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Topic: I turned a Bandai model into the black War of the Bounty Hunters suit

So, I missed the preorders on the new Hasbro figure of Boba's black costume, which is super tragic.

However, I had a Bandai model laying around that I had first repainted to be Jango a long time ago. The paint I used wasn't ideal and there are just too many differences in Boba and Jango's costumes to make a seamless transition, and I was not happy with it at all. So I decided to give this little guy a new identity... as "Jango". This worked out pretty well and I am so much happier with it now!

I used Liquitex acrylic paint in Mars Black, and it was pretty easy to work with. Only thing missing is his axe, which I can live without.

I love variety and this was a super fun and relaxing project, so I'm kind of tempted to turn another one of these Bandai models into the white prototype suit or something else. I also have that weird Black Series RotJ Boba with Temuera Morrison's unpainted head glued underneath the bent helmet, so maybe one day I'll pop the helmet off and give him some paint!

I tried to attach an image directly to the post but I don't think it was showing up, so here's a link!

Re: I turned a Bandai model into the black War of the Bounty Hunters suit

Great use of a work-in-progress to shift gears and wrap up nicely! Looks fantastic – just like the real deal.

The all-white or "ROTJ-esque" Pre-Pro looks are definitely some fan favorite options for a second one.

As for image posts here, it's a little tricky but do-able if uploading here first or having a full URL if not here. We're looking an an upgrade platform to solve some dated issues like that.

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