Topic: Star Wars trip to Tunisia

Hi Star Wars Fans,

We are planning to go to visit the places at Tunisia where the Star Wars
movies were filmed.
The planned date of the trip is 22nd of March - 29th of  March.
If you want to join us that would be great. Let us know ASAP to organise
the trip.
If you have any question just ask us

Szoszo and Eliza

Re: Star Wars trip to Tunisia

So how was your trip? Any Pictures?

Re: Star Wars trip to Tunisia

ctxboy1981, skolnyikblog hasn't been here in 5 years, and it doesn't look like searching the wider web shows any match. However, I do know that Sandy Dhuyvetter ("Momma Fett") just did a trip kinda sorta around there, plus 2,000 miles east in Jordan. Anyway, shooting locations for "The Rise of Skywalker" and other "Star Wars" stuff. Not many photos, but a couple on her Instagram like this one:

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