Topic: Community Rules

As many of you already know, BFFC has Community Rules:

They're meant to express what is and isn't allowed, especially when first signing up, to agree to them in turn for having an account.

They are mostly all of the same for years now, but recent got updated due to someone having profanity as their username. While we don't censor words automatically throughout the site, this was a little too much and led to the new account being deleted and the rules being updated.

When registering for an account, there's now some basic automation for checking what's being entered there. There's also some updated language about how the registering IP address is screened against a spam database; this catches 99.9% of the bots trying to spam the boards/site, keeping it nicer and junk free around here.

If anyone has any feedback on the rules at, or to propose new rules, share them here or privately via or

The rules also extend to social media, to be more transparent about the BFFC policy there too (like in the rare cases where someone is blocked/muted).


Founder/Editor, BFFC