Topic: Favorite item in your collection?

Figured I'd ask this, but I'm assuming most of you guys have big boba/general star wars collections so I figured it'd be a nice conversation-starter to ask what's your favorite item in your collection?
I know 100% this is def been posted here before but I figured I would just ask now to initiate some conversation smile

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Re: Favorite item in your collection?

Tough call...

On one hand, having one of the gold "ESB" 15th anniversary posters ( … tt-poster/) is an impressive item on display.

But on the other hand, several handwritten letters corresponding with Jeremy Bulloch back in the day, which inspired the creation of the Boba Fett Fan Club back in 1996, are also some prized possessions.

How about yourself, Hunter?

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Re: Favorite item in your collection?

Ah this one tough,

There is a balance between all my Bulloch signatures and my 2 tri-logo Fett, one with removal dart and unpainted knee. Aslo my graded 1979 Fett TW with Bi-Tone belt color.