Topic: Grappling Hook Rocket Pack

Something curious to me is that Boba Fett's earlier jetpacks featured a grappling hook instead of a projectile rocket. It's curious that we've never seen this in live action yet, despite the fact that the prototype suits actually had this feature built in; the fins fold out and the grapnel is attached to a cord. I'm not super familiar with expanded material, but it's made its way to action figures more than once.

The far more famous play feature is the firing rocket, which has been canonized on film in Attack of the Clones. It's interesting that these two concepts cannot coexist - you cannot use the rocket function when the grappling hook is mounted. The mechanism is split into a head and a base, whereas the rocket is one part. It also seems a bit redundant to have climbing gear when it's attached to... a jetpack. You also have a similar function with the wrist-mounted whipcords.

I don't know many applications for the grappling hook, though the Bantha Tracks diagram suggest that it works in conjunction with the spikes on his boots. Interestingly, the concept art by Joe Johnson has an alternate use for these as well, saying they're for combat. These Johnson concept pieces are also the first instance I've seen where the rocket pack is identified as a projectile, seemingly predating the grappling hook idea.

So does anyone know if any Mandalorian has used the grappling hook function yet? Would Boba just switch out the rocket with the grappling hook launcher?