Topic: Boba Fett & Fennec Shand l Good or Bad Duo?

I’m Back guys lol, I noticed that people really wanted Dengar or Bossk instead of Fennec to team up. But personally I really like Fennec as Fett’s partner. I didn’t want Dengar to become his partner to be honest, we already see how that goes. But my favorite book is The Boba Novel, “The Mandalorian Armor.” I obviously like Boba and Dengar as a duo but we already seen it happen, why again? The thing with Bossk is I don’t seen him as a partner to Boba, as a ally? Yes. But since Boba got older and he didn’t need Bossk’s help I just can’t see it. One of the many things I love of Book of Boba is how they had Boba and Fennec meet. Boba after being saved being left for dead is a changed man. In Return of the Jedi Boba kinda loss his morals. At the end of Clone Wars we see Boba stands up for the killing of innocents against Bane, he never wanted to become, “a cold blooded killer.” But we see Boba has loss that, his time with the tuskens formed him, got his morals back. When he meets Fennec and saves her they both have a never death experience on the Dune Sea. Fennec dosen’t trust Boba at first but slowly they form a partner ship. Also this short essay kinda got besides the point at times but back to it, Boba’s and Fennec’s banter is hilarious!

“Yours looks shiner then mine!”- Fennec Shand
“Next time don’t touch my buttons.”- Boba fett
“Things would go a lot smoother if you accept the ways.”- Fennec Shand
“We really need a protocol droid.” - Boba Fett

What do you guys think? You like Boba and Fennec as a duo?

Re: Boba Fett & Fennec Shand l Good or Bad Duo?

Fennec Shand is a good partner with Boba Fett.

Chloe Chan

Re: Boba Fett & Fennec Shand l Good or Bad Duo?

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