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I just watched the episode! Omg it was awesome! It was very interesting to see the interaction between Bo and Mando. How at first, Mando see these other Mandalorian’s save him and then once they remove their helmets, he immediately sees them as not Mandalorian. Bo recognizes what clan Mando is a part of, calling him part of a cult. It was also pretty awesome to hear Bo say “this is the way” almost in a way of making fun of Mando and how the clan he comes from acts. Obviously it was really cool also to hear Ashoka Tano’s name and how Bo wants the Darksaber to reclaim/rule Mandalore. The best part about this episode for me though was how it seems like Moff Gideon is trying to rebuild the Empire using Mandalorian weapons/tech. It also seems like he doesn’t care too much about ruling Mandalore, he just wants their resources. Can’t wait to see where this all goes!

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That artwork piece that Jason Palmer did, back in early Summer, was almost spot on.  Talk about foreshadowing.  Very nicely done.

I'm surprised he's not promoting the print on his FB page, but here's a link for it that I'm pretty sure we've shared before, in case anyone's interested. … -katan/242


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Boba Fett french, your synopsis from Google a little in advance of the show ended up being accurate. Wherever that's coming from knows what's up.

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