Topic: Reminiscing, and a toast.

I was just 15 years old at the time, finding this forum completely by chance. It had an appealing quality to it, the boards were so simple to navigate, and the people... man, the people. I remember them the most. No one really shared my geeky love for Star Wars at the time. But here I found my fellow nerds!

Star Wars and Boba Fett fans, united under our geeky banner, writing fan fiction together, opening topics with terrible grammar, and having the best time! I was just happy to find an international English speaking medium where I could actually practice my English ( not a native speaker). I remember regular members and some BFFC mods distinctively, but I haven't looked around enough to know if even one of them is still around!

Then, I guess life happened. My profile says I last logged in 10 years ago, but if I said I remember that, I'd be lying. I was just a teen, and now I'm a 30 year old dude with a job and responsibilities. I feel the same as then concerning Star Wars, though. Same excitement, same wide eyed enthusiasm when I watched "The Mandalorian". Bit creepy how time passes so quick, but what can you do!

Sorry about my ranting going down memory lane, I will wrap this up with a toast: To the old, to the new, to mods and Aaron making this site STILL a safe heaven after all these years. May this board always be active and creating nice memories for all members, like it did with me! This is the Way.

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Re: Reminiscing, and a toast.

Welcome back, Darth Maul Clone! Great to see you here again. Certainly a bit has improved, just less so here on the boards but glad you're back. Thanks for the "fan mail" post!

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Re: Reminiscing, and a toast.

Darth Mail Clone you really touched my feelings with your message, man. Welcome back to te site!

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