Topic: Whispers of the Sith Part Four

and the Sith of Light fought with savagery across galactic space and in the Outer Rim.

The medical bay on Alderaan where Arda had worked before was mostly worry-free now, thanks to Moosh and his mother Morai. Morai arrived there as Arda and Moosh greeted her gently and with great respect befitting a mother of the galaxy. The towers of Coruscant Minor glowed pink and blue in the hours past dawn and urban gardens were being built.

The Neimoidians had just and peaceful intention and Kron advanced their learning and lore further as they worked the land of Alderaan and Coruscant Minor in lush farms and gardens, building even on the high rocks and mountains of great and wondrous glory to their ancestors.

Everyone was practicing meditation and a lot of Jedi, like Kron and Kwan, practiced herb trances and enlightenment as the war continued. Moosh missed his beasts. The Force was flowing, and the prisoners of the deceased Darth Krull and Darth Kind were healing on these planets.

Darth Kind was betrayed into the hands of the Jedi by the now redeemed General Rayon. Jedi troopers and Jedi Despoiler ranks were resting and hanging out at their favorite light locations being entertained by various singers and dancers.

Green Twi’leks danced in the cities of the two main Jedi planets in the Core worlds, as the Jedi Order relaxed with cheerful care and tone. The witches of the Sith raised some of the fallen Sith as powerful Sith zombies wired to droids and droidware. It was last card of Project ‘Rune’. They had seized control of many Rancor beasts, giant, flying or otherwise. The Jedi gasped in horror as they lost controls of the behemoths on sandy dunes of hellish Tatooine. The space station and, those smaller in orbit, were being at last finished by Sith of Light operations above said planet.

The Sith of Light channeled spontaneous Force vortexes and storms as taught by the self-educated but now mentored by the best and greatest among his ranks, Darth Vengeance-Ravage who was conceptualizing a new thin twin purple lightsaber for himself, and methodology to skewer Moosh for good.

The wise and patient Moosh could not engulf Darth Vengeance or his forces by his mass Force enervation, for the latter had grown now too strong in the deep dark side, and its animal-like chaos vortexes and strong storms. A lesser man would have given to despair long ago.

Tatooine had embargo blockades by order of Republic Senate that the Sith of Light fought and braved. New Jedi attack airspeeders were planned with remotely controlled droid flamethrowers against the lost Rancor monsters. The Sith XX walker, a giant manlike walking droid was planned to help their new-found beasts as charmed by the remaining powerful Sith Witch Lords on various fringe planets and Mid Rim and Core Worlds. They starved the beasts most eagerly.

The Jedi underground battle Temple on Coruscant Minor was now run efficiently and contingency droids and Bacta tanks were being built and applied there for dueling Jedi and allies. Children were being born in the safety of the Republic Senate, and hyperspace jump ‘gates’ were being introduced in spaces above many a Republic planet to link one another through dimensional hyperspace secure galactic hyperspace roadways as transports roared there.

Coruscant Minor and Alderaan were prospering wisely and in a matter of good time. Many aliens felt welcome there and only very few marginal ones left for Sith run Tatooine and Dantooine. Darth Vengeance trained some of the Tusken Raiders and their beasts for galactic domination, and they bowed to his dark side glory eagerly. Back then they were a numerous people.

The Republic Senate ordered Moosh to wisely plan his next move against these powerful Sith of Light adepts, fanatics and Witch masters.

Dark smoke erupted from the bowels of the pyramid Hidden Zersaw temple on Tatooine as sunset featured there in a mad dance of shadow, light, and smoke. Chronus was deeply communing with the vile and evil Force ghosts of Sith Mastery and chanted Zersaw chants and he ate spartan fare and strange lifeforms. He memorized his Zersaw, all three hundred of his chants, and much lore and hidden treatise commentary by his subsequent worshippers and fanatical spice followers.

Chronus felt the dark side fully now as it consumed his disciplined mind.

Chronus felt pride, mastery and true attainment in the giving and quick animal side of the Force, a beast of raw emotions like the storms howling on the surface areas of Tatooine as the Sith danced in that hell and rejoiced in their vile arrogant master Darth Vengeance-Ravage, who had risen now as he did as a boy when the Force blow of the Sith Flames of Mastery first hit him hard upon his cottage bed and sleep. He planned to have babies to perpetuate his evil line and dreamed of a son on Tatooine.

Chronus was drooling to meet him in single combat as the way for the Hidden Temple could not be found despite any type of scan. All sensors went null in the chaos above and upon Tatooine, but basic and advanced navigation worked with precise details. Force power detected nothing at all and orbital scans showed bare ground.

Numbers flooded to the droidware helmet of Darth Vengeance who still used his special herbs and meditation and advanced Sith alchemy and spiritual techniques to terrorize all who stood in his way by cunning, craft and speed.

One day a strange lady visited him and begged him to be his new direct apprentice, she was barren and was named by him as Darth Arise as they worshipped the desert dawn together.

Chronus plotted against all of them.

Ewok colonies prospered on Alderaan upon the lakes there and lived peacefully in their wooden huts sailing upon the land in harmony with nature. Urban gardens upon many a planet blossomed in quiet contemplation and revere. The galactic senators held meeting to aid Moosh and the Jedi guardians of galactic peace and prosperity. The Avenue of Peace on Coruscant was finished and the cities of Coruscant and Coruscant Minor flourished with gardening care. The Senate was well guarded, and flights of Jedi starships patrolled near the Senate chambers on Main Coruscant. All was well within the controlled borders of Galactic Republic space.

A few of the Jedi Despoilers bowed before Arda to heal them of having embraced their Sith Witch wives and she nurtured them and their healing to the light side of the Force.

Darth Arise boarded the Tide of War and hyperspace jumped above Tatooine to Byss in the Deep Core to see if she could bring General Ardent and more of his Paladins of Death into the conflict of the Second Galactic civil war of Sith and Jedi.

She failed since Ardent refused all offers, and patiently waited for his master to make an appearance. It was spring on Byss and he was also preoccupied with his new companion Darth Green, a powerful Sith Witch Lady. She was younger then he was.

Darth Arise summoned her master through Force telepathy.

“He does not want come, my lord and master.”

“He will give him time and skill, patiently Darth Arise.”

“As you wish master and lord of all things.”

“Yes, Darth Arise, yes.”

Arda and Morai and Moosh talked now.

“We must not hasten into the dark side,” he warned them again.

“Purpose is slow sometimes in the Force. It requires a gentle nod and nurturance of things both high and low, so we must exercise…patience.”

They nodded smiling in the warm air of Alderaan.

“Ader is totally insane Moosh. How will we finally defeat him?” asked Arda as Morai looked on.

“We will trap him in his insanity and arrogant pride and hatred of all things living and fully alive.”

Morai looked, and narrowed her eyes, knowing her son was right, and the taint of darkness left her eternally in deep wisdom and brilliant freshness. She was healed of the dark side by the love of her son and her love for him.

Moosh looked across time and space now and he summoned, and Force teleported the whole Aris Magra to dock in the space above the planet at the Crystal City in the atmosphere of quiet Alderaan. He bowed to his mother and his one true love.

Later, Arda trained in the woods with her twin red lightsaber, and took her assassins down, as she Force healed her facial scar given by the vile and hidden killers.

It was ghostly times on Alderaan amid many a flourishing tower glowing in the sunny-like moon, as the horizon glowed in pale yellows of shade and night and the air was afresh by the growing projects of gardens and clever peaceful farms. Space traffic was working for economic development, and Morai headed new, and newer, projects and clever design and skill. She was having fun again without the Force Titan, Bafomet.

Moosh moved to a quiet and small castle on a lake on a peaceful island of Alderaan with Arda and they scanned the land with their macro binoculars for fun.

Darth Arise left Darth Vengeance.

“I cannot be with thou, master.”

“I set you free, my love,” he stated, tired and weary.

“Then I shall stay with thee, master,” she smiled and then did he bitterly.

General Ardent hated General Rayon, but their duel had ended now. Pilots of both sides rested and planned under Kron and Darth Ardent.

Kron and Kwan were growing apart, their rocket boots collected dust aboard their personal quarters on Alderaan. Their herbalism was now gentle and soothing and devoid of company.

Kron could not resist the temptation despite his earlier attempt to quit. They plotted and planned as Kwan was worshipping transcendental Force limbo and practicing hibernation states.

They used holograms aboard the Aris Magra to fight one another in pure simulation for thrills.

The darkness was already planted long ago, by jealousy and pride and arrogance and weakness.

Kron grew hateful of his trade deals and pursued reading obscure and odd Jedi Holocrons. Kwan grew an herb garden.

Kron one day spoke to Moosh in Kwan’s garden, the two of them were alone, or seemingly so.

“Kwan is dangerous, Moosh.”

“Yes, I know Kron keep a watchful eye, my friend.”

“I can see time Moosh.”

“I hope so,” smiled Moosh, as Kwan smiled secretly and was hidden in Force shadowy limbo, but present enough to spy and hear them well in his herb garden. Light danced upon the glass of the greenhouses and panoramic view.

Kron put his shoulder on Moosh, “I have always sworn full fealty to you, Moosh.”

Moosh smiled gently and was silent.

“You know Kron the Force winks.”

They both laughed as Kron had a vision like Yodess before him.

Moosh sensed it but said nothing as now Arda approached and Kron’s wife Gena. They retired for supper at the Tower of Krystal.

Kwan was communing now with Chronus and promised him everything yet gave him nothing.

Chronus cackled to himself after. He planned all his poisons and had used alchemy now to douse his sharp daggers and vicious subtle booby traps with killing potency and power.

He learned to paralyze lifeforms by the will of the Force, biologically and temporally; his proficiency was growing steadily, day to day. The Force Ghost of Master Lorn fed his hatred as his spirit was sent to haunt Chronus by the Sith Flames of Dark Mastery.

“Master Lorn, so good to see you again,” whispered Chronus into the very ancient and dead air.

“Moosh is winning this war, Chronus,” replied the disembodied one.

“Patience…patience Lorn,” whispered Chronus again. His hand twitched slightly.

“You should see his new armies, Chronus.”

“I will Lorn…I will.”

Darth Vengeance was still in thrall of the beast like dark side and hated all things, especially the bitter and infamous hell that Tatooine had become for him as his armies ran and sometimes butchered one another, as he only had their penultimate loyalty from them and his deep followers, like Darth Arise.

He grew deeply paranoid now as the he could not discern the hidden Fallen Temple of the Hutt prophet, the spice-addicted Zersaw the Revelator. He survived every deadly and deathly plot to end his life. He was impervious to poison except alchemy, and Chronus had something special waiting for him.

Ader grew insane and saw visions of unrestricted glory and fury. He reached out to Kron and Kwan and dared to ask them to betray and murder Moosh; he was ignored by them, for now.

Ader was all grim and death, and his moments of childlike joy was draining him steadily, plus the constant unnerving paranoia and strange bizarre tastes he pursued. Byss and Geonosis was still his ground since Moosh allowed and dominated the hyperspace channels and lanes to these planets but could not defeat the heavy paladins and witches on surface areas. For now, they had stalemate in their respective Force domination and power.

Ader sat in the shade of a Krayt dragon skull, a very large one, and he sent those that displeased him to be eaten by live ones; red Krayt dragons and of subtle speed and very grim killing action, and Darth Arise laughed nervously at each execution.

He grew pensive and bored in deep crushing depression, lamenting childishly his dreadful lot, alone and yet unafraid, thirsting for the hidden Temple of Zersaw the prophet with the deep thirst of the desert. He had undergone so many trails without end and the sport of his life continued unabated in the material sphere of existence. He would randomly Force teleport the wastelands of his army haunted Tatooine but found not a trace or clue to the hidden pyramid Temple in all his travels.

He was remorseless and pitiless, a true monster of the dark side, and a quick bridge to hell.

The desert baked his armies to a steady glowing tan, as the Tusken armies grew, and he only tolerated them in his savage and arrogant heart. He constantly demanded bitter sacrifice and worship and cast many into the flames.

Moosh was meditating in the sanctum of Yodess and reached out with feelings, as he had now, since his death, become a Force ghost that could materialize—a secret he did his best to conceal from everyone.

It was his final act of pride since he had embraced the dark side by shock and pain so many years ago on the vile Tenebrous Temple, Asada-Hel, and his long, long exile, and his soul trapped inside a Force Limbo cave amid chaotic and dangerous states of Force dimensions, headless and mute.

The sanctum of Yogus and Sugoy and Yodess glowed in stately crisp and crystal light near the Archives of the Jedi, as the crushed waterfall was cooling and glistening nearby once more, restored to full glory. The floors were sharply aligned and crisp granite in brilliant, yet not flashy, subtle symmetry.

These archives were memorial to better times—to sad defeats and clever victories—challenges and endeavors both noble and true, yet powerfully arrogant and dreadfully insecure, a folly like no other—yet what folly.

Looking outward now, Moosh saw fire and smoke which obscured Moosh’s sight and vision of the outside grounds of the Jedi Temple, as he stood staring at the horizon through the deep smoke to the brilliant sun, he knew he not be granted true nobility.

His mother Morai, never discussed his true father, and thus he stopped asking; she never told him Lorn was secretly his biological father, a man born from an obscure, yet highly noble family of human patricians living on Nal Hutta.

Early as a child Lorn went mad with hate against their restraining disciplines and pains and planned revenge to the Jedi Order by being the strictest Jedi among them.

His arrogance, skill, and strictness were unparalleled in this order and chronicled, most famously, as “one must not have the arrogance of the desires of Lorn,” taught to children of the Jedi Order by their masters, a lesson on dark side avoidance in the future.

Moosh teleported away from the sanctum as it glowed in clear steady soft grey, radiant and balanced. He then Force drained the flames set by Sith thermals and secretly by Jedi Master Kwan who had been Force hypnotized by the insane and thought devouring Chronus who had now dominated Kwan’s mind in the Force and Kwan did not know he yet worshipped a new master.

Kwan sought transcendental purity in the Force and more secret herbalism to disembodied states.

He hoped to outdo Moosh and send him to a permanent exile by the remaining Jedi, then drain him, as he was sent back to Force Limbo dimension.

Moosh was patient and honored his duties, as a living and fully materializing Force ghost.

“Moosh, Moosh,” called Chronus to him in his living REM sleep.

Moosh whispered something to himself. Chronus tried to program and brainwash the other man by mass distance Force dark side ventriloquism which was null to the living Force ghost; Chronus’s shadow disappeared from this place as he laid out new plans in his very dry head laying and meditating upon the stone floors of the pyramid Temple of dark side chaos of Zersaw the Revelator. Chronus was shivering and in a fit.

He knew he was growing crazy by consuming insect life to keep himself going and felt freshly alive and sadistic. He expected pure raw sadism from himself now and waited for the final challenge of himself against the other two titans of the Force, Moosh the Great and Ader the Immortal One.

They were men of awesome pride, skill, and bearing, a sad and costly lesson to the galaxy. They had armies, planets and resources, masters of deceit, lore, and learning, skill and attack and defensive aggression. The Great One and the Immortal One knew they all had stalemate now upon Tatooine and Geonosis; Moosh felt something bad coming upon him but waited still in deep and painful meditation with Morai and Arda, as Arda was healing his body with each passing day and his mother offered wise counsel and corrected his pride, nurturing his gifts through reward affection and material.

Darth Vengeance had the worsts traits of vile psychopathy like always, highly adaptive, ruthless with sadistic deflection and easily acted charm games endlessly without regard for life or consequences in the total pursuit of his mad ego toward grinding the opposition and became only a team player dictated by necessity. He would lie out loud endlessly and acted many games with Darth Arise to cause her pain. He secretly loved to be callous and brutal and inflict pain, whatever the type. He had a plot that would poison Kron and Kwan, as Jedi chronicles would blame it on Moosh and would use the twist in their writings as a warning against too much Jedi herbalism and dabbling into strange Sith-like alchemy.

Now, an old and aging female Tusken Raider had undergone the trails of the Sith High Flames of Mastery, trails of sand, blood and faith, ordeals that allowed her to enter the ruined valley of the Zersaw pyramid as a red-eyed and grim-faced gaunt Chronus handed her the poison in his ragged brown cloak fading in the dry desolate wind.

She kissed his hand as she did, and quickly returned to stalking in the empty and silent wastelands. She carried with her now a small pink lightdagger and deep insanity to give the poison to Ader who was Force vision unaware.

She survived her hells and gave Darth Vengeance the poison, and he threw her to his Krayt dragons; he knew it was a special poison, but he did not care about the origin; he simply calculated the substance would weaken Moosh indirectly.

Darth Arise carried her lightdagger now.

Chronus sent a Force storm upon the land and mass temporal chaos in the Force drained the power of Moosh and Darth Vengeance for regular lightsaber battles once more between their armies, this time for final clash, as chaos shredded Force ley lines. The final strike and invasion was planned now by Moosh the Wise.

Darth Vengeance bribed Gena to kill her husband, Kron and his friend, now bitter enemy, Kwan.

Kron lay slumped dead in Kwan’s garden, as Moosh walked in. Arda entered and they cried together. Moosh ordered Kwan to be brought in, but he already escaped in a medical shuttle and used Force hibernation to slow the effects of Chronus’s highly efficient poison. He did a hyperspace jump to Lan Dereni, a Jedi retreat cave in the ashen mountains of Ord Mantell, where he slept for centuries, waking occasionally to achieve transcendence, and live on in the Force when his body went rotten. His Force ghost was trapped by the Force crystals of ancient masters in the cave system, and he hungered for a new Force sensitive body until he went deeply insane and evil and lived on.

The main Jedi Despoiler attack and assault on Tatooine was starting. The burning space station above the planet cascaded flaming into the atmosphere and was strafed by Jedi forces despite deflection shields.

Numerous and powerful Sith vortexes swallowed invading battleships and cruisers into Force hells, temporal chaos holes so messy it was like navigating into a cunning minefield with mass chaos and instrument failure.

Sith armies cackled and fought all who dared to land; Jedi fought some of their old beasts on cliffs, valleys, dunes, and mountains under Tatoo One and Tatoo Two. The witches blasted white fire and blue lightning and tore into the landing Jedi with strange spells and phantasms, chaotic and soul shredding.

The Jedi clashed and clashed, in many frays, in many duels, the legends were being written; it was a saga, a tapestry like no other. Only a few hundred Jedi and Sith masters now survived.

General Rayon perished in action against Darth Des, a cunning Sith Witch among her ranks, the Witch Lords of the Greater Sith.

Meanwhile, through patience and diligence Morai, the Quick used the archives of Alderaan to hunt down the locations of Zersaw’s spice ridden wanderings obscure, legendary and mythical.

She reached to the Force during these times in great contemplation, as the war raged upon shinning Tatooine and she had found it precisely and she told Moosh its location, the invisible ancient and ruined Temple of Zersaw, a place of nether hells.

“We must do this together Moosh.”

“Yes, mother.”

They boarded her Corellian Corvette together and lifted into orbit beyond the mountains of Alderaan. Moosh used the Force and jumped into supralight through Force astronavigation to land the transport secretly nearby the Fallen and Hidden Pyramid Temple of Zersaw in a small ruined valley in a massive chain of low sharp ridges and mountains. The ground shook suddenly here, and Sith Flames of Mastery were awake again, hiding deep within the ravaged by time pyramid.

Moosh and his mother wore humble grey cloaks as they approached the fading and ruined structure with their lightsaber handles in their grip. All was silent except the storms in distant horizons of Force and war.

Morai felt nervous as did Moosh, despite being a living Force ghost amid the Force chaos holes here of time and space dimensions and living realities of the multiverse. He guided his living mother through the traps and barriers to get inside the vile temple of Zersaw, in its ruined and fallen glory as it baked endlessly under the twin suns of Tatooine, as the remaining Sith and Jedi armies and their beasts, machine or living or undead, butchered each other.

It was zenith above, as Moosh and his living mother Morai, entered the main pyramid into the shade and stale dead air of a thousand years. They prepared for all traps as lasers lines and darts flew at them, which they crushed as a team of experienced Jedi masters and living mother and her one true son. Chronus was hiding and shaking in fear in the shadows and summoned all his power upon Morai in a Force choke. Moosh was hit by a poisoned dart.

He went Force ethereal and possessed Chronus for his body as Lorn entered as well, the roar of the Force buckled space-time chaos in the living Force. The Force was always present. They become bodied and ignited their lightsabers as Morai was being Force-choked by Chronus the Defiler.

She cut his neck off with her green lightsaber as Lorn possessed his body with the full power of the Sith of Mastery flames.

She lost a finger suddenly as Lorn/Chronus cut her with his blades. Moosh and Morai became one in the Force and blasted Lorn/Chronus with a savage Force stream, a blow that Lorn partially absorbed sending many Sith Force ghosts into the madness beyond death, where they howled in eternal pain. General Ardent was sucked into that hell as well, suddenly.

The chaos of this place collapsed a huge area into a wormhole of Force dimension, somewhere in the galaxy two supernovas erupted in white light. Reality buckled as mother and her one true son stood basking in the glory as the Sith force ghosts’ primal scream echoed across the living Force.

A few of them secreted away back to Asada-Hel in deep cunning to nurse their fallen brethren.

This took centuries until Palpatine arose with his murderous Empire.

Bits of Lorn grafted into the insane Ader, who howled in glee and the limbo of chaos seeing space wind and nether hell.

He froze and died into instant death.

Arda moved in bed, distracted by something and slept well.

Morai and Moosh as living mother and son appeared well and true into the Krystal Tower above Alderaan in the room of mirrors.

They were living Force ghosts, luminous and immortal. Alderaan was lit up and the ground was fed. They were in their body now as mortals and they looked whole and well. Every day they had together was a gift.

Lorn was now inside, with the spark of Darth Vengeance, inside the sleeping Arda.

Tatooine was desolate once again and surviving masters of the Force lived and breathed elsewhere.

Soon the galaxy looked on as Arda and Moosh left the galactic senate house and entered the shuttle that flew gently and gracefully over the Avenue of Peace, a kind of trench run on Main Coruscant to the great and towering in the sun glistening Jedi Temple. Moosh and Arda were blessed by the Force spire under said Temple. Moosh became a tribune in the Senate and lived for a long time, happily after Moosh and Arda were married in the Jedi Temple chapel. Moosh and Arda lived till they joined the great Force ghosts of the Jedi in the spring of the Republic, greater than distance, or time…as said by some.

Moosh was not the last of the Great Jedi, yet he lived in the Palace of Light with Arda for a time.

The End.

Evil is not to think.