name: Akira
village: Hidden Leaf
sex: male
height: 6'0
rank:chuunin ninja
jutsus: shadow clone jutsu

Re: Naruto Fans

Ya thats her Hinata

You must find the jade monkey in 3 days becuse if you do not find it you and your family will burst into a bursty blue flame of death hahahahhahahahahahaaaahhahahahahhahahhahahahhaha

Re: Naruto Fans

Akira slowly opened his eyes...The flashback came, he could remember seeing a ninja, then his ears felt funny and then black, he got up and looked up at the night sky, all the stars twinkling with hapiness smile.

He has been defeated, no played with by a ninja HIS level, "Grr, that ninja wasn't even trying! I'm so humiliated, I must follow him so I can get my revenge!

Akira then followed the footsteps of the sound ninja........

Re: Naruto Fans

Musari's bloodline trait: Hero water blood chakra boost!

Musari stood, holding the vial of water.

"So, you've got some water. Big whoop". Maruckod said.

"You obviously don't know much about the waterfall village.  See, where I come from, we have this water called hero water. Anyone who drinks it is given an enormous amount chakra. Now, this small amount of her water couldn't stop you, but here's the deal. I hail from the Iwatomo clan. I'm Musari Iwatomo."

"So?" Maruckod asked, becoming impatient.

"So, my clan drinks hero water on a regular basis. Drink it like regular water. We've learned how to store the part that gives chakra boosts in our every cell, saving it for the right time. I'm chock full of it. We can activate these hero water reserves by drinking a small amount. It unlocks the rest of the hero water, and can increase our chakra 1,000 fold!" Musari yelled triumphantly as he drank the small vial of hero water.

Suddenly, Musari double over. Then,he began to smile. Suddenly, every muscle, every fiber every swelled up, filled to the brim with chakra.

"Too bad your blind Maruckod," Musari taunted. "Cause I look strong enough to take down a Kyubi!"

Next: This is it! The final round with Maruckod!

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Re: Naruto Fans

Jinnai sighed, hero water of all things. Another family trait that bothered him. At least it wasn't as bad as the Aburame clan. He put his drink down, watching the fight with an extra pair of eyes instead of turning his head. His own bloodline trait was about the same concept as the Byakugan and the Sharingan; he created up to a 1,000 new eyes free floating where he wanted them. Like the Byakugan it gave him 360 degree vision and like the Sharingan it could copy a person's movements although unlike the Sharingan it didn't use genjutsu in the process so it left him with an open spot because he had to concentrate to copy jutsus.
"Another cup of tea if you don't mind, I'm not hungry at the moment."
Jinnai had enough sense to know what was going on, one eye still following the ninja from the woods under precaution. And nobody was any closer to finding Talve Ren. He lifted his cup, thinking of where he might go.

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Re: Naruto Fans

Akira stalked his victim the sound ninja. "Got to see where this guy's headed, but it seems he knows he's being watched, this guy has been trained well in the ninja arts.." Akira hasn't had much sleep the night before and decides he can just track the footsteps of this ninja once he wakes up, nobody goes into the woods anyways. "off to bed" Akira then unties his cape for a blanket and his vest for a pillow. And sets off by a nearby cave. Once he woke up he got straight to work. he walked several miles from the place where he first seen the sound ninja, then deep into the woods he found the precious footsteps..."No one defeats me easily and gets away with it"

Re: Naruto Fans

Jinnai stood up, paid his bill and turned around to face the waterfall ninja and leaf ninja. Something wasn't right, Konoha ninja don't attack people for no reason, that was mist and sand. Mist more than sand though. He didn't dare get in the middle of it, especially when one of them was using hero water. He simply watched, hoping to learn a few techniques in the proccess. Maybe one of them would use something interesting, he hadn't copied anything in a while. He closed his eyes, raised one hand, and kept the other near his stomach much like the hidden mist jutsu. Unleashing all of his 1,000 eyes into the air, in the most part he'd at least figure out their fighting styles to kill the winner. Especially the hunter nin.
"One thousand demon eyes."

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Re: Naruto Fans

After following footsteps for a couple of minutes, they lead him to a nearby village, about the same size as his."starting to feel homesick", he said to himself...
Then there he was he could barely make out this ninja's face. "If this is his final destination than I shall introduce myself to him and tell him that he got lucky". But wait Akira spotted two more ninja the same level as his..."where they battling? This may get interesting"

Re: Naruto Fans

He pulled himself out of concentration, noticing the ninja from earlier. A fight for him more interesting than copying. He walked over, rolling his sleeve up as he went.
"I don't know what your problem is with me, but I am not a sound ninja!"
"What's with that amplifier than?!"
He stopped three feet from the ninja.
"Fine if you don't believe me. Hidden mist jutsu."
The water from the ramen shops pots albiet limited flowing out towards the ninja in a concentrated fog. Jinnai pulled a kunai and his mask out out and walked into the fog, a set of eyes with him to see where he was going. He got behind the ninja, putting the kunai to the person's neck. Ending the fog for now and raising his headband to the ninja's face.
"Listen! Mist...ninja."

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Re: Naruto Fans

"AArgh why are you soo strong?...Okay, okay please spare me. Maybe If we chose the same path we could reach both our destinations, I really need some training, would you care to be my sensei? Look I know it sounds weird but teamwork is always the best thing." Soon the ninja relenquished his grip and smirked in a sort of way.
Akira was releived, he thought that was the end of him for good

Re: Naruto Fans

Jinnai sighed. All he done was put a kunai to the other's neck. Although, on the other hand, the nin had accidentally hit his amplifier. Jinnai wasn't feeling too stable either.
"If you're willing to let me see your headband. I'll think about it."
The other two nins completely ignored them. Jinnai leaving into the woods, watching the leaf ninja he'd almost killed to see if he'd follow. Completely vexed as to why anyone would want to learn from him. Although he was partially flattered.

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Re: Naruto Fans

"umm, Hey wait up! You can at least tell me your name and where your headed to" as Akira followed his new "sensei" he noticed that the other two ninjas were still dueling , he observed their techniques and tried to match with ones he knew and didn't. Mostly all of them were new to Akira. He then spotted their headbands and it seemed that they came from different villages than his, Akira groaned he was getting more homesick by the minute. But his dream was to be the next Hokage! So he had to follow this ninja homesick or not! This ninja had far more supreme skills than his.

Re: Naruto Fans

They stopped, ten minutes into walking. Jinnai taking the Leaf ninja's headband, and the kunai he'd had already. Striking a line into the metal, this kid was now a missing ninja of all things. He handed the headband back.
"My name's Jinnai, and you kid are now a member of the Hidden Mist Village and a missing ninja. That sign represents you leaving, you'll wear it until we get you a new mist headband. And your name is?"
"Akira, sensei."
Jinnai turned around, throwing the headband back and dropping his bag to the floor. Night wouldn't be on for a while, so he sent the kid after fire wood before hand. He unzipped his bag, pulling his headband out and wrapping it thusly into a bandana instead onto his head. He'd save the mask for later. He pulled a  gasmask out of the bag, something he used only for genjutsu or hidden mist on occasion.(same one on my avatar.)
The kid had a long way to go indeed, he might enjoy teaching. Throwing the mask back in, he closed the bag. Slightly annoyed he knew not where he was going. But decidely, he'd ask around tomorrow and if not head back to the Land of Rice fields in the direction of the Sound Village. He'd ask the kid before any of that when he got back.

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Re: Naruto Fans

This is it!  The final round with Maruckod!

Musari wasted no time. He lept in the air, setting up his "painful sky leg" taijutsu. Maruckod was not fooled. He pointed his cane upwards, and pressed a small button.


"Whoa, Your packing heat?!?" Musari asked from behind Maruckod, once again fooling him with subbing jutsu.

"Grrr..." Maruckod growled as he swung his cane towards Musari.


Maruckod hit a log where Musari once was.

"Gotcha!" Musari yelled, once again airborn.

Musari plummeted, landing a deadly kick on Maruckod's neck, snapping it instantly.

Maruckod sank to the ground, dead.

"Take that, old timer." Musari taunted as he gathered his shurikens, kunai's, and Maruckod's cane before continuing his siearch for Talve Ren. It's not like he would be using it.

Musari's extra chakra returned into storage, ready for the next time he'd need it.

Suddenly, Musari fell to his knees, clutching his gut.

"Blasted Hero Water..."

For even though hero water gives the user great amounts of chakra for a limited time, it also causes bodily harm to the user.

Which is why Musari had never used it before.

Next: Drawing closer: Mist ninja duel!

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Re: Naruto Fans

Name: Arashi (nick-named "Head-Hunter" for his strange "habit")
Village: ex-Village Hidden in the Rock
Gender: Male
Rank: ex-ANBU Jounin, now a missing-nin working as a mercenary
   -Choju Giga=Ninjutsu (super beasts Imitation pictures)
   -Doton: Shinju Zanshu no Jutsu=Ninjutsu (flips target under the ground)
   -Doton: Iwayado Kuzushi=Ninjutsu (has rocks hovering above target, and drops them)
   -Fukumikuchi Hari=Ninjutsu (spits out very accurate needles)
   -Mongolian Death Worm summon=Ninjutsu
   -Thousand Samurai Summon=Genjutsu ("summons" scores of ghostly samurai)
   -Earthly Back Staber=Taijutsu (travels through the earth, jumps out behind his target, and gives them many swift hits in the back)
Kekke Genkai: Hundred Spider Summuning

Once Arashi finally got to the Kazekage's chamber, the Kage had just finished talking to rookie ANBU member missing an arm. The Kazekage got straight to the point. He wanted Arashi to kill a shinobi aparantly from the Village Hidden in the Leaves named Kino Vinnen, and his bandits. They have been attacking various places in the city. He told Arashi that he would pay him five thousand dollars (what kind of money do they use?) to do the job. "Your shinobi obviously cannot handle the mission. You need me. I will kill Vinnen for ten thousand dollars," retorted Arashi.
    With a desperate look on his face, the Kazekage sighed, and agreed. He then stated "You will get five thousand now, and five thousand when you bring me his mangled body."
    With that, the Head-Hunter left to sharpen his swords.

take it easy baby take it as it comes

Re: Naruto Fans

They use ryu apperantly, with 300million ryu equalling 300 billion U.S.
You can actually do the "1,000 years of pain" on the game.

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Re: Naruto Fans

That attack is weird, but it word really hurt if you used a kunai. Speaking of which, real ninja actually used kunai. They were flat, and used mainly for digging.

take it easy baby take it as it comes

Re: Naruto Fans

Yep, they were originally shovels. Naruto is pretty accurate in quite a few aspects. Apart from the fact that Kakashi says "attack me as if you were going to kill me...you may use shuriken if you choose" Shuriken are about as effective for killing when thrown as a playing card, although they are capable of cutting through certain types of rope.

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Re: Naruto Fans

I'm going to post Talve Ren's information with this blank spot. Also, there actually is an X-rank but it could just be a typo, one of the Akutsuki uses one. Also, for now you can add one more ninjutsu to your list now.

Name: Talve Ren
village: ex mist and sound village. currently missing nin
gender: male
rank: S-rank Jounin
Hidden mist jutsu
Third eye
Hidden mouth needles
art of the water doppleganger
Sly mind affect technique
ninpo(an actual martial art that uses fingers to manipulate the flow of blood in the body)
One thousand years of pain
Bloodline limit: Ghost walk
Last seen near the border of the sound village, current whereabout unknown although he supposedly headed west toward Grass Country.

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