Topic: Whispers of the Sith Part Two

White light erupted from their blades as slashing and quick parrying began faster than normal, or ordinary human or alien reflexes, could readily observe or easily discern in real clarity. They slashed and parried as if possessed by the aggressive demons of hell but with logic and craft.

She was like an angel of death with each blow, cunningly and ardently, timed in this mad dance, with Darth Vengeance, who still holding back his true power and skill.

Inwardly, he groaned deeply with great valence of self-hatred and titanic rising anger.

Their flashing blades, orange and yellow, glowed and glowed, and with each flashing and buzzing and swiping guard and counterguard, as they began to sweat and moved to more high and dangerous ground, amid the rising and growing spires of vile Sith mastery.

She gashed him furiously across the cheek with her lightsaber in a cutting massive swipe, as he groaned out loud, and began to hack at her with anger and fear possessed by insanity.

His flesh was scoured and burned by this savage stroke of Sith lightsaber melee genius. She fought with savage and great precision and directness, barely, but he held his ground and had caused her to retreat in small steps as he pounded sharp death arcs into her quick parries.

His ugly face was even more scared now as she hacked at him with more and more fury and skill in the buzzing flashes of death across his exposed face.

She did a flip backward and they balanced together, fighting and slashing endlessly, in sweat and fear, with inhuman balance on a short and narrow walkway jutting into space. Where she timed her jumps like an expert acrobat he would follow heedless and unstoppable.

They stood on dangerous space with the scaffolding, not yet complete, as resources were now growing more sparse and yawning spaces were beneath them in the tall air, as he stood looking at her with anger and hatred of all things and seeing the fires he had unleashed upon the Galactic Core worlds.

He screamed in deep anguish as he beheaded her, and terror moved through him like an engineered virus.

“I hate the Force into infinity!” he screamed.

After she had been cremated, Darth Vengeance stood before his troops in his mask newly attached by circuits and wires to his head and face. He smiled again behind it.

“Now the despoiling Jedi will be no more forever.”

My power is now complete he reflected bitterly. Conflict and seeding is the essence of life.

We now have a ray of hope mused Erdu far away; the inferno would stop. Just as the dying Sith Lords were becoming extinct, so must the Jedi search for true and great immortality beyond the quantum states of the universe; herbs became popular in the Jedi Order for perfecting their advanced meditation techniques and higher-level enlightenments in Jedi Despoiler methodology, during this timeframe.

The Lost Horizon bar in a rundown section of Main Coruscant was mostly empty as Kron and Kwan sat hooded together and inhaled their powerful herbs in a relaxed tone.

They smiled together in good comradery.

“Can Moosh be trusted, Kwan?”

“I would never doubt him. He is the wisest and most intellectual of us all.”

“My personal computations in the Force ley lines suggest Kwan that there is still chaos in the balanced Force.”

“The Force, we feel, all around, a magnificent and warm power, that generates our beings,” answered Kwan, somewhat elusively and arrogantly.

“Moosh will want to return to Geonosis before the final assault on this Byss, or abyss.”

“Kron, you are worrying, more and more, these days, mostly too much for healthy Jedi battle order.”

They smiled and laughed together suddenly.

Yodess had now dared to telepathically commune, with the hardwired to droid ware, Darth Vengeance, in his fearful and inspiring new mask.

“You are truly soft Darth Vengeance, deeply out of control,” he began.

“Speak for yourself you little fool. I am a god now, and my legacy shall live on as a great annihilation to all that is weak and petty.”

“The weakness and pettiness of all things and hatred of it is in you Darth Vengeance, and not where you look.”

“For the sake of your ego and pride and nothing else you merely want to be remembered as this and as nothing else?”

“I choose my path, fool, and I am one.”

Yodess was suddenly choking and reached out to the Force for defense; he survived this Force choke, but just barely.

Yodess was recovering when Moosh made a secret journey to Geonosis and entered his place of rest for some many long and bitter years, the long ancient cave retreat of the Jedi.

He sat in humble attire and meditating stretched forth with his feelings with true discipline and order.

He suddenly heard the dark and vile Flames of Sith Mastery whisper and speak in his meditating mind.

“You are still wise, and now even more powerful, Moosh,” they began slowly, yet afraid of him.

“I sense your fear you fools, and your fire will, at last be extinguished. This I swear by the Jedi and the fallen Code.”

“I am the overlord mind of the Jedi, and my ways will be remembered for generations to come.”

“I have decided to hold back my forces and will deal with you last. You have no more secrets to offer me, Sith.”

“We bow before you Moosh and beg you to accept our homage and blessing. We will readily sacrifice Darth Vengeance the weak for you.”

“We can tell you the secrets of his great dark side resurrection and vortexes.”

Moosh ignored them steadily.

“I feel hell and death,” stated Ader sadly.

His face had gashing and horrid lightsaber scars on him that Bacta tanks and Sith Force rituals could not heal properly. He had been eating more lately and injecting himself with hard stimulants to accelerate his power in the murderous dark side.

“I must attain another love. It will be my one salvation to this hellfire galaxy,” he groaned deeply inwardly, missing his family and loved ones throughout his short life.

I must find the perfect companion in my struggle and life, in this hellish doom and violence, he advanced.

“I am aware of my limitations now, my great and ineffable limitations. I shall aspire to find the perfect wife and consider my redemption to my death troops and adepts. We must create a true family, so then I must raise Darth Twilight from the dead,” he thought bitterly.

In deep secret and isolation, he began to carve in stone with his ignited blade a dark side ritual into the rocks in his base chamber in his edifice of Sith glory and injected himself with strange alchemical potions and trances through guidance of the dark side and the living flames of Sith Lord spirits on Nal Hutta in the Tenebrous Temple of a dark side nexus. Through a long, powerful, and grimly taxing beyond the efforts of the weak-minded, trance, he had crafted a ritual to the dark side to seek his redemption to the galaxy and the Republic.

He groaned and screamed and shouted afire and electrified by the sheer awesome brutality of the dark side of the giving Force. He was in horror in his visions and scope of real awesome power, he brought back a living woman he had butchered with his powerful and cutting lightsaber of unmatched potential and skill.

He brought back his ‘blondie’ through a month-long trance that almost killed him and had sent him to new levels of pain and suffering in mind and body and spirit in the strange energy and temporal vortexes of the animal-like and overpowering dark side.

He was still overwhelmed and experienced things the non-Force sensitive could not sense, control or alter. She kissed him slowly, arisen, and Force healed his facial scars when she awoke and was resurrected through the giving and balanced Force. He did not fundamentally respect her in a genuine way but was passionate about her favors to him.

Arda would now lead the new Sith Witch Lords to send them into battle, that he had envisioned in his formative days on Byss, years ago.

They were a new breed of mystical and passionate Sith warrior and evil fighter, dedicated and disciplined to cause death and pure suffering to the Jedi, who would not feel such opposition in two thousand years until the Emperor of the galaxy had arisen and the cunning and commanding Lord Darth Vader.

The Jedi would fight tenaciously, but many would soon lose their aura and beings as Jedi Despoilers, and joined the growing ranks of the Sith of Light. Many would later seek redemption of this transgression to the ancient Jedi Code.

Some would later achieve total peace through the giving and living Force.

Moosh plotted a secret hyperspace course in his Jedi XX shuttle, newly designed by the Hazcorp Corporation in the corporate regions of the Republic, for the planet Byss.

One should not judge Moosh harshly, one that was never tempted with pure true unhindered power and glory. Moosh had great plans and visions that were truly worthy in a galactic sense of the current oppression; he had understood the facilitation of nurturing genius to galactic order and will.

He knew he had the best course for the galaxy and no one else in his led Jedi Order. He knew a great deal of many things most people never become aware of or experienced directly. He wanted to redeem himself too quickly and perfectly in their eyes for his murder of an unarmed man who had dared to attack him as a teenager.

His intelligence and ambition had always guided him, and he prepared now for his final challenge to the dreaded Darth Vengeance. He believed all hard and soft options and their manifestations had to be optimized. He had always been a generous man, and a giving man, with friends and family, in a precise and general way.

He valued his near and dear, but he was obsessed with perfecting his flaws and theirs directly and through the Force, the magical and light side of the Force. Yodess had warned him many times about the animalistic dark side. Moosh in his hubris—arrogant pride and presumption—thought he had total control of himself, planning a kind of galactic domination that would transform life. He had found his first desire of true love in Arda.

On Byss, the two head Darths were kissing passionately and in the glow of the Force. The cathedral was completed finally.

The grey-cloaked Moosh had secretly butchered now six Sith adepts with parting quickness and efficiency with his flashing lightsaber, scattering their particles to quantum levels of reality beyond the giving and balanced Force inside this cathedral. He Force teleported into the personel chamber of Darth Vengeance and kidnapped Darth Twilight disappearing into the air, beyond what the other man could do, or even react. The foundation of the Byss cathedral toppled and vanished. Darth Vengeance looked on one of the mountain peaks nearby his towering cathedral, as it collapsed and ripped in two halves by a Jedi Despoiler Force vortex that drained the foundations out existence by the living Force.

Darth Vengeance escaped to Geonosis, as Moosh’s forces strafed the area in bombardment and prepared for heavy ground assault and action.

General Darth Ardent ordered the paladins, and those on the other side of the planet above the atmosphere, to full retreat and escape, “Atlas to locusts. Move out!”

After they saw heavy action on Byss, on Coruscant Minor in Kron’s stately tower apartment, Kron and Kwan had inhaled their powerful herbs in deep meditation together as they sat comfortably and enjoyed the colors of this planet.

“How does one gain a benevolent dictator for the galaxy?” asked Kwan to Kron in their herb trance.

“He would have to convince everyone democratically by the will of the Republic,” replied Kron.

“Does Moosh have what it takes?”

“I think he has had a very good and prosperous beginning,” replied Kwan.

“The galaxy must have authority and dignity,” stated Kron.

They reached out together into the will of the Force to tap it directly.

At the small crystal palace, the Aris Magra, above in orbit of Alderaan, made of synthglass in space with hologrammatic floors and odd displays, Moosh and Darth Twilight appeared from some strange Force dimension and space, suddenly and inexplicably. She was swooning slightly, yet deeply, as he used his Force power to weaken her mind through suggestion.

Moosh greatly admired her deep stunning beauty, a meld of such tastes both airy and hollow, and grand and delicate, and so beautifully stunning and forcefully strong and intelligent. He saw passion and wisdom and healing in her eyes. Heavenly eyes, like he had never seen before.

He brought her now to this Aris Magra above the serene and peaceful Republic world of Alderaan in hopes of showing her his genius and ambition for the galaxy and to perfect himself, and her as well, in higher states.

This pearl in his breast gave him hope for the future of the galaxy. To give it total order through a vision of her and her great beauty, will, and charm. He wanted to possess her like he did a perfect galaxy.

This place was the beginning of his perfect and total vision. He was going to make better worlds for the planets of the galaxy starting with Coruscant Minor and the underground Jedi battle Temple there.

This would require a great testament and ritual of healing for the galaxy.

Darth Vengeance in total secret headed for Geonosis, near Tatooine in the Outer Rim fringes, aboard his curvy personal ship: The Tide of War.

He wanted to usurp great power and more secret knowledge to finally bring more real structure to the dark side. He wanted to chain the animal of all things within and bring a greater vision to himself and others of utter destruction and to subsume it directly to his will. And he decided he would start on Geonosis, at the Jedi retreat cave where Moosh had sojourned in long and bitter years seeking his absolution and higher order among the Jedi ranks he now led.

He had felt this place, and something strangely guided him there.

As he landed his medium-sized bulging spacecraft slowly and carefully, Darth Vengeance breathed deeply and suffused his soul to deep and penetrating trances and meditations of reaching into the great vortex that is the murderous dark side.

He would never be the same again.

The small and personal space station that had been constructed in secret and in precision by Jedi Despoiler engineers, the Aris Magra, of Moosh now shifted through space and time by his power of radiant Force teleportation, to appear and materialize instantly above the planet of Coruscant Minor with its two dark moons in the sparking by the rays of the systems’ glowing unitary star.

Darth Twilight stood near the massive synthglass window and looked at the beautiful planet below her. She was not nervous yet controlled and somewhat amused to see where Moosh would take things.

She considered herself prepared for any eventuality now—and she was still armed and receptive in the giving Force—and possessed her deadly, death-giving yellow flashing lightsaber. She had killed hundreds of innocents and armed men and Jedi.

She was growing bored slightly, while Moosh observed her quietly without saying a word. She expected speech from him, or deep theatrics like Darth Vengeance possessed through his strong will and undefeatable courage and drive, a true monster of crackling dark side energy that had driven into her soft and intelligent heart.

“You must be one with the Force, Arda.”

“Foolish beginnings will get you nowhere, Moosh.”

“You dare laugh at me, now that your bases on Byss are dust?”

“Moosh, you truly do not understand or yield the power that is the dark side of the Force.”

“Hubris rots all things,” grinned, Moosh quietly.

She snorted out loud.

“You are still a lost little boy, Moosh, still sad and devoted to that trivial Jedi Code and its dying Order, and I shall stamp my shoes and boots at your embers when you become sacrificed to my husband Ader.”

Moosh ignited his purple lightsaber and approached her, as her back was turned. He paused unsure of himself now.

“I sense your fear Moosh, strike me down. Try it Moosh,” she laughed and laughed at his long pauses.

“Hurt you still,” she said and kissed him teasingly on the cheek, cradling his chin with her outstretched lightsaber hand, as they stood in hum of the ignited purple blade.

“The notion of hubris and of myths is for children, only the weak-minded fools of the galactic order out there and beneath me now,” she stated grimly with a flashing smile, warm and powerful, and sending Moosh to intoxicating heights.

“You should not tease me, Darth Arda.”

“You may learn about fear yet.”

She smiled again and sent him to heavenly heights of feeling.

“I possess no atavistic dread,” thought Ader the young, the dark sider now healing in a massive pit of glacial hot springs in the northern, and ice surrounded pristine hot springs of rocky Geonosis, another Force aura place of secret convergence.

He decided he would build a small citadel here, later.

“I have attained true knowledge of the galaxy and this time my victory over this Jedi Despoiler will be finalized and completed, with slow haste,” he chuckled to himself evenly, as the warm and hot waters swirled around his naked and tall body.

His soul was healing with every silent moment in the swirling and boiling clear waters of glacial Geonosis. Light through the atmosphere now pierced the clouds above the hollow pits in the earth of Geonosis in this icy healing and scalding burning of total ice and flame. This was the second time he sacrificed with humility his second lightsaber, his orange blade, to the vagaries of the Force dimensions and will.

“I summon thee now, purple death wielding, Darth Ravage,” he communed outward.

“Who can ravish these Core Worlds?” thought Darth Arda.

She was alone above Coruscant Minor looking reflectively at herself in the synthglass and the shinning globe below teeming with life, civilization, and building endeavors.

She liked the idea of true divinity, it just sounded right.

She knew she destroyed more than she built, as did her husband and lover, Ader. She knew and felt that he had he survived Moosh’s cowardly and hasty strike on Byss and awaited her rescue with deep amusement. She just wanted now to enjoy herself and sought Moosh now, as they were alone aboard the small Aris Magra space station and approached him, as he tensed bitterly, and kissed him softly, as he stood helpless in her awe. He could not resist this luminous heat and strong intoxication.

Many standard months had passed and cooled the tides of war. Winds and strong rains lashed the underground Jedi Temple on Coruscant Minor, as construction still proceeded. Kron and Kwan had been ordered by Moosh to inspect all the forces critically—and with intuition by and into the living Force. They did so and felt blessed that Darth Vengeance had been neutralized now, and they prepared to meet up with Moosh in the atmosphere above the newly built Palace of Light.

A hologrammatic communication was sent to Moosh now by them, and they eagerly expected to see him, after their vanguard action on Byss.

He appeared to them cloaked, his face hidden in its shadows.

“Darth Vengeance is still alive. I…feel him and that he is cunningly hiding his presence, be mindful of this fact.”

“We shall serve you well Moosh and make all possible calculations on where they should choose to strike next, by the new droidware analysts.”

“No, no droids of any kind now, use the Force, Kwan…and Kron.”

“I shall meet you both in the Palace of Light soon. I have a surprise for all of us,” he now smiled.

Arda aborted Moosh’s child in her womb through the usage of Force power directly. Her husband and lover were nowhere to be seen, and she had grown very impatient with all this presentation, and Moosh’s gentle entreaties and inquiries he made to her.

He did not feel the death of his child yet. He stared in her soft and expressive heavenly eyes, and she looked at him quietly. Their hands and fingers touched slowly.

The Palace of Light was a place of exquisite beauty and Moosh had designed the building on his vision of Darth Arda. It resided on powerful antigravity repulsors in the stratosphere of Coruscant Minor, protected by an emission of powerful energy deflector and particle shields. Moosh considered it invincible as best he could make with current galactic Republic technology.

It was very airy and grand without baroque depravity. It could rise and even land on the planet below into the park he had designed for her, a real urban garden stretching in soft and gradual, teasing concentric circles of soft reflective glass and exotic glistening and fragrant flowers and gentle exotic and soft ferns. Many galactic citizens there had considered it a true paradise.

It was like some legendary island of true beauty. Moosh planned to reconfigure the city on his vision of her to continue the work until perfection was attained.

Above the planet landscapes the Palace of Light could join with the space worthy, and Force teleportation capable, Aris Magra which now began to make a soft and graceful entrance through the particles of the atmosphere to unite with the delicate looking and airy, glowing in the light of the sun, floating palace of sheer delights.

Moosh whispered to her if she wanted to see more, much more.

She was curious to see more architecture as some of the floors had slight inclinations and very softly rising and falling angles. Powerful and fluid holograms could capture to bring into any art forms or images she wished into this space. The main viewing space, a kind of rising altar, was shaped like cathedral space in pure views of the distant horizons, and it’s spacious towering in vault and curve.

It was the voice of galactic love and passion, beyond space and time that Moosh now felt for her, pledging his loyalty to her. She swooned slightly, knowing he was not using a Force trick of any kind on her being and intelligent soul.

He kissed her delicately now.

“My radiant Arda,” he began.

“You should note the ways of the Force, and gently listen up.”

“I want to reveal you to the galaxy soon, to this ruling…Republic, and give you a ceremony like you had always deserved and was not given by the brutish Ader.”

Fireworks exploded above the city and beneath the Palace of Light.

“I was born on Alderaan and grew up there,” stated Arda.

“I am sure it was a joyous pearl.”

Her eyes narrowed calmly.

“It was a loving time.”

Next day, they ate a small meal above the concentric circles of the urban garden sheathed in glass and earth.

The food was different as Moosh had cooked with her together.

Darth Ravage stood on the Tide of War and shifted from hyperspace velocities despite a navicomputer miscalculation. He rode the supralight hyperdrive hard and into real space.

Alderaan was burning, shortly after.

The shuttle of graceful design and stately proportion lifted Arda and Moosh to make a slow planetfall below.

She was drinking Alderaanian red now.

Darth Ravage had plundered Alderaan with haste, speed and sheer brutality. The Republic called for martial law and crisis emergency calls across time and space.

His army was now ready for more death and plunder.

Darth Twilight was not amused; she grown older and weary with the savage attack on her homeworld. Darth Vengeance had always said he would try to make it a haven world, a protected sanctuary. Moosh was not a saint in the Force and he knew it; he commanded a recovery process for poor, suffering Alderaan.

“Let it go,” was all he said to her.

A young girl looked through the electric wire of the grid she was trapped in on Alderaan, as Darth Ravage commanded all prisoners into hard work detail of unending shifts.

His armies had chained and captured many young and old Jedi Despoilers.

“Do not fear the annihilation of life beyond the quantum states of the living Force, or yourself or me, and do not try to contact this new Darth Ravage, again,” said Moosh to his love.

“He would have Force choked you eagerly.”

She hugged him slowly and with child again.

“You must look with yourself and trust yourself and love again in the light of the Force, Arda true pearl.”

“Mwahahaaha!” cackled Kron and Kwan together, in an herb trance, “We shall have the galaxy!” they Force communed in telepathic thought sequence.

“We will rise with Moosh!”

“Or the galaxy will become dead within and without!” they laughed.

“He is right, you know.”

Darth Ravage bellowed in great fear with his two purple lightsabers ignited that had butchered thousands of lifeforms in his first death campaign. He was cloaked and pale and had heavy belts across his hips in an even X-shape. His face was wrapped in the style of a Sith mummy with large dark droidware for specs.

“Troops of the Sith of Light!” he started, “We shall have more death, soon, more death!! More death!! Soon! Soon and give glory to Darth Vengeance.”

“The thrill of war shall be with us to regain Byss and take our mighty fleets to the Galactic Core and consolidate our position in the hidden and rarely-traveled Deep Core, worlds ripe for pillage.”

They cheered in rising and falling waves.

He decided to send Moosh a message of declaration of total war through the Republic intragalactic HoloNet.

They would meet with their forces on Geonosis.

“Deep insanity is deep insanity,” laughed Kwan in an herb trance.

“It is an obsessive and radiant and a glorious hell no man or woman should have.”

“Aa, we cut deep today, eh Kwan?” winced Kron.

“Moosh is technically insane, yes insane for his love to Arda, and he wants to have her in galactic ceremony and to bring total peace to the tides of war.”

“Ader the Young is nowhere to be seen!”

They laughed quietly in cheerful comradery.

The bald Darth Ravage stood feeling empty with deep vile on hellishly hot Geonosis and told his troops he had been finally summoned by Darth Vengeance, the moment after their hard-driven death campaign of ravishing Alderaan had now succeeded and space transports carried slave labor for building bases here and a temple to the Darth Ravage’s glory, as well as a citadel further north.

New Sith airspeeders buzzed all around him looking like soft strange insects. He cried out to the Force for more glory, and more death.

It was a divine time for Moosh and Arda, she was flying finally and gracefully with fast or gentle speed as she wished, and places she had always wanted to see on Coruscant Minor and its delightful and elegant gardens designed by Moosh.

‘Face art’ Moosh called it.

“I must apologize for my silliness,” and they both laughed gently together holding hands like a boy and a young girl.

Arda was quite curvy now with Moosh’s child, a girl or a boy, she could not tell in the Force.

In time, the child would grow and feel birth pains.

She had to stop drinking the tempting beverages here she decided.

Almost two standard years had passed now since he kidnapped her, Arda was healing Moosh of his obsession of a pure Jedi atonement. He let Senate run most of the current defensive operations.

Their galactic love was meant to be. He waited patiently before he chose to propose to her directly.

This was their story of decent in war and hell and the shinning and living Force.

“One becomes part of the Force particle,” said Moosh, as Alderaan was being secured and rebuilt with even greater beauty and protection.

The animal that is the dark side must be resisted, thought Yodess with experience and wisdom; he thought he could foresee Moosh’s doomed life. He was experienced enough to know the dark side wasted all life considerably. He now stood across with Darth Ravage on Geonosis in a personal duel of glory among his ranks.

It began with a Force push of great power. Yodess ripped out his flashing green lightsaber and skewered Darth Ravage in one quick stroke. His body toppled and disappeared, strangely.

Yodess teleported away as a thousand battle-hardened death troopers reached for him with blades of metal and laser.

“Get lost please!” laughed Kron to the tall waitress at their usual hangout on Main Coruscant and looked hopefully at Kwan who was deep in a Force trance of escalating heights and shifts.

Kwan lifted into the air suddenly, “I have it. I have it. I have become disembodied.”

They investigated each other’s soft and expressive eyes, as only Jedi Knights could have.

“The Force is strong and soft at the core levels.”

“No herbal inebriated experience is the same,” stated Kron wisely.

The underground Jedi Temple was made ready to be inspected by Moosh and the pregnant Arda.

He did not know about the covert practices there as manifested by the Jedi Despoiler Knights.

Things got weird as they professed sacred manifestation secretly among themselves. Darth Ravage shifted in space and time and appeared before a vision of his master, Darth Vengeance.

“You are me, fool.”

He awoke in the body of Darth Ravage.

“I am one once more.”

Moosh went hardcore into soft and hard training, accelerating his lessons in various branches of Force power and common lore. He was working on a pattern that worked for him in the past and one that destroyed atavistic dread in the populous. He wanted to raise the standard of living for them.

A captured, chained and unknown, Jedi Despoiler on Geonosis looked around with mild pretense; he was scanning for avenues of escape in the Outer Rim territory of the galaxy to the nearby the system of Tatooine, as he was now shackled to a single electric chain to his left hand, inside a bulky carrier transport that had just landed on the rocky terrain of this wasteland planet in the Outer Rim.

He was eager and ready now to test himself against these Sith of, so-called, Light.

He was a grim and hardy man that practiced survival skills in distant corners of the galaxy and even committed a few crimes before joining the new Jedi ranks on Coruscant Minor, after spending much time on Main Coruscant’s lower levels. He atoned through rigorous meditation and action.

He reached out quite quickly in the Force and said to his death trooper guard, “Lord Sith this chain is breaking.”

The seemingly chained Jedi Despoiler bashed and skewered the heavy chain of strange compounds, into the now shattering helmet and skull of the Greater Sith trooper, near him.

Alarms began to sound, as he ignited his hidden green lightsaber.

The death trooper collapsed, as a young female Sith Witch appeared and cast Sith fire and lightning to burn the unchained man’s eyes out.

The unnamed Jedi Despoiler screamed and screamed as his eyes were burning and incinerating by the direct Force power of this woman.

He felt the Force rush and guide him now, avoiding her lightsaber arcs and swipes; he was blind fighting as his strong eyes were meeting quantum disintegration by the dark side.

He cut her hand off through the Force and his flashing lightsaber, and she now screamed.

They fought and parried as they tried to Force push each other with unrestricted fury and strength and deep Sith and Jedi cunning.

“I will heal you if you join the Sith Order and serve me as my apprentice. You will see the full power and graceful beauty in the dark side of the Force.”

“It would be a prison,” he said gasping

“No fool it will be joy, strength and glory.”

“I will heal you,” she said, as he collapsed and fainted.

An institution like galactic and peaceful order was a remarkable achievement during these highly turbulent times and the galaxy waited for more peace, or dread and victimization. Trade was conducted hastily.

Moosh felt guided by the Force in all its appalling and highly pleasant realities. The man had a will, of great intensity. His wisdom was profound and practical, ever so practical.

Unbeknownst to him and Darth Ravage-Vengeance, a new soul meld of conceptual mental architecture and inborn mind frame of this red-headed tall man, deep in arrogance and willpower, like Moosh had before now been directly and accessibly hypnotized by the secret patterns in the fiery ribbons on Nal Hutta by the flaming tower of Sith Flames of Mastery in large lava chamber of Sith communing. This was also a Sith power by the great and towering, born of centuries of bitter hatred, fear, and anger, spirits of ancient masters.
They were attacked in their subconscious essence toward things and patterns through a Force trick and human psychology.

These Sith Ghosts were thus safe now from any direct attack and waited patiently for these suggestions to manifest, and unsteady and fearful of it all—as they were. They felt fear like they never felt before and dared to search the Force to its core levels of beyond direct quantum and sub-particle realities by sacrificing life and liberty of a great many innocents across the galaxy.

The Crystal City of Alderaan, both in the atmospheric and on the ground levels below, was being rebuilt after Darth Ravage’s vile, cowardly, and life costing attacks by orders of the Republic Senate.

The Jedi had provisional control of the war effort against the Sith and an attack on their nest on Geonosis was being planned by Kron, Kwan, and Moosh the current head Jedi masters while Yodess was in deep meditation and offering his advice as it was needed.

The Crystal City in the atmosphere of Alderaan was a city of multilayered grids and blocks or chunks that were linked entirely made of indestructible elements, synthglass chunks shaped in contours and angles as the architects designed them with awe-inspiring views.

It was thing of true beauty that glowed in the skies of Alderaan.

A large Jedi fleet patrolled the system and the warm planet. Aggressive aid could be summoned quickly from nearby systems quickly, and efficiently to counter marauding Siths or their sympathizers.

A secret battle HoloNet, to counter death trooper droidware tactics, was on a test run by the underground Jedi Temple on Alderaan’s sister system of Coruscant Minor in the Galactic Core nearby the center of civilization, Main Coruscant. The large cityscapes of these two core worlds were silver-lined, and Moosh wanted and dreamed of more urban gardens for these planets.

Dawn radiated upon Main Coruscant, and the fresh air engulfed the city winds, as the people of the central galactic space felt safe and continued about their business, noting victory over Darth Ravage would be now completed finally.

The Senate ordered a new boulevard to the Jedi Temple called the Avenue of Peace.

A ceremony was being planned by Moosh in the grand hall, built for this purpose, inside the floating Palace of Light on Coruscant Minor.

Arda had a terrible miscarriage suddenly, and Moosh was deeply hurt and grieved alone searching into the Force for guidance, thought and awareness.

He was spending more and more time studying obsessively various facts about the Republic run galaxy. He was in awe of the wonder of it all, and even near the quantum levels of reality and Force karma.

Darth Ravage was building his small edifices, now that more resources were being pillaged from the Mid Rim territories, and Geonosis had heavy traffic of transport ships and carriers of various shapes and sizes buzzing from distant galactic corners and systems. Here, he would make a valiant stance against the rising Jedi armies. He planned new death machines and head-wired and enhanced his troops with total droidware singularity. Efficiency had improved considerably now for his plans.

Darth Twilight was growing more pensive; she wanted direct action and was intrigued by this Darth Ravage, in his masks of face wraps and droidware, his rising elite death trooper squads.

She found his bald head intriguing.

In her private apartments, in an oval egg-shaped structure gifted with incandescent lights and shifting panels outside and inside, she reached out in the Force to this man.

She was looking though her stain glass window at the heavy airspeeder traffic below.

Moosh was now planning his Ceremony of Galactic Peace and wanted to show his wife to the Republic order.

Darth Ravage penetrated the mystic defenses of the Jedi retreat cave sanctuary on Geonosis and entered deep within the long cave system trying to discern its dangerous secrets. He felt something here.

He was contemplating his droidware army and planning for the direct lines of heavy assault by the Jedi Despoilers. He liked his female piloted airspeeder army and his droidware death troopers and his new Sith Witch Lord ranks and his growing Sith Lord Order of Light, the truest Greater Sith.

The witches practiced illusion skills in Force, and some could conjure phantasms of the mind and spirit as well as direct electric and fiery surges. They dreamed of enslaving many Jedi.

Darth Ravage wanted to feel the burning of war; he thirsted for it in all his grim madness. He knew he had been reached out to by a Force recipient out there.

The Jedi cave was dark, and it was hellishly warm inside, the brown rocks were sharp and deadly if one tripped here, it was not really a nice place, but a place for disciplinary Jedi learning and quiet reflection. He ignited his two lightsabers and prayed to dark side of the Force but felt little here—yet. His armies and adepts waited for a speech now, and he was hesitating and now feeling the emptiness and animalism of the dark side hungrily.

He shouted and decided to steel himself by his colossal willpower and face his growing and resourceful armies. He had a surprise for the attacking Jedi Despoilers. Darth Ravage believed in masculinity as a pure type and ordered his generals to stand by, grimly.

Darth Ravage, after his long speech, entered his ship the Tide of War and prepared to make another secret trip to the Galactic Core.

In the glistening rain on Coruscant Minor, and in one of the many tall towers there on the city grids that surrounded the planet, Kron and Kwan and Moosh had a last meeting before the final ceremony at the flying Palace of Light in the clouds of Coruscant Minor.

“Too much herbalism, gentlemen, slow it down now.”

“Yes, our master,” they both replied together.

“I had had a terrible vision of the coming suffering, so prepare accordingly. The battle for this burgeoning galaxy is just beginning.”

“Yes, our master.”

They walked amid many assembled galactic ranks and dignitaries in the airy and vast hallway sloping upward in a gentle manner hall that was honoring their galaxy. All were silent now as Moosh and his two leaders approached the central altar, while a Wookie senator and two droids representing their order as free beings walked behind these three men, these Jedi Despoiler Masters.

Arda stood in a radiant white dress upon the altar. Secretly, Darth Ravage stood through a Force phantasm among the crowds here and observed Moosh’s eloquent speech of peace.

He was growing bored and pensive and wanted to slaughter everyone here, except his desire.

“…And we shall have peace eternal by the gifts of Republic.”

The crowds clapped eager now for victory.

Darth Twilight looked up from her messy bed on Coruscant Minor. She had made her decision and set a course for Geonosis directly, gathering her possessions.

Capital ships that would later evolve under Emperor Palpatine, gathered above Geonosis, by both the Jedi and Sith orders, and the space battle began with terrible fury and unrestrained violence and rush of Force skills and grim escapes the chroniclers wrote about and described by and with droidware help.

Much of the vying fleets of the Sith and Jedi were gone now, after standard days and days of heavy concentrated firepower the likes the galaxy had never seen before. It was a wholesale slaughter of death, wounds, and ruined lives to many, many individuals and innocents and villains that were pure, lofty and underhanded—on both sides.

Everyone avoided the dangerous asteroid belt around Geonosis, a planet that was red-orange in appearance from cold space. Both sides prepared now for ground warfare with challenging and grim anticipation. It was now total war with the prize as the ownership of the galaxy. Many died in laser battles there, as ships and all kinds of craft were landing. Energy blasts and laser strafes and targets exploded in mind-bending fury and escalation with rising terror and skill.

The female-led, Sith airspeeders, decimated the first wave of Jedi Despoiler troops, through a lightning-like charge of insect looking craft that zipped hot laser at the opposition in measured and very quick overflights and strafes. Moosh, Kron, and Kwan reached out to the Force and drained half of this fleet suddenly out of existence by their Force powers.

Darth Ravage groaned again, as he ordered his Witch Lords through his enhanced droidware gear and mask, as he sat tailor-fashion in the Jedi retreat cave, he felt something here now, something yet he could not explain.

Death filled both sides steadily, no one thought lightsabers anymore, they just unleashed in rising horror. The most cunning and lucky would survive now.

The colors of such death were not for everyone. There was a strange and sudden lull in the battle.

As another capital ship crashed on the rocks and exploded lighting up the cloudless horizons, the Witch Lords retreated and hid in their cunning bases; it was a time for sallies and counter sallies of incredible daring and precision.

Darth Ravage summoned rain and storm and wind upon this place, and it was raining terrible upon the Jedi Knights and the remaining older bearded masters unceasingly, as the winds of hellish power and storm, hollered and lashed at them.

Generals Krull and Kind approached to challenge in duel Masters Erdu and Kwan. It was granted, as Darth Twilight watched from a small hidden corner near a small hole in the walls of the strange and twisted and misshapen rocks and crevices. After Erdu was dead and Kwan tied with Darth Kind, the sallies continued from the Sith in the bitter acid rain, as Jedi Despoiler gear went to Dewback ****.

Moosh and Kron were fighting hard and grim battles and death drained of most of their valor and aura and spirit. The effort was great, beyond match, as many had also given to the Sith and Jedi orders and cults in this battle on Geonosis and select places of the galaxy.

Alderaan was being attacked again now this time by fringe groups of Sith Lord masters.

And on distant planets, emergency landings were made. General Darth Ardent and his heavy Sith paladins were still hiding. After much fighting, Byss Prime was reclaimed by Sith capital class warships, and a base in orbit was planned for the arrow-like ships of unmatched power and grace. A ‘Hanging Bridge’ of a spaceport was proposed in orbit.

The first battle of Geonosis was lost by the Jedi. They could not fully penetrate the fanatical Greater Sith resistance. Moosh ordered a full retreat to the Jedi battle Temple and contemplated his heavy losses.

Darth Twilight was rescued by General Rayon, a Jedi Master in the Jedi Order. He was a gifted, cunning and highly intelligent man with a good kill count, yet deeply haunted by certain bitter choices in his past. He offered her provision aboard his soaring through hyperspace medical space barge of advanced galactic medicine and resources. She ate slowly now.

General Rayon was getting ready to make a surprise and advanced stratagem over both Byss and Geonosis in his hologram planned battle headquarters aboard his ship.

“I see great changes in the future,” he commanded his troops.

Soon, he would lose his favorite troops above Byss. Six times he tried in advanced and taxing effort.

The Geonosis Operation began in its early phase. General Rayon’s skilled team of Jedi Despoiler scouts were tightrope walking over many crevices on Geonosis in the wind.

They soon passed a strange ‘Bridge of Death’ with rising ancient monoliths in sharp and degreed angles nearby that was chronicled as a famous galactic duel. They now walked this treacherous bridge across to the other side carefully and with great balance of brotherly love and skill and patience.

They had been well-schooled yet trapped since the Sith Lords there were aware of these scouts and planned another surprise sally on all their forces hidden, or otherwise.

In this direct conflict, they lost half of their brotherly troops.

And they hunted the surface of the rocky ground for nourishment and resources.

General Ardent and his heavy paladins finished off Rayon’s hidden troops and his small fleet there.

It was terrible test of skill between the two opposing genius commanders who vied for truth and glory and spoil.

Rayon still felt greatly superior to the treacherous General Ardent, but withheld a direct charge with his forces, as Darth Twilight studied this war and applauded their gifted genius.

The dead of the Sith were being planned to be animated by Darth Vengeance, as he felt a terrible direct Force vergence that had linear manifestations of light around the Jedi retreat cave on Geonosis. He was ablaze with light in his herb trance and reached outward as the receptive energies gifted him. His troops would learn the skills of the dark side of the Force. And so, he offered them a true chance at loyalty and appreciation of where the war with the Jedi Despoilers was headed now. It was an alternative, and he wanted to rock their minds a bit.

General Rayon ordered a full fleet strafe on Geonosis resulting in heavy damage to the Sith Lords gathered there. And they responded and sent his ship to full retreat. It was warfare now the likes the galaxy had never seen before, a test of the light and the chaotic and animalistic sides of Force power and being and aura. It was a rising crescendo of great conflict and direct struggle for nobility and true glory, probably unmatched by both future and past Jedi and all dark siders.

Gravity weapons were envisioned and three fates, total defeat, total victory, or a grand tie.

Yodess in a long speech was recounting many past Jedi and Jedi savants and cautioned the galaxy not to give in to the animal side of the Force and proposed a truth and peace to the Sith.

Darth Ravage now accepted this state for a time despite opposition from his commanders and squad leaders in hologrammatic form over the assembled senate in the Palace of Light.

Both sides saw ruin now in this total war, the costs had already been very deep.

Ravage wanted reconstruction on Byss prime and ordered it quickly by pushing his fleet and transports to their limits and over limits and ordered a new spaceport “the Hanging Bridge” to be, a line, over Byss to park their Death Destroyer fleet in horizontal circle around said linear battle station. Construction started fast. He demanded beauty from General Ardent in this construction phase, and ordered him the joys of building something, and for his heavy paladins.

General Ardent completed this in two standard years, a perfect level ten scale of glorious architecture and skill and magic while General Rayon, a man worthy of his genius, looked on in jealousy, he would later cause grief to the heavy paladins. General Rayon ordered his fleet to scatter in cunning places and preyed on all Sith transports armed or otherwise.

There was a slaughter now by Darth Ravage on Naboo and the Gunguns there with many scattered and reeking bodies. The direct slaughter on Naboo continued unabated and as the planet was being ravished with attacking Death Destroyer fleets and droidware enhanced death troopers hunted for any direct and indirect survivors.

The Sith Paladins of Death now arose and challenged the Jedi Despoilers in great and cunning tests of courage: a grim and severe challenge to the Jedi Order on Coruscant Minor and the underground battle Jedi Temple there. The gladiators began their preparation and salute. It was going to be lightsaber warfare. The attack ships were being prepared and they would strike each other quickly and without mercy.

Darth Twilight entered with her lover Darth Ravage into the Jedi retreat cave on Geonosis as white Force manifestation ley lines appeared and then vanished into air. The Force lines of light shone upon this place as they walked into the deep shade and cooled when suddenly there was a Force boom that shifted space and time directly, a hidden intricate web in the Force dimensions.

Darth Vengeance and Darth Twilight were suddenly locked in their past timelines together and screamed in terror as they saw this trap now engineered by Moosh to teach them in the light ways of the giving and living and balanced Force.

He wanted their true redemption to the galaxy. Darth Vengeance and Darth Twilight were sucked out of existence into the past of their lives like some perverted reincarnation. Together they laughed in their hubris while trapped in time and space by Jedi Master Moosh aboard his Aris Magra, a central and effective space battle station.

He teleported here Kwan and Kron, and they shared a strong and relaxing and soothing herb trance.

“Republic! Republic!” the galactic populations shouted to their direct leaders.

Prison camps with electric grids were ordered by Darth Krull and General Darth Kind, a fancy airspeeder pilot who became of man of pure treachery and weak pleasures of the flesh, of fancy and obscure tastes and pleasures, and he had been a doctor in his past life before joining the growing and powerful Sith ranks through a feigned humility.

The Republic responded with slow and haste spells of great power and inspiring beauty under the guidance of the Senate of the Republic and the Jedi masters and the grandmasters of Force-sensitive in this galaxy of stellar beauty and weave.

The die had been cast now for Republic, or brutal Empire under Darth Ravage-Vengeance and his droidware heavy forces and paladins. The sorties in their respective hideouts, bases of operation, and centralized spaces began now.

Neither expected a pure win, and stunning stimulants were applied to their forces now.

This time was called “the quickness of Force” in the galaxy. For the two sides of light and darkness, it was going to be a long campaign of skill, and they knew not whither they were bound: a true epic and ode to the ancient Republic.

Skilled men and bounty hunters were being summoned everywhere. This would prove notable in the chronicles of Fynnus the Mystic around the time of the evil Galactic Empire and its Death Stars. He had been chosen to write this by time and fate, for the Force is one and will decide the future of the galaxy by its direct power and essence, or so it seemed, to many Jedi and Sith, fallen or otherwise. Moosh now had been directly baptized and forgiven through the Force. He felt his atonement. He had done everything he could possibly do to inspire the galaxy toward true peace and its essence, yet this was not to be.

The worst of all species was now unleashed as final war and doom approached in cunning glory to outmatch the dark side of animalism, once and finally, as Yodess had foreseen it directly and steadily, and thus had great hope and ambition for the future.

Yodess thought he saw that the future would prove difficult and a true challenge of greatness and true grit and the solution would prove to have a direct and steady peace through an alliance of work, essence, and brilliance beyond the current oppression of thought and war toward the reconciliation the likes of which the galaxy had never experienced before.

Yodess hoped it was the end of Dewback ****, and an ode to true greatness and nobility of the shared and free races of the Republic and its scattered and scattering opposition, yet the Force was now in a total war between the Sith Flames of Mastery and Jedi ways to be defeated in the future by solving the dilemma.

Its disappearance from the galaxy and uniting with the humanity it found there after the Empire of Palpatine’s cost to human and alien life. Soon lightsabering would again begin by Sith and Jedi practitioners, humble or otherwise. It was a battle rise for all, till the Force would expire. And mysteries would be revealed, a stellar revelation. Time holes upon the universe began in great chaos. This was something that hit the galaxy during the Empire of Sheev Palpatine.

Yodess was bathing in the glistening waterfall in the nearly empty Jedi Temple. He did not yet know the secrets of Sith Mastery, or of the strange and horrid experiments of worship performed on the underground Jedi Temple of Coruscant Minor.

It was time for another major ground assault on Geonosis and Moosh led it personally now. It was a time of secrets for the galaxy, yet again. Yodess hated conflict every, every time and hated the slow and taxing lessons to galactic total order and final peace and prosperity of all races in the Republic—and it’s great and saving and rich diversity. He smiled suddenly, unable to help himself, with true richness. He planned to enjoy the post-phase after this civil war and expected honorable terms. He would share his vision soon and hoped to reverse the tragedy of Darth Vengeance.

Rancor beasts of differing sizes were now devouring airpeeders and Sith battle lords on Geonosis under Moosh the Wise. The crunching of bones had begun of these terrible Sith armies. The eating of the flesh continued and continued as they ate out the Sith armies there off the face of the planet and conquered total ground on Geonosis after many standard days of heated conflict.

The two head Darths disappeared locked in a Force dimension web of time and space by Moosh the Force weaver. Those two were choking and dying in aura and in the Force, and could not bear it, but now felt love in their hearts for one another and wanted to cheat this horrid fate greater than death. They kept dueling and were in awe and shock surviving, again and again, the struggle of Darth Twilight’s death, over and over, as Darth Ravage-Vengeance screamed and screamed in this chaotic and flashing temporal hell of Moosh’s design.

Darth Twilight tried to grow more nurturing to everything and especially by the living and giving Force burning across the galaxy now. She felt like a miracle. She was being kissed in the Force like she should always wanted as she felt a kind of regretful pain Moosh had always felt in his breast—his deep core being—a power that was giving total peace to her, a promise of love against deep and penetrating vile and wicked arrogant weaknesses which only selfish ambition and selfish desire for personal choice and victory now stood in the way. It was a given.

She willed to reverse this gift in her direct lowest cunning and ego pride. She wanted more divine essence even more then Darth Ravage had shown her through direct violence and war. She desired a show of direct Force upon her. It came slowly and evenly in the Force through hard struggle. She began to fear less more easily now. The pure darkness of space overwhelmed and filled her like the empty wastes of Geonosis and beyond, as children of the galaxy played everywhere rejecting the wise counsel of their parents and had fun and games in peace.

She did not care; she had become very unworthy of all them and needed to be gentle and soft like she had always desired in true power and strength and noble deeds and action—a wise choice for all. But she chose death for Moosh now and kissed Darth Ravage-Vengeance still in pure heat in the temporal Force web crafted by Moosh as he watched them. Moosh did not feel the darkness yet, as the war continued, and the Sith of Light order was losing the war grimly and bitterly. He had teleported over “the Hanging Bridge” over Byss and destroyed it, shattering it to oblivion by the direct power of the Aris Magra weapon.

General Ardent’s fleet was no more, as he planned his recovery and fall from the Sith Order now. He would redeem himself with true brilliance as a false snake of true nobility and promised peace for all, treacherous and vile that he was. A serpent filled with vile poison and true rancor.

The Jedi Despoiler began their secret abuse directly and indirectly now, as master Ergone had always feared and speculated upon. They began their devilry with a colossal drunken roar and songs and fights began among them as well.

In the shadows, the Sith masters smiled and hailed their head general as a true hero.

In the medical center of Main Coruscant, there was storm in the emergency trauma wards, and emergency shuttles were being newly crafted and engineered. It was true shock to galactic order and Yodess was not amused. He hated war in every way conceivable, like all clever people.

Someone had thrown Dewback **** on his Temple grounds, and he burned to the dark side slowly, and yet achieved peace by his first direct Force vision. Darth Twilight became Darth Twilight-Ravager and escaped with Darth Ravage-Vengeance to the Jedi retreat cave ecstatically feeling by her passion in the dark side and spun out the web that Moosh had thrown her and Ader into.

It was a bitter slap to everything Moosh stood for and represented in his core being of total galactic peace and honor. She would learn of true hell for that mistake most directly, most directly by the scribe of the Force.

She would learn that for some things the price for directness is too great to pay by the soul, body, and spirit and life, in everything brightening, noble and true. She was truly the fall in this galactic tragedy and was being gifted with a baptism of pure blood and struggle. Her hair turned a glowing red now, ravishing in its beauty and make-up.

Evil is not to think.