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From the article: "It just isn't the Boba known previously, and makes him far more generic, bland and inexplicable in his motivation. Part of what always made Boba such a starkly contrasting figure among the Star Wars cast was his status as one of the few figures caught in the middle between the epic battles of good and evil. Prioritizing his own survival and benefit over principles, it was a Boba Fett who was at best an anti-hero and more commonly a villain."

Well said.

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Re: CBR Slams Boba...but are they right?

Unfortunately, i think Boba Fett's characterization was doomed post-Mandalorian. Let's be real, Din Djarin did maintain a lot of the characteristics that defined Boba as he took a lot of inspiration from him which meant if they brought Boba back, itd be very similar. I would've loved to see Boba take more of an anti-hero role in Book of Boba Fett but knowing Disney I doubt they'd want a complicated character as one of the faces of Star Wars, a lot of things about Disney Star Wars has to be binary which sucks but its just kinda what it is.

"This IS my face" -Boba Fett, Twin Engines of Destruction (Page 15)