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Topic: Lego Star wars Comic 100th Issue!

100th Issue Lego star wars Comic

This issue of the Lego Star Wars Comic is the 100th issue featuring Boba Fett as the Cover star and rightly so, its Fitting as it their 100th issue they pick the the most feared Bounty Hunter as the cover star! with the first comic called "Action in Mos Espa" which are 12 pages long.

The Issue feathers C-3PO and a GONK Droid as toy's as the two pieces included, the comic shows Boba, Fennac Shand watching Jabba's film Collection titled "Action in Mos Espa" and getting bored with what they see. So Fett decides he is going to make his own film which he writes and directs it himself but before he can start the Rancor cage was left unlocked, after the rancor situation is handle Boba along with Shand goes around Mos Espa looking for residents to help him, but the Pyke Syndicate has other ideas as a fire fire ensues he stops filming, after the corner Fett and Fennec they race through the streets of Mos Espa, bullets fly, Boba hitches a ride on Fennec's speeder and they continue with the race until the Pyke's crash into a home while a resident takes a bath, two weeks go by and after they make the premiere until the Pyke's again show up but are thwarted by the Rancor Which Boba Forgets to lock the cage

The 100th issue has what the other issues had from previous ones, from puzzles, games, poster's, toy's which are instructions on how to build C-3PO and the Gonk droid and one other comic titled "Overpowered", Jedi Archive about droids which feature small information about three droids which are Astromech's, Protocol droids, and Gonk droids! and this issue also includes a competition to win $/€/£/ 100 gift card, which asks you to draw your favorite Star wars Lego character and gives you on the back
two party invitations which are the falcon and Star Destroyer which can be photocopied to make more and then "next time" which shows issue 101 and what you get from that next issue!.

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