Topic: BFFC Upgrades: Profile Verification

As some of you know, we rolled out profile verification a while back. It adds an extra badge on your profile in trade for confirming your email address.

To verify, go to your profile page. Click "Verification." Confirm your email address on file here is accurate (and correct it if it's not). Click the verification button. Check your email. Click the encoded link and you'll be brought back to BFFC where the digital handshake is confirmed.

This also unlocks a cool new feature: get notified by email when you have a new follower.

We'll also explore enabling it for new messages and your once-every-year BFFC-irthday. It's a one-off email just so you know there's relevant activity.

As we continue to test drive it, we'll connect it with a new opt-in/out way to tune what notifications you get as a courtesy. We only want good, helpful emails going out.

Hope you like it!

Founder/Editor, BFFC