Topic: Whispers of the Sith Part Three

She wore delicately curving armor now of light and silk and tough metals of an impenetrable make, invincible and grim that severed all who tried to penetrate it directly with any skill at all.

Its secrets were well guarded against all kinds of Force tricks and stratagems; it was dangerous time for her most directly, and her rising enemies.

Moosh now abandoned her to her fate, as his fortune in the Force was unsteady. He remained rich in spirit, however, and opened his heart to Arda, the Force, and the Senate of the Republic.

He now stood over one of the bridges leading to the Bridge of Death for his coming ultimate duel with Darth Vengeance-Ravage.

Some Jedi Despoilers were smoking a lot of their funky herbs, and strange other concoctions and heady eclectic brews. They listened to their inner voice directly now.

New walking armor and their scouts fought the powerful Sith witches of the Sith Order of Light, who now battled against the dreaded and towering flesh-rending Rancor beasts, on various planets. The Jedi began to lose ground and lost Geonosis due to imprecision and battle fatigue.

The Jedi Despoiler battle ranks were losing their eyes to Sith witchcraft and were sacrificed by them in a terrible way. They began to worship the witches directly and loved every standard minute as the dark side responded to their animal demands and gave them overpowering Force trances of energy and bliss.

Darth Twilight-Ravager directed the Witch Lords grimly and with terrible proficiency. It was the direct and true worship of godhood; she now had attained true force and cunning, and delicate skill of the true dark side by the art of manipulation.

Moosh’s army was being decimated and treacherously opposed, as he teleported away leaving them to their fate on Geonosis. He planned to recover his fortunes of war. He knew he was being tested severely.

The armies of Generals Ardent, Krull, and Kind were celebrating hard and landed on Byss Prime.

This time they would hold ground and win space for their plans and designs of skillful weave, it was their direct doom and a trap like no other.

Lightning and fire now danced endlessly on Nal Hutta in the secret lava cave where the two head Darths of hellfire to the galaxy in the Force now worshipped in cunning devilry and skill and arrogant pride.

It was a gamble that would choose to pay off for Moosh—or so it seemed.

The Sith armies were healing in the natural glistening hot springs in northern glacial Geonosis and began sacred and true meditations of the self for the promised coming project finally, a whispered one known, as Project ‘Rune’. Darth Vengeance was carving with his purple blades as Darth Ravage into the aura and souls of his devoted followers and death troopers and Sith witches of hell and desire and bliss.

The Sith cooking had begun and ‘cooking’ with the Sith, a true testament to galactic order and hope. A great diversion for the ranks and populous of the galaxy, and the even the weak minded, of this place through time and space reaching into powerful distant recipes and bizarre rituals. The galaxy was being turned into a pet by these rising and truly driven Sith orders and witches and their commanders, noble and underhanded.

The real cooking was starting. Moosh rode on a Bantha on solitary Tatooine he rented from moisture farmers, as a quiet hermit and prepared for upcoming directness with Master Yodess in a lightsaber challenge for the direct transgression of the ancient and noble Jedi Code against true romantic attachments.

They would have at it as Moosh began to have silent visions of Ginn-Delf-Jinn the Wise on the silent deserts of Tatooine amid the twin suns of both Tatoo One and Tatoo Two and was puzzled by strange phenomena as he sat naked and uncloaked amid the burning sands of hell.

Yodess was seemingly not impressed and hungered now for more direct and total power, as he was meditating with rising anger over the losses of war.

The dark side was a cunning snake that he had yet to resist most fully. Moosh was crippled in spirit, as he groaned on the ground of hot baking wind and desert storm and saw visions of great beauty and indomitable spirit of being of one with the true Force particles across the Force now.

He bowed his head to Yodess now and offered his full surrender, which Yodess in jealousy chose not to accept directly, or so it seemed now.

The savageness in the galaxy continued under the Generals Darth Krull and Darth Kind in horrid quickness through feigned galactic augustness scattering any byzantine and hidden strongholds, now. Kind declared total war now on Yodess for survival of his hard and soft options of his remaining life and finite energy.

Moosh had learned his lessons most bitterly. He bowed and accepted the chance at true noble richness. He offered his full surrender now that Yodess had summoned him to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant Minor among a gathering of Jedi Knights again.

Yodess stood with his green lightsaber ignited, “I now renounce the head council. I do and seek hermitage like you, Moosh.”

He turned off the blade that had killed Darth Ravage, and many other Sith of Light paladins.

Moosh bowed deeply and kneeled and said, “You are the head now, Yodess, and I will not fight you.”

“You have chosen wisely,” seemingly hissed Yodess, accepting now Moosh fully as family in the Jedi Order and ordered him to forget the fallen Arda in the dark side, and seek more time as a hermit and the quiets of Tatooine, where Zersaw the Hutt had his spice visions.

Project ‘Rune’ was starting on Byss now secretly by both head Darths there now. Darth Kind laughed out loud with his mistress General Krull and planned to dominate all opposition through whatever ratty way they could.

The red-headed one, now, a tear for the galaxy, in her secret and armor of Force light and steel looked everywhere and laughed, feeling true power at last—like she had always dreamed as she was growing up adopted by the Jedi Order as a young Padawan Learner.

Moosh hated himself bitterly and was overwhelmed now.

He groaned on distress on Tatooine, learning from the Force ghost of Ginn-Delf-Jinn the Wise, amid the colors of the desert landscapes and space, and the Force beyond, in its devilish and cunning and hidden lore in deep states of peaceful and painful meditation.

He was greatly humbled, truly groaning to the Force ghost for true salvation and was ignored for this mistake. Ginn-Delf-Jinn granted him his final blessing as they communed, and he ate very spartan fare. Moosh afterward passed out with great fatigue beyond the normal controls of such Force journeys.

Many prisoners now stood thin and gaunt in the electric prisons of Generals Darth Krull and Darth Kind. It was spirit of the, ticking in anger, Sith Lords that they demanded now more death and they shouted now, “More death for the weak!” among their ranks and cruel adepts.

Finally, and at last, Moosh challenged Darth Vengeance-Ravage to single Force combat. He had renounced Arda, but not in the pearl of his heart amid the rising and dangerous climate, and he left her alone to her lover finally at last. He had lost his dreams of peace and beauty now for the galactic garden across time and space.

Peace was blessed into him now, and he steadied himself now on Tatooine for the upcoming duel on asteroid ringed Geonosis.

Darth Ravage was once again groaning with hate and anger and fear, feeling the dead inside and seeing what a selfish individual Arda had become, as a red sunset showered twilight on the Jedi cave retreat there amid this strange and wasted, by war and battle, harsh desert planet. He felt like he was being cooked alive by some sadistic cook. He burned deep within and summoned storm and escalating wind and deluge of slashing and hissing greenish acid rain that sizzled upon the surface of the rocky planet. Soon it would be time for his duel, and he wanted all experiences of true cruelty outward that he could attain.

His ambition had led him here now, and he felt empty and wanted to be set against again. His love felt dirty and unwholesome. He had many spectacles soon for the coming Moosh.

Soon the action would start in orbit over the elusive Geonosis. Both sides of followers were now ready for another time of testing and war despite feigned peace, among their twin sides of the galactic forces and the giving and balanced living numinous Force.

“The Force shall be with us,” toasted General Ardent, destined to horror and doom and a merciless death. General Ardent, a pawn of Darth Ravage, was drinking his own blood. They are all true fools, he thought single-handedly. “I shall have true glory,” he reflected the snake within outward.

Moosh was about to die over the ‘Bridge of Death’ on shinning Geonosis.

Later, General Rayon’s secret strike force escaped hyperspace, and through severe navigational acrobatics, the likes he never, ever performed again or dared to try, shifted and emerged away from this shadow dimension, and erupted into space over Geonosis in total sub-orbit and crippled the heavy paladins and the walking armor of General Ardent with violent and exacting precise strikes and volleys. He wanted to play with the ‘general’ now in a most reserved and cool manner, in the bitter traditions of pillaged Alderaan.

Deflectors were quickly now raised, as Moosh prepared to land in his Hazcorp built Jedi XX intragalactic shuttle.

Kron and Kwan saw that he was doomed now in this war with Darth Vengeance-Ravage and his lover. Armies were being wasted for nothing and there was no real peace in the galaxy and the fringe worlds in the Republic, not to mention terror and panic among the centralized prosperous systems.

Darth Vengeance-Ravage put on his droidware enhanced command and battle helmet and Force choked all who now dared to fail, as Darth Twilight applauded and sent her Witch Lords upon the Jedi Despoilers with glee. Acid rain lashed across the Jedi everywhere where they fought, and it hurt their flesh in deep and painful stinging hellfire.

She stood now stood as a greater warrior among the ranks of both sides with her new red lightsaber which she had personally constructed through quiet meditation; her new armor of Force light was now gashed and torn in oblivion through action; as Moosh and Darth Vengeance prepared to start their lightsaber duel amid the raining laser and blaster fire of all kinds and almost everywhere.

Rancor beasts wrestled with giant walkers and droid walkers of large sizes, yet again and Jedi and Sith perished amid such titanic spectacles. Geonosis was totally ablaze, and Darth Twilight and her witches had slaughtered many Jedi Knights and Masters; capital ships roared and fought above her and fired laser death all around her, as she felt exalted in the full fury of battle and war.

Energy and explosions were everywhere in this titanic struggle now as Sith and Jedi armies fought. It was raining sad destructive laser on the most gifted women and men of the galactic order.

Many started perishing and crying out in the auras of the Force and reached transcendence.

The unrelenting attacks continued, as Kron computed an escape for the Jedi Order in the Force ley lines and had plans for another counteroffensive after Moosh would weaken and harm Darth Vengeance in an awful way and by dying in this struggle.

Kwan offered him his guidance and advanced Force skills of disembodied states and on Force karma. Kron knew he could succeed with patience, daring and skill, and still save the growing dark side over Yodess, the head Jedi Councilor and Master of the Jedi Order now.

Kron’s true power was waking within now, slowly. The good guys escaped, leaving Moosh to his duel with Darth Vengeance-Ravage over the ‘Bridge of Death’.

The rocky monoliths around this area reached outward in parallel angles over sheer pits of gaping and yawning rocky outcroppings, underneath said bridge and the area for many an age.

Hereupon these twisting valleys and ancient monoliths of towering rocks ablaze now in the sun and moons of Geonosis many meteors and asteroids were crashing now on the planet, some pulled down by a Force wielder to smash all direct opposition in the Jedi and Sith armies on the surface of the planet.

Soon, Kron was in another gentle herbal trance and relaxing with his friend Kwan, who was levitating again as he sat in the empty space resisting gravity by the power of the true Force.

Kron was computing again with patience, yet also growing bitter and angry again. He now smiled at the tall waitress serving him.

The delicate redheaded woman smiled back suddenly, surprising him.

His child would heal him soon, as he wanted now to give life badly, so very badly to this woman.

Arda decided to retreat to Alderaan now and abandoned her two former lovers to their fate and fortune. Now she slowly felt the guiding spirit Force of Ginn-Delf-Jinn the wise and it began as a bitter experience of self-reflection she had always hated and truly feared, with the snake within tormented bitterly as the Force ghost secretly nourished her conscience carefully and patiently—with precise surgical care and blessing. She disappeared into the roads of hyperspace realities and landed in the lower Crystal City of Alderaan, designed by Moosh and his skilled engineers.

Abandoned now, were Moosh and Darth Vengeance-Ravage, by every one of their followers.

This foolish conflict was too much, even for the now suicidal General Ardent, and General Krull, and most of the heavy paladins of the Sith, and many, many Jedi Despoilers who were now totally blind and expected to fight ardently and with Force power and maneuver across many planets of the galaxy. So, stood the two lightsaber gladiators of Sith and Jedi, Moosh and Darth Vengeance-Ravage in the Force and truly did not care about any of this, and sought only to inflict brutality on the respective other—as the giant and sun blocking capital ships and Death Destroyers above scattered and retreated into supralight and hyperspace shadows, of fringe and central planets and spaces. Kron and Kwan and Yodess watched through the Force with their eyes in their sockets by the terrible amounts power channeled by them in a collective trance.

“So, we are evenly matched,” begun Darth Ravage filled with anger, fear and true hatred of the other, and his voice and face as they stood among the fallen bodies of Sith and Jedi in the hissing acid rain.

In suddenness, Moosh Force teleported over to the strange rocky bridges over the valley of monoliths and proposed peace to Darth Ravage and his lover Arda telepathically, and an end to the conflict, if he would end his war against Moosh and the Jedi, and retreat into the Force along with Arda.

Darth Ravage laughed and cloaked his raggedly wrapped face over his helmet of droidware computers and then Force teleported upon Moosh suddenly cutting him across the chest with his two purple lightsabers designed to for pure and effective death to life everywhere and anywhere.

Moosh responded with a wild cut across his opponent’s cloaked face and Vengeance’s electronic helmet was ripped and torn and he almost fell into crevices below but regained himself by his dark side power and even luck. They cut and slashed and parried skillfully at first, now feeling the thrill and explosion of battle nerves, and their conflict quickly hardened into the smashing of bone and meat upon their faces as they lost their senses and let go of their lightsabers, purple and red.

Moosh and Darth Vengeance-Ravage threw fists and haymakers deeply into flesh and bone with cutting, dreadful bloody precision.

Wounds ran on their face with broken noses and scalding nervous system neurotransmitters lighting up stinging pain and flowering ache in horrid glory. Moments seemed to move in strange circles and patterns as they bled and fought. They now stood upon the “Bridge of Death” as the surrounding monoliths began to crumble and shatter over the twisting valleys of this place as they swung and fought each other pounding and pounding with stately grimness. Light was erupting everywhere even though twilight here sent flowering shade upon the land.

Moosh was beheaded suddenly with a purple and underhanded slash of a cunning and large laserdagger and poison-tinged quillions. It’s poison prepared by his former lover Arda, a true coward and treacherous villainess who chose still to hide. Moosh’s useless and headless body fell into the pit of death here as wind howled in rising waves like some insane Banshee.

“My victory at last!” shouted Darth Vengeance-Ravage.

Yodess was mostly unconcerned beside the crying Kron and Kwan at the loss of life so far, and at Moosh being beheaded. They retreated in peace from their Force vision.

Darth Ravage boarded his bulging medium-sized ship, the Tide of War, as the strange and twisting spires and mountain peaks on Geonosis collapsed totally by earthquakes, after eons of geological formation by the sharp winds here.

Arda could not help feeling weak hearted slightly now on the Crystal City of Alderaan as the moon glowed in witchy light and nimbus of morning. She decided she would challenge and duel with Darth Vengeance-Ravage, who had cheated death and necrosis again and again by dark side storm and vortex in this time and space.

A galactic funeral was called for by the Jedi Order for Moosh, and they regrouped their ranks and steady and sharp collectives. Kron was now in charge of total battle direction under Yodess.

Trade was hastily conducted and even prisoners were exchanged, yet many Jedi Despoilers had chosen to stay with their ravishing and gorgeous Sith Witch Lord wives, who cooked for them with skill, patience and daring and made sweet love together in true herbal ecstasy and good food. They chose not to drink much wines nor other strange galactic brews and obeyed their Sith witch wives.

Many groups of secret Jedi Despoilers had practiced secretive mixtures now in the underground Jedi Temple of Coruscant Minor, and they felt great hatred to all lifeforms now who could not understand their efforts and great struggles. They were healing their pride and egos by these strange inebriations and worshipping their revelation and its new hasty power. They fed the animal within them and desired more glory for the Jedi.

Arda looked at her new work detail of electronic grids and markers in the central medical center in tower above a city on Alderaan. The tower was shapely and beautiful in its clever construction. She liked her freedom here and the airy heights of nearby medical academy. She was going to be a healer now with clerical authority and care, Alderaan permitted her and granted her sanctuary. She Force healed many by altering the light wounds of the people of Alderaan tenderly, and even the growing amounts of visiting space tramps there and burgeoning desolate populations. She had peace for a time in her work and did look deeply in the giving Force.

A spark across the cosmos floated.

Moosh’s spark of aura was floating through the Force limbos and dimensional voids until it was gently brought by the Force ghost of Ginn-Delf-Jinn the Wise by his nurturing care into a sacred Force limbo sanctuary, exemplified as a holy cave by the numinous and loving Force in one of its strange Limbo dimensions of the Force multiverse.

The cave projected ghostly visions of light and wind. Moosh’s spark was housed here away from Darth Ravage. He was inside a pure phantasmal Force space with Ginn-Delf-Jinn’s Force ghost in limbo stretching into eternal spaces and times of the greater quantum realities, where uncertainty was banished through a total and unreserved commitment for finding pure true love in the ranks of the galaxy among life found there in its’ vast stellar voids and endless emptiness.

Moosh only felt the ghost indirectly and humbled himself before this friendly that could not help him from his enervated and mute state of total disembodiment and chance and loss.

Moosh was trapped in limbo now as silent whispers moved around in rapture around this cave.

Arda was totally sick with endless fatigue after another long day of clerical duty, and she hated this place of Alderaan with rising fear, anger, and unrestrained hatred, and tried and forced herself with silent meditations of direct prayer to the Force ghosts of fallen Jedi, and the Force that was the living and giving penetrative power binding the universe together in all its ways. She had grown more beautiful again through these calm and balm-like states.

Her skin was improving considerably and lost the pale look; she was eating in good doses again too and planned even a greater and more healthier diet; she could not help feeling loss at never cooking with Moosh again in his ‘face art’. She stuck out her tongue in the mirror and laughed at herself; she knew time could heal all wounds she had in her soul.

She applied herself with true and respectful diligence as death trooper squads hunted for her by orders of Darth Ravage. The charming General Rayon would visit her and have tea with her at her apartment nearby the central academy of Alderaan.

Across the galaxy, life was squandered by Darth Ravage in his continued campaigns of direct conquest and inescapable and electrifying prison camps of those he raided and enslaved lifeforms to much tears and horrid loss and unrestrained cruelty and death. Arda now felt the dignity of her soul once more and prospered as she decided to head for Main Coruscant; it was the place Darth Ravage wanted to trap her once more.

This period was later called ‘the thousand worlds’.

Moosh was in a deep Force limbo state, floating across the void without purpose and meaning, his spirit wasting away in the sacred Force cave and sanctuary, unworthy of Arda now. He had liked truth in every sense and struggled through his affliction all alone now—without anyone communing with him at all, or his forlorn and strangely disembodied spirit. He now felt totally alone amid the whispers of the cave; his mind swimming in panic uncontrollably and in the gloating, and ever rising, strange chaos of limbo.

Ginn-Delf-Jinn’s wise ghost was trying to Force heal him, but could not succeed, or so it seemed. He realized it was impossible now. Moosh was going to be trapped here for durations, or what seemed like endless time in total and true empty limbo.

Moosh’s magic pearl was dead in his breast, and he hated all life, and the universal wills of both order and total chaos, and the deterministic free will of lifeforms. He could not escape this cave construct in Force limbo and stopped trying now. He knew he would have to be summoned now by Arda’s true aura in a direct telepathic link to her being and essence and voice and stood by waiting for her now, as she held his face in her warm, giving, and intelligent hands.

The spirit of Ginn-Delf-Jinn had hope for both. Kron was learning Force levitation slowly by using a higher more controlling method in the Force than Kwan. Kwan was growing more proud and jealous of all things. He wanted a girlfriend like Gena but knew the Jedi Code forbade any kind of strong attachments.

Kron was discrete with his new wife only because Grandmaster Yodess tolerated his rising hypocrisy through Kron’s valuable merit and applied skills. Yodess already thought that he had foreseen that Kron would perish later to the dark side as he meditated in his family's private sanctum at the main Jedi Temple. Kron prepared for all eventualities now. Kron was making calculations in the Force ley lines when he, at last discovered the secret of life and then lost it to a strange and powerful herb trance.

It was a dark and uncertain time for the galaxy as many transport ships arrived on Main Coruscant.

One hidden among them was Darth Vengeance in cunning disguise and masked features. He pressed on, despite the galaxy resisting his new order and sorties and raids from Byss and elsewhere. He had an honor guard of heavy Sith paladins nearby of the highest levels, among their order.

Yodess now had brighter dreams. The mystical and strange cave within Force limbo was slowly waking in a galactic spring of life being born everywhere, especially on some chosen planets. A gentle and mysterious wind blew across this hollow cave of light and peace. Moosh hated it and was in deep agony. He was mute for seemingly an endless time. He felt little. Arda had constant nightmares on Main Coruscant and hated the rundown section where she lived as the streets were endlessly busy and filled with squabbling jargon and yelling.

She then ran into a stalking Darth Vengeance who was mildly suicidal.

His honor guard of exotic animals and men did not thrill her, or themselves.

Darth Ravage now left her alone and plotted his second strike against the Jedi Temple and sent these assassins there to infiltrate it and murder all they could in test and giant-killing spree of using brutal secrets and damage any way they could the sleeping Jedi there, all of them.

Darth Kind was among them in deep disguise. He felt more alive now than he had ever been, and this band of assassins swore death upon themselves and those they would choose as victims of their terrible stalking wrath.

From the shadows of the Force, they would strike, in the wake of their leading ravager, as a test of their Force skills. Darth Ravage and Darth Kind both swore they would destroy and behead Yodess of all things now.

Yodess slept fearfully, but with great rest and peace, and was unaware now, in the Force, of this cunning and deadly stratagem of pure malice and pure descriptive evil.

Arda ran amid the hard rain of the city not caring where she was going now and went into hiding among the poor people of Main Coruscant, but she avoided the dreaded level called 1313. She gave into fear and neglect and drank heavily in cheap and rundown and scummy bars, as a failed Jedi in her cups, depressed and dying now.

She was laconic, and tongue-tied now. After many months of this existence, she threw her red lightsaber of many kills into the abyss that was Level 1313 of Main Coruscant and closed her eyes in silent thought.

Yodess awoke suddenly and experienced a Force vision, of such power he was stunned now.

A vision across the known borders of the universe and of a super and hyperintensity of wondrous pleasures and yet to be had, of a psycho-enhanced self and others to weed out his tragic Jedi Order of thought imperfection and weak ability and to start a training regimen of true wonder at the diverse abilities of all lifeforms and their stunning application of and from a magical Force essence. He sensed that the highest power in the universe had spoken to him directly in the Force.

The paladins turned assassins stalked and sowed evil and chaos among the Jedi in horrific endings to their gifted lives. They reveled in the spilling of souls. And they grew in power in the direct dark side, some went into hiding and some shifted away sensing Yodess now, as Darth Vengeance-Ravage feared nothing and wanted a direct confrontation, and yet was suddenly Force banished in the main Force Limbo by this crafty and very powerful alien. Darth Ravage moaned and moaned in this empty space and begged in the Force and panicked for Arda to summon him back now.

She was too drunk to care for his fortunes now or to listen to his voice within her; she rode fast and deadly looking airspeeders with strange company not caring about her life or anything except her giant ego through wine and its quick and easy pleasure. She was wasting away deep inside and charged into deadly confrontations regardless of the challenge, burning hard in the flying traffic of Main Coruscant and its mad possessive dances.

The hook for her empty and reviled existence was set as Yodess called her back to the Jedi Order now. She had become blind through rotgut poisoning and lead mixtures, a great crash that danced in the tunes of her mind, as she struggled to make sense of herself without drama.

She secretly drank in her blind state as her grey eyes saw nothing except her devastating pain and suffering. Yodess knew he could not nurture her and washed his hands, as many Jedi were given their burial and due honor after they were struck into necrosis by cunning and crafty paladin Sith assassins of Ardent and the trapped Vengeance.

She continued to drink heavily, as she begged outside the bars for any credits sent to her now.

She was alone and afraid and surrounded by strangers and aliens.

The war for the galaxy about to enter now a new phase of struggle, and she cared nothing at all about such things in her inebriated states of rising joys and deep sorrow, a hell. She called out to Moosh, but all was silence ringing in her ears, and the prison Main Coruscant had become for her. She practiced sleeping in hidden alleyways and strange spaces now, filled with blind self-pity and overpowering endless regrets. She was alone, bereft of all near and dear and any real light. She developed coughing and struggled with it bitterly waking in chills and in heated sweats among the multi-strata levels of Republic Coruscant in this galaxy. In a calm state, she used her last Force karma to Force teleport back to Alderaan, and she did it with bare precision.

She bathed in springs there and tried to heal her blind eyes. Through Force telepathy, her Witch Sisters promised her full recovery, if she would just lead them again in their dances and ecstasies in the Force and they hated her jealousy and their own. Her aura began a gentle spring. A whisper.

Kron loved his first child and his wife Gena. He was now trying and grokking Yodess in the Force but succeeding only in his early and formative stages and plans.

Kron was now in a conceptual nightmare and refused all herbalism, despite Kwan’s heavy highs, and strange states and direct funny neologisms. Kron took a Star Tours transport shuttle to the deserts of Tatooine now and was impressed by their silent and haunting beauty and starlit nights.

He then said his final goodbye to this planet.

And when Kron returned, he began to hate lightsaber practice with Kwan, as they dueled in rocket shoes. Kwan would cheat and lift in the Force sometimes and they dueled in hologram practice and watched and supervised many blind Jedi—whose blindness was caused by use of the dark side by Sith lore witchery.

In the Deep Core, Byss had begun to be built up by the Sith, in early formative stages.

Kron was busy with his romantic feelings and his baby boy and grew more selfish now and less devoted to Jedi pursuits. He began to feel tired and stressed, despite trying to understand the gifted Yodess.

Kron calculated that his trade deals with the some Neimoidians and his projects to teach them his craft, advanced galactic mathematics, would be good start for greater galactic peace.

The war between the Jedi would begin soon.

And it began with Darth Mindstorm sending his allies, Darth Cobra and Darth Agron—two highly experienced Sith Order adepts—to the Jedi Despoiler outpost base of Tiefron.

This Mindstorm liked to take things easy, and plan things naturally and slowly with his shrewd crafty deceptions.

Cobra came in the system flying a recently captured Jedi XT shuttle, while Darth Agron and his death trooper buddies advanced on the outpost with Sith RUN starfighters, to raid the outpost.

Soon blaster fire, surrounded the skies above the base, and the Jedi planned for ground force assault and lightsaber tests as Darth Cobra was ordered to land into the hangar bay of the alarmed and busy base.

Agron ordered thermal bombs dropped and ordered a retreat.

Darth Cobra had ejected out the Jedi XT shuttle as the base ignited in flames from the thermals igniting onboard his shuttle as it slowly and carefully landed, by droid, into the base’s emergency opened hanger bay.

Darth Mindstorm was pleased that he started a possible conflict among the Jedi.

Now, Darth Cobra was so glad Project ‘Rune’ was going to start soon; he was going for title of Sith Lord master, among the Order of Light of the Greater Sith.

Darth Mindstorm and Darth Agron decided to outdo Cobra, and his strange, eclectic masks.

They were high ranking officers among the army of Sith masters and planned for galactic economic stronghold and domination.

Darth Cobra decided to attack a Jedi, to get better reputation among the Paladins of Death.

Cobra, after the first duel, got their attention. The Jedi member was highly valued and missed now.

Darth Cobra dared to challenge any among their ranks for a direct duel of their choosing. He did everything allowable and was guided by the vile Flames of Sith Mastery, as Project ‘Rune’ was unleashed, a dark time for the galaxy, after ‘the thousand worlds’.

Cobra was bitterly wounded in the tie but promised to gain ascendance and redeem himself among the Sith and the paladins.

Darth Mindstorm and Darth Agron entered herb trances with many Sith Witches. They felt fury and total ecstasy and soon felt like some of the Jedi in secret Jedi practices among the brethren of the underground Jedi Temple of Coruscant Minor.

The dead were talking to them. Time passed.

“The Great Jedi are no more. We stand on the edge of defeat in the abyss.”

“No, you are wrong master Wandu. We still have a great hope.”

The two Jedi sighed together, knowing the Jedi Order had never undergone such trails by the evil and megalomaniacal Darth Vengeance, currently in prison of some Force limbo dimension held by the patient, yet inexperienced, savant and Jedi Master Yodess.

“I believe Moosh has taught us the skills necessary to evolve our Order to true greatness,” said Charn, a young apprentice in this bitter and taxing conflict.

“Yes, my apprentice, that is wise,” said Wandu holding the severed head of Darth Cobra, Darth Agron was dead, and Darth Mindstorm through his mask was begging loudly, quite loudly for mercy.

“We better take him for questioning.”

Their XT-Shuttle prepared for the hyperspace leap and shift to the newly rebuilt Jedi Temple on Coruscant Minor.

As the shuttle landed into the “Pit” of the underground Jedi battle Temple, the undercity, of Coruscant Minor and was swallowed by the shade toward the landing bays, the masters there, were in council. It was another grey twilight here, without.

“We have used all our tricks, brothers! Now, it is time to fully reveal our proficiency of summoning the Force Titan, whom we call Bafomet, after a legendary Krayt dragon who killed three ancient masters, days long ago.”

“Yes, but that can be dangerous against Yodess and the uninitiated, hmm?”

“Sir, we have a message that another XT has landed with a captured Sith.”

“Good, we will begin the torture and appeals to his reason soon enough.”

“I want no mistakes this time like on Geonosis and Tatooine.”

“Sir, we also have recent intelligence, that Yodess is harvesting his body cells for an unknown purpose and placed them in storage hidden in the main Temple.”

Master Chronus smiled; it was not really a nice smile, fatherly, yet grim and totally self-loving.

“Sir, the warning alarms on the landed XT have been activated.”

Still, inside the landed XT shuttle, Wandu and Charn felt the Force warn them as Darth Mindstorm activated the trapped explosives in his dark helmet, as did the ship sensors as alarms rang, and their pilot droids chatted.

They ran to the prisoner and saw the activation and felt the energy of the hidden thermals in the Sith mask; Master Wandu, paused, and reached out to the Force with steady and focused concentration, and materially sucked the Sith helmet of Mindstorm by the will of the Force by steady concentrated chunks into nothingness, his second focused attempt to convert matter by the methodology discovered and taught by Moosh.

Darth Mindstorm stood barely clothed, grinning at them evilly, sending a chill to the young Charn.

They exited the shuttle, with the grinning prisoner in tow, and were met by Master Chronus.

“Our great Jedi have returned. Welcome back. Peace and serenity brothers,” he said warmly.

Beside him stood his apprentice Morai the Quick, a commanding and secretive female who had already suffused to the Force Titan, Bafomet, a collective Force Titan—the collective soul of the Jedi manifesting in the Force.

“I will see to this Sith fool personally Chronus, leave him to me,” she whispered loudly.

“As you wish…Morai,” said Master Chronus.

“Come, brothers and sister, you are tired and weary. Come meditate with me and some of the other brothers in the Crystal Place of Peace.”

“Yes, Master Chronus. Charn wash up and make our report.”

“Yes, master Wandu,” replied the young man.

They sat together in the Place of Peace, a round chamber with ancient Jedi crystal carvings to help and aid deep Jedi meditation. The floor was bare yet composed of softwood.

Morai was preparing herself here as well for her planned interrogation of this pest-like Sith who had caused trouble among their ranks. She breathed deeply and entered the link to Bafomet; the others suddenly felt something move in the air around them suddenly and were a bit unnerved.

“Concentrate and peace brothers,” said Chronus paternally.

It was night now upon the rocky and cold deserts of Nal Hutta.

The Sith Flames of Mastery now felt great fear the likes they had never felt before.

“We must retreat.”

“I know of a hidden place, brethren.”

“Where brothers?”

“There is a place on ancient Tatooine, where Zersaw…”


Asada-Hel was empty now and desolate.

Morai paused in her meditations, she felt something…she was unsure what it was precisely.

Chronus smiled, “It is for the greater good.”

“No, Chronus. No. Not yet.”

He smiled again warmly.

Charn looked apprehensively at his master.

“Note this well Wandu and Charn. We have a new revelation in the war, a slightly…bitter one, yet very powerful. You are now being initiated here to this great power. Our will Bafomet,” he bowed slightly.

Wandu looked in alarm as Morai the Quick stood up grimly.

She began her summons with a spark of the Force that pulsated outward with magnificent speed and glowing Force ley lines and the two-uninitiated felt it strongly and were in awe and valence of thought, mind, body, and spirit. The Force Titan shattered them as their eyes glowed.
Charn survived, yet Wandu did not since he resisted too strongly.

Chronus nodded, and the other Jedi there joined in the ceremony of summoning the one they call, Bafomet.

Together they unleashed Bafomet. And the Titan roared and leaped upward across the Force dimensions to the Limbo of Ginn-Delf-Jinn and Moosh’s spark and soul housed there. Force dimensional lines buckled and shred, as the Sith howled everywhere and the Force lines cut them and shred their sense, control and alter of the giving and numinous Force power. Darth Vengeance stood on Geonosis in his body beside the Jedi retreat cave, materialized and whole, released, as Yodess groaned in weakening pain. Bafomet was out control for a duration now.

Ader grinned and through his droidware helmet summoned, his ship, and his elite guard, aboard the Tide of War.

He set course for Geonosis.

Moosh saw again light, “I have found light in the deep darkness.”

The Cave of Whispers was glowing with Force wind.

The Force ghost there spoke to Moosh, his one true friend, “We are one and the same, but the light has faded, and we shall overcome the coming darkness and the great rebirth, of which I am now a part. Close your eyes apprentice.”

Moosh closed his eyes, and when he opened them, was alone.

He saw light through the fog.

General Ardent’s cloaked Sith, whom had masked for a considerable duration as Jedi Despoilers turned on their many-faceted lightsabers and numerous killing weapons and crushed many Jedi Despoilers, as Chronus panicked, and hid. Morai unleashed her Force skills and crushed the Sith assassins with the remaining Jedi Despoilers of Bafomet. Ardent howled in hiding on Byss; he was deathly afraid now of his paladins. It was only the fact that he recently had converted General Rayon to the Sith that his heavy paladins kept him alive and well.

General Rayon was ordered to send new droidware zombie death troopers and crafty battleships to augment the current assault and assassinations at the battle Jedi Temple on Coruscant Minor yet paused and had another more cunning plan; he sent the troop squads to their death as the Force Titan engulfed them in Force flames and enervated them out of existence by Jedi Despoiler methodology.

Darth Krull stood now before Morai the Witch of Bafomet in the main hall of the battle Jedi Temple; it was going to be a lightsaber duel, her green versus the former’s orange. The two witches of the Force cackled and cackled, as their remaining followers and savants fled and ran across the underground Jedi battle Temple on Coruscant Minor just when sunset bathed the “Pit” in total shade.

“Join us you must,” started Krull quickly.

Morai smiled and did a Force push which knocked Krull’s saber, which she Force recovered and ignited, so did Morai her arcing lightsaber and her flashing eyes.

They circled one another lightsaber’s humming and rending the air.

“Bow, fool,” said Morai.

Krull’s eyes narrowed. She unleashed her electric sparks and currents into Morai’s lightsaber which dodged the power completely. She sent more, and Force white fire burned her by Morai’s hand and the two vile witches felt terrible pain as they prepared to hack at each other with their laser blades.

After their first clash, Krull lost a finger on her left hand. She Force healed the pain and summoned more dark side power through her passion. I must be victorious, she thought nervously. As Morai cloaked her head by the Force and began cutting into Krull quickly, evenly, and with deep precision, and Krull was butchered even though her droidware body was still on, yet soon was no more. Morai summoned quantum enervation, and the Sith was forever gone.

All the Jedi and Sith bowed now to Morai as master of the Jedi Despoilers and waited for Moosh.

Chronus communed secretly by Bafomet to Ader aboard the Tide of War. They planned to meet in the Fallen Temple of Zersaw which was hidden on Tatooine, a great and very secret dark side spark convergence full of chaos and space and time rifts and holes. Only the insane dared to sojourn there and it was now totally abandoned since ancient centuries. The High Flames of Sith mastery were hiding there in the nascent and web-like shadows of the hallways, atriums, and sanctums. Chronus had secretly discovered the location by his secret research and spies on Tatooine, of which Morai knew nothing.

Chronus hoped Ader would welcome him readily and that he could finish the troublesome Ader for good. Chronus wanted both control of the Jedi and defeat of the Sith; he represented the worst excess of the Jedi Despoiler in their quest for glory, vanity, and control. Many planets had suffered in this conflict, and some were forever affected.

Ader knew he was immortal and considered himself only the most immortal of all Sith. He was doomed by all for this. His hate was immemorial, titanic, hasty and rash. He would feed on this never-ending vortex like a hungry lioness and devoured life simply and brutally. He feared neither Chronus, nor the past, nor any possible future. A man of utter doom, a wisp, that was gone soon, and the galaxy had strife.

Darth Vengeance planned to deal with Chronus himself.

Violent sandstorms erupted across Tatooine. Bafomet, the Jedi Force Titan danced in that hell. Chronus bowed to Bafomet, while Ader thought he was the bridge of light, to the Sith of Light.

Morai in her brown cloak stood within Asada-Hell with her most cunning warriors and followers. Bafomet was silent now upon Tatooine. The Jedi were tired after a slight bitter self-conflict started by the late Darth Mindstorm, who revealed all he had conceptualized as a Sith of Light. They swept the halls with critical and penetrating precision, yet the Sith, were gone, no clues, not a trace, not a single Holocron of—any dimension. She smiled, and found the spark, the spark of Moosh…in Force limbo.

Moosh felt pain as the light enveloped him and he was sundered from Limbo and entered a storm of heavenly light and grace and wind across the Force.

By Morai’s summoning of Bafomet, he materialized into the empty Jedi Temple on Main Coruscant, as the blind Arda felt around her and walked into the main library there. Moosh had already felt her and planned his course.

He was cloaked in deep grey.

Yodess was on Geonosis, and the prison camps of Darth Krull and Darth Kind were no more, the Jedi had freed them all.

Moosh silently entered the main Jedi library, as he mentally Force cut Morai’s telepathic link to himself. He heard Arda whispering as a shaft light graced upon her in the airy hall, causing her to swoon sharply.

Moosh healed her eyes through the Force with a light gentle grace of his Force karma. She grinned in full beauty; it was her ultimate fall.

“I cannot love,” she said.

She ignited her flashing twin red lightsaber and challenged him to the death.

They fought like madmen as the library began to collapse and they lost their senses to fury, cutting, and the total madness of unbridled passion. Neither could prevail upon the other, their fight was just beginning. They were dancing like insane madmen with laser blades cutting and shouting and flinging books and Jedi and Sith Holocrons by Force push and telekinesis. She jabbed him as he slapped her, exposed her breasts; she kicked him in the nuts, as he collapsed, and Force pushed her into the wall ten standard meters away. She threw her saber upon him and did a flying kick as they collapsed into each other arms. He could feel her breath on his and was in heaven like when the wind blew in the Force limbo cave, some time ago. They kissed hungrily.

The shaft of light shone among them as the broken waterfall waters filled the sacred library of Jedi archives, ancient or recent.

Bafomet, the Force titan healed them now fully in full force by Jedi Force convergence, as Kron and Kwan entered cloaked in grey. They all shared a tear and hugged as Jedi.

Darth Vengeance had changed course and was now landing with his ship sharply on Tatooine.

He had a long Force trance trek ahead of him, and he was following the jib of the Siths of High Flame Mastery. Winds swirled around him, as his powerful and terrorizing armies prepared to cross the desert to ancient Zersaw’s meditation chambers where he had great religious revelation that opened the dark side nexuses on Dagobah, Nal Hutta, Byss, and secretly here on Tatooine under the blistering suns of Tatoo One and Tatoo Two, the greatest concentration of dark side chaos the world had ever seen, and Darth Vengeance worshipped and worshipped in his dark Sith trances, as he walked upon the sands and dunes here.

His armies roared and followed his iron fist and glittering hands.

Yodess landed on Geonosis and gave into the dark side of the Force, just as Project ‘Rune’ was being unleashed in full fury by the Sith of Light witches in the wastelands, of now craggy Geonosis. He felt ecstatic and fully embraced the full pleasure of the dark side of the Force as his young and supple body was transformed by the Force and ordinary necrosis into a state of lich and death. He was turned into a powerful Sith Zombie as the Sith of Light witches called him, Master of Light.

A shadowy tempest blew upon the surface of the planet, killing most wildlife.

Yodess smiled as his eyes shone a fiery glow upon the stunning Sith forces, and they glittered in pure rapture and joy. They were the fires of envy, strife, arrogance, selfishness, and hate. Intense hate now crying out to the Force, as the dark side enveloped him in true death and immortality, and he smiled and cackled as many a Sith bowed to him fiercely competing.

Yodess betrayed the Jedi and fully embraced the dark side of the giving and numinous Force. These Sith who worshipped him cried out to send them out to conquer more space, and he sent them.

Morai was landing with her Corellian Corvette on Alderaan. It was dawn and the gentle and shinning mountains were stately and clear as diamonds in full glory as the ship landed with great skill to the capital of Krystal. Moosh and his band of followers and Darth Twilight, now Arda, waited for her to arrive. A great and beautiful dawn shone upon them all as Alderaan here was blooming. Morai was stunned by the enticing and gifted scent of the planet, a balm like no other.

It was like a peaceful mirage of some distant desert Eden of flowing wind and space. It was like shadows sometimes and mists of time parting, a relic of sadness and ruin yet soaring high in folly, pride as the gate of the dark side that was yet to be fully mastered by them, and a place of great contemplation and rebirth for the Jedi Order and Jedi Despoilers in the Force.

It was like a castle in the sky and a great cut of shape and sound and spoil. The dark side was totally vile and evil and gave full vent to the darkest desires of the soul, unmatched in pleasure. Morai was cut by the dark side of the Force, and Moosh sensed it bitterly and planned with Kron to turn her back to the light, he was unnerved also by Kwan’s strange new powers.

Kwan was in another herb trance.

This was a lush planet, thought Morai; I will ask Moosh to give me it as a gift of my choosing.

“Moosh my son…” she reached out to him in the Force.

“My mother,” bowed Moosh, “I wish to look upon thy face mother.”

“You are my son, give me Alderaan.”

“Yes mother, Alderaan is yours.”

They hugged in the Force.

The gang ate supper with the chancellor of Alderaan and senator of the Galactic Republic. The hatchet-like mountains in full sunset were competing with the view in the Tower of Krystal, nearby the room and hallway of mirrors. Moosh and Morai had comparable genius intelligence and had a lively and heartfelt discussion about the philosophy of power in the Force after dinner, as gentle music played.

Arda was now deeply in love with Moosh and talked to Kron as he sat with his wife and his spoiled kid Arso, as Kwan was in the nearby room of mirrors playing in the Force and reading a Jedi Holocron.

Moosh still felt a trace of the deep dark side in his biological mother yet loved her with a great love like no other. He felt Morai would come back to the Jedi.

“Life flows everywhere around us.”

“Yes, I know, my son.”

“I find it highly amusing and precious.”

“Yes, my son,” she yawned.

“I love you Moosh, thank you…my love.”

Arda and Moosh kissed passionately like no other, her eyes flashing in gentle joy.

Kwan looked at the tired and weary Kron, and they had their last smoke together and then embraced the full dark side of titanic Bafomet in jealousy of Moosh and Arda and Morai and Yodess, and the terrible crushing armies of Darth Vengeance, and his Sith of Light crusade upon the deserts of Tatooine which were always terrible and crushing in ripping heat.

Morai was ecstatic, her eyes flashing, at being able to rule on Alderaan.

She retired from Bafomet and contemplated wisdom.

Arda and Moosh lived in a sanctuary overlooking the mountains on Alderaan, as Kron and Kwan meditated in Bafomet and taints of dark thoughts.

Kron had visions of time moving mathematically and as math in the Force.

Alderaan was a river of brilliance for everybody, a place of healing until much later Emperor Palpatine had dared to allow it to be shattered. Moosh had felt all their dark side moments evenly and without hesitation, he was again Grandmaster of the Jedi Order.

He reached out to communicate to Darth Vengeance, the still relatively young Ader as his armies were blazed in Force desert storms.

“You must stop your madness, Ader.”

“Moosh my son, I embrace you like a true brother and hug thee deeply from afar my brother.”

“You know I cannot tolerate this Ader.”

“I shall stand down at once my brother and attend the galactic senate with honorable and wise terms, brother Moosh.”

“Look within Ader. See the consequences of your actions. Use what the Force has taught you for good.”

“Oh, I shall my master and true brother, come embrace me on Tatooine in the Fallen Temple as Jedi and Sith orders will be reconciled.”

“It shall be done Ader, my brother, and now you will release all the prisoners.”

The undead Yodess and Darth Vengeance landed on Coruscant together and sacked and burned the Temple of the Jedi as they smeared and desecrated it as they laughed together and felt alive and well, as the death troopers with Sith droids held ground for them.

Darth Vengeance injected himself with many stimulants now to keep himself going.

Yodess revealed in the dark side in full glee but found his cells were gone from storage. He did not care at all and cackled like an insane lunatic.

“Yodess stop playing and come here.”

“Yes, Vengeance, cruel we are.”

“We both love a good Force conclave.”

“Do not fight me Yodess, you will regret it, my friend and apprentice.”

“The Sith of Light witches are mine.”

“My heavy paladins under General Ardent, first class, will devour them.”

“I will assist the conquest of Alderaan as soon as possible and play in the waterfalls there and seed the earth with my pet witches.”

“Tatooine should be our target oh godlike Yodess.”

“You head for Tatooine to maintain ground, while I deal with Kron and Kwan...and Moosh.”

They nodded together in rancor and false joy worshipping in the Sith of Light.

Beneath them, the Force Spire and Bafomet were hibernating now.

The majesty of the Force was about to set upon the galaxy by Moosh and his mother Morai the Quick, witch lady of Bafomet.

“I give full defensive operations to Moosh against Yodess and his fleet,” she stated over the Republic HoloNet.

Yodess cringed in jealousy and prepared his witches for the fire to come.

Yodess’s personal walker army had landed on Alderaan as the Jedi stood and watched. The behemoth walkers called XT-XTs.

Bafomet devoured them in one crisp gulp out of existence, and the Sith Witches were doomed and fled, most of them, cleverly so.

Yodess was ripped by titanic Bafomet, and his soul released in the Force by the Force Titan. The remaining Sith forces were enervated by Moosh and his gang. The Sith Witches held conclave in flight, as they prepared to strike back soon and cunning, and with rancor vile.

It was blooming on Alderaan, as the sun shone brightly in the crisp air.

The Force ghosts and Erdu and his brother were nestling here secretly.

Sith airspeeder teams were awaiting orders on Tatooine and the remaining Sith Lord armies, as were the heavy paladins of Darth Ardent upon stated deserts. They were all armed with a new Force lighthammer which could repel lightsaber blades.

They were preparing for Darth Vengeance to land and meet them as Bafomet chased the Tide of War near the surface of the desert and bellowed in great haste and pushed to rip apart the ground beneath said ship in a tidal wave of Force power. The Sith armies felt the coming quake beneath them, and Vengeance reached out to the Force with all his followers in a massive Force commune and Force ley line synod.

An electric Force vortex ate upon Bafomet who trashed upon the surface of sanded Tatooine in vain and cast a few of the Sith into strange dimensions and limbo hells, the madness beyond death, as his spark was severed and disintegrated in the Force by the electric chaos storm upon the desert planet.

Witches of the Sith in flight screamed in deep jealousy and saw they had returned to their master Ader, the red-headed Darth Vengeance, cooling their passions.

The Aris Magra ordered the flying Rancor beasts to crush and eat the Sith on Tatooine as landing cages dropped and released the behemoths.

And they began to devour some of the Sith armies and stormed the reminder.

Darth Vengeance gave a speech to his armies.

“…the Empire of Light shines like a beacon, yet the storm of chaos by the Jedi in their Despoiler way to sow dissent, chaos, and storm among their ranks…”

“The Jedi Despoilers must be fought with facts and knowledge and certainty.”

“Unleash the Storm of Light upon the galaxy.”

The way to Zersaw’s Hidden Temple was barred, yet the Sith here were in full convergence in the Force; however, they located nothing by any means. Moosh looked on them sadly in the Force, as they bowed to Darth Vengeance in the desert. Byss was alive and General Darth Ardent and Darth Kind were still hiding and rebuilding there. The armies on Geonosis were building a citadel by the serene glacial pits of northern Geonosis.

The ragged Master Chronus now made his way to the Hidden Temple of Zersaw secretly, forgotten by all.

The galaxy had for a time peace despite the pride and hate of the respective forces in their duel of ultimate hatred upon the sands of Tatooine. Another hell, like Geonosis, had been.

Moosh was learning about his galactic gens and studied ancient Holocrons; he was awe in of their experience and deep wisdom. Morai helped him in his studies sometimes, with a motherly poke or two.

Moosh visited and restored the Yodess family sanctum at the Jedi Temple and secreted Yodess’s genetic code in an archive area near the sanctum.

Chronus walked in an underground passageway deep under the ruined and ancient grounds of the hidden pyramid Zersaw Temple; all he saw was death, putrid and unending, and he hated the flames of Sith Mastery for summoning him here, and the death of his glowing Force Titan by Sith vortex and synod.

He walked and walked and lost his mind amid the skulls embedded on the ancient walls. The Flames of dark Sith Mastery awaited him with critical cunning and wanted to test and subvert him further still into the madness beyond death. Outside, half a continent away, the Sith armies roared in challenge against Moosh, Arda, and Kron and Kwan and all the Jedi.

The Storm of Light had begun as wind and flying Rancors tore upon them all there.

Some of the Jedi and Sith began Force teleportation and challenged all comers to meet them anywhere. The Greater Sith and the Jedi Despoilers dueled in fierce earnest and trial of lightsaber and lighthammer styles as undead Sith fought with Republic troops.

The witches of the Sith of Light cooked in quiet with their fallen Sith and Jedi partners and husbands. Moosh began to lose more men as Arda meditated on serene Alderaan in deep beauty and contemplation. Morai ruled there wisely and efficiently. The Crystal City above was safe and Moosh eradicated all opposition wherever he fought with Kron and Kwan by his side and
General Rayon began his steps back to the light of the Force. Sith zombies of Project ‘Rune’ fought all opposition and with droid augmentation as the Jedi carved into the undead.

Arda discovered the secret of Jedi healing techniques and learned to apply it to her and others; she was no longer a fallen Jedi and liked how Moosh was slowly healing the galaxy of the dark siders. She was healing and restoring the wounded Jedi ranks. The passion of the Sith was still boiling on many a planet, and now Kron summoned the Neimoidian trade ships to gather on Alderaan and Coruscant Minor, as the latter was being terraformed now by their allies and this new fleet.

Darth Vengeance ordered space battles and attacks, but they failed to get through the defensive stations and patrols. The Sith held ground on Tatooine and the Jedi beasts and masters retreated. He ordered a big circular space station to be built above Tatooine, as his spoils of war transports raided with a thousand and one ships and cruisers and battle fleets of obscure fighters, the Jedi Lynx and Jedi XX starfighters met their Sith RUN fighters

Evil is not to think.