Topic: Whispers of the Sith Part One

Here is the prequel one (there are two in the trilogy) of the Boba Fett story called the Bad, the Bad and the Ugly and the works here on this website under Jason Cross in the fan fiction section.


A fanfiction, space opera epic by Jason Cross, 2017.

With dedication to all the theatergoers who felt immortality and real magic in the Force a long time ago, in another galaxy of space and time…and to Bruno my teddy bear.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

“It is now two thousand years before the vile and evil Galactic Empire of Palpatine, the powerful practitioner of the dark side that had dared to humble a galaxy…”

Moosh looked through his survival macrobinoculars in a quick yet measured steady pace. He was sixteen now. Still a young Jedi Padawan learner among the growing Jedi ranks, his genes had come from an obscure, but perhaps, very noble clan. He did not know his father or his mother, having been adopted by the disciplinary Jedi Order since he was a baby boy. Now, such thoughts and preoccupations had left him long ago, since he had been ordered to undergo deep and long-term meditations in a Jedi retreat sanctuary, in the southern hemisphere of the remote planet of Geonosis. Through his well-used macrobinoculars, he ascertained steadily and hastily the barren wastelands baking in the hellish sun were just that: totally barren and mostly lifeless and lacking any kind of nourishment.

He had to report to his sensitive Jedi Master, Yogus once every two days. He disliked this feature of his six-month stint on this grim planet, but he had a deep feeling within him that destroyed all other preoccupations in his very brilliant mind. He had an overpowering idea that he was destined for true greatness among the rising Jedi ranks.

He breathed the fresh desert air. He had felt something stir him on this rocky desert planet, unlike the congested massive city planet of Main Coruscant, during these days of the Republic, which was described by some as greater than distance or time.

He eagerly missed his vibrant lightsaber dueling and methodology training. Through his strong and able genius mind, two years ago, he had expertly handcrafted a purple bladed lightsaber with a strange outlandish design, mostly on intuition in the luminous and giving Force. A few Jedi masters had been quite impressed, quite impressed, indeed.

Yesterday, during his report, he was informed in the brisk Jedi manner by Jedi Master Yogus, that another Jedi Master, Master Lorn, a tall lanky human with a reputation for deep arrogance and hasty strictness, was going to quickly rendezvous with the Padawan apprentice to investigate strange lights, or perhaps happenings, in the Negrev desert by a few complaining Hutt clans on their homeworld of Nal Hutta near the Mid Rim of the galaxy. Nal Hutta was a busy and popular Republic trade center and its moon Nar Shaddaa was growing.

He had already felt change in the air and trusted his deep Force instincts.

He allowed himself to smile cheerfully. He knew he could become worthy of the Jedi Code in all its respects, and he had grown very, very ambitious. Something, he did his best to conceal from the short and commanding Master Yogus.

He knew he had been sent to the retreat on Geonosis to gain more discipline, this was obvious to him, and so he prepared to meet with Master Lorn, who would make planetfall to the Jedi owned cave retreat during twilight. Moosh was hoping for another gorgeous sunset amid the strange geological formations and heights here.

“Please eat with more rhythm. You must relax and feel the gift of life from the Force,” noted Master Lorn to the Padawan.

“Yes, master Lorn.”

The young Moosh bowed to the tall man with dark hair.

“Now put your bowl away, young learner, before we begin, I want you to meditate with me and tell me what you have learned in the deserts of Geonosis.”

“Begin, by the style, of free association,” Lorn lifted his index finger into the air.

Moosh closed his expressive greyish brown eyes and focused to the Force.

He knew Jedi Master Lorn would expect something both self-effacing, yet discerning. He felt the contours of the Jedi cave. He felt the chilly, desert night air beyond the confines of the cave. He had always liked reaching out in the living, permeating Force.

“Master, I have learned that all life is very precious.”

“Yes. Yes. I sense pride in you, my young Padawan, you must be mindful of its direct and indirect dangers, I have learned, many a time that it leads to anger and hubris and temptations of the destructive dark side.”

“Padawan, I have to be strict with the other Jedi, and the learners, because I feel such is my, function, in this galaxy and so I must be even stricter with you.”

“What do you perceive your, function, to be, among the great Jedi Order?” asked the lanky man briskly.

Moosh smiled, “To bring greater hope to the galaxy.”

Lorn twitched his lips, and almost raised an eyebrow.

One thousand years after the spice-addicted Zersaw, the Hutt prophet had landed and sojourned near this place on Nal Hutta, Lorn and Moosh landed a small, angular and armed Jedi XT transport belonging to the Jedi Order in the grim wastelands of the Negrev desert on Nal Hutta.

It was a silent red spattered sunset now in the horizon of this part of the popular Hutt home world, known as the great Glorious Jewel. They were sent by the commanding Yogus to investigate rumors, and direct complaints by Hutt clan leaders, of strange happenings out here, not to mention a few strange disappearances.

Master Lorn had been showing signs of twitchy nervousness halfway through their supralight flight amid the hazardous emptiness of the galaxy.

“One should not gamble on strange variables that are best left to experts, and beyond Padawan training, so then be mindful of your future.”

“Yes, master Lorn.”

Moosh had not dared make any inquiries; he had even perceived Master Lorn to be sweating slightly on occasion. Moosh became very observant and concentrated deeply, but he felt rather odd now and disliked this strange break in Jedi discipline. He was still a teenager, but an efficient and clever one. Lorn had told him to gather his thoughts about what he had said on Geonosis.

At present, they now left the deadly Jedi XT transport shuttle together, their feet adjusting almost catlike to the rough, rocky terrain. The daytime heat here was almost parallel to the sweltering heat on Geonosis. Moosh walked in front and reached for his efficient macrobinoculars.

Moosh turned around and parried Lorn’s green flashing lightsaber aimed directly at his neck with an impossibly quick lightsaber parry. He felt the superheated rush of the Force guide him now. Sharp sparks sprayed him, burning his young, brown-grey eyes.


Suddenly, he Force pushed Master Lorn in cutting anger and roaring escalating highs and clawed outward in deep haste to the giving Force. Through a stunning, sudden amount of sheer willpower, he Force lifted the now startled and rather overwhelmed Jedi Master loftily into the air—who was not at all what he seemed. Lorn was somehow totally disarmed and overwhelmed and stunned by Moosh’s focused and cutting Force skills.

Moosh felt something deep, yet dark, stir within him—beyond his control. He cut the unarmed, prone and floating—Jedi Master—in two neat halves with his buzzing and flashing purple lightsaber.

He could not bear to look at the grim sight. He covered his burning face with his right hand in deep shock. He was sweating, and in strange Force delirium beyond his immediate control.

He panicked: I must flee!

The Republic-class, Jedi XT, shuttle exploded in a brilliant flash, sending burning heat waves all around.

That force knocked Moosh, the teenage Padawan apprentice, unconscious.

It was like a whisper, steadily rising to an echoing crescendo in human ears.

Moosh was muttering to himself in Basic and dreamed, and yet he was still somehow aware of his dream. He felt the hiss of flames around him. He felt the heat but could not see the ribbons. He, in deep vividness, floated high above them, and then awoke, breathing in rapid shifts.

It was cold night now across the hard, featureless wastes.

He tried to seize and order and discipline his young, ambitious mind, yet could not. Not a single stroke. The roar was too strong: deep bitterness, shock and extraordinary hardship.

He felt the animal side of his body, something that startled him profoundly.

He groaned uncontrollably; his handsome body contorting and twisting in deep valence and rising shock and frustration.

“I will control!

“I will control!” he cried out in deep breaths to the silence around him and brilliant stars of the galaxy above.

“I must control!”

“I will not give in to the animal that is the…dark side,” he breathed in gasping rifts.

He was in pain now, aware of his sun-exposed burns on his face and body. His clothes were tattered, and he could not find his handcrafted purple lightsaber. He groaned again on his knees, his hands shivering slightly, just slightly, as he tried to measure himself to a steady state, the ground beneath felt harsh and painful to him. He had cut down a Jedi Master, a recognized guardian and a station maintained by the democratic and free Republic Senate.

After seven standard minutes, he composed himself; however, he felt evenly disjoined from the giving Force. He felt alone. He felt like hunted prey and he did not know why this was happening to him so suddenly and crushingly. He tried to control his rising despair and pain.

He was eating now in steady deep silence; he observed it would be dawn soon. And dawns here were apt to be brilliant. He tried to meditate in the giving Force but could not: the more he concentrated and reached out, the more it eluded him and sent waves of elusive and bitter soul-chilling frustration.

“Have I learned nothing?” he reflected, fearing that he was now a failed Jedi and that his long path in the Jedi order was over now.

“I must move before someone notices this…this mess,” he grimaced quickly.

He stretched out and felt his lightsaber fly into his hand where it had been hidden behind a large brown rock.

It felt good to have this killing tool in his left hand—his very deadly dueling hand.

He breathed steadily now, not quite overwhelmed.

He felt something at the back of his neck, somewhere beyond his peripheral awareness, like a strange whisper drawing him into something—he was not quite sure what exactly. It almost felt like a quiet flame.

He looked at his electronic compass and decided to head north to the chain of rough looking mountains in the distance. Unbeknownst to him, he was walking, in the rising morning heat, toward his doom. In a global frame of mind, this was still mostly a large galaxy of secrets and mysteries, of the giving Force, of grim weapons of great destructive power, and settings of strange luminous and technological beauty, of insanely fast starships and endless exotic beings, and of wondrous locales, almost without count.

Why this brilliant dark-haired young man now walked toward, what was later both called Asada-Hel and the vile Tenebrous Temple, the Jedi, and the secretive Sith orders did not know.

It was simply such. A place where vile, sheer evil, dark side Force ghosts of Sith, and other rather advanced, crafty, dark side practitioners, had massively and steadily congregated over a millennium to this powerful nexus point in the quicker, more destructive side of the balanced Force—having been woken a thousand years before from these time points by the very spice-addicted Zersaw the Hutt, a self-proclaimed prophet, savant and mystic, successful at starting a large galactic religion.

Moosh had been ‘called’ by these dark side entities; they sensed his one weakness most eagerly, most eagerly and hungrily, and waited with deep patience and penetrating critical, cunning to test and subvert the young Jedi apprentice for their own secret purposes. It was a perverse summoning initiated by this strange murder and sundering of the steady and peaceful Jedi Code.

As evil scum, first, they planned to torture this young man of promise, in intermittent and steady variation, for the dark side was the dark side, and the Tenebrous Temple reeked of death, down many a bloodstained galactic century.
Moosh knew something was wrong. It all felt, so very, very wrong.

“I have a real bad feeling about this,” he noted to himself, as he hiked the mountain range that seemed like any other glowing in the strong sunlight.

After a standard hour, the handsome and bright-eyed Moosh sat tailor-fashion in the shadows.

His steadied his sore eyes.

He could not help but feel impressed at having defeated a strange and unpopular Jedi Master. I must contact master Yogus and beg mercy at the Jedi council, this is all too strange. There is order within and without, he breathed calmly, and reflectively.

His intragalactic hologram linking Jedi device gave him nothing however but cold, empty static.

He felt rising anger and tried to control it. This is a significant setback, he thought. He swore now; it was his first time at foul language.

He dashed the Jedi device against the sharp rocks, feeling his burned and sun-exposed body in the not quite cool shadows.

This day was the first time he had really felt the dark side of the Force, what some Jedi called the animal side and the rising beast within. He now sought shelter and more cool shade and entered a strange cave. He felt like had been here before, but ignored this rising, eclectic presence. He felt powerful for some reason and felt almost ecstatic. He decided to ignore this rising valence in his body and mind.

The young Moosh ignited his purple lightsaber and looked within this cave of the secret and dark tenebrous temple chosen by fate. He suddenly felt colder, colder, than he ever felt in his entire life. He screamed and screamed.

The chill burned him in steady and sharply escalating pulses. He continued to scream and heard strange vibrant whispers, almost like the hissing flames in his dreams, when he lain prone and exhausted after his first kill and direct transgression of the ancient harmonious Jedi Code.

His nose was running blood, and his mind was suffering from shock.

So, this hidden dark side temple was the place, where horror and the powerful Jedi Despoilers were born, and this was the place, this strange vile tenebrous temple, this vile fortress of Asada-Hel, where the great Sith of Light had their first immaculate conception by the dark ghostly Flames of Sith Mastery in the balanced and giving Force.

It sent disturbing pulses of highly freezing dark side shockwaves to various sensitive Force beings across the galaxy in this time during the height of the Republic. It would start a chain of events that would shatter many a world of substance, nourishment and life. Such are the mysteries of the binding living and luminous power inherent in the universe.

Moosh would was doomed to become this instigator, a great victim and of a galactic dance, tragic and filled with shattering sorrow—of ineffable horror to many innocents and planets.

Now somewhere in the distant Outer Rim of the galaxy, a young man, who was later know as Darth Vengeance, awoke from a pleasant dream in his ramshackle bed and felt the Force shockwave hit him like many a blow of hard bone, sinew, and flesh.

He screamed and did not know what was happening to him. It would prove to be a life-changing event.

The sharp, rising air around both gifted and strong-willed young men seemed unreal, miraculous, and very, very deadly. They would prove to be worthy of these rising terrors in their own individual way.

Both individuals were proud, ambitious, intelligent, and would master such painful experiences through iron willpower, yet learning that such costs are better left to others.

“Now the galaxy will bleed and vile Sith shall arise once more,” thought Yogus and his twin brother Sugoy in a bitter toned telepathic link in their shared private upper-chambers in the ancient Jedi Temple on Main Coruscant. They felt the disturbance and could not find its origin however much they searched and reached out across Force space and time.

Yogus quickly gave the order to send his son Yodess, the father of the powerful, and wise, yet to be born Jedi Master Yoda into hiding in another secret Jedi retreat Core World by an XT Jedi shuttle with one journeyman female Jedi escort known for her fast and efficient lightsaber style. Despite his deep wisdom and experience, he would regret this hasty decision of sending Arda and Yodess alone into the hidden Deep Core.

Master Sugoy then ordered a recall back to the Jedi Temple, for an emergency Jedi council of all fringe Jedi, in the Core and peripheral systems of the great Republic.

Moosh, the heady and ambitious sixteen-year-old, at present stood before a hissing flame that reached from floor to ceiling in large foul lava chamber, carved in symmetrical contours and angles by ancient masters. He had no memory of any kind of entering this place.

He felt at peace, strangely. He felt the dark side all around in dancing and rising waves. Almost like some perverse refraction of what he normally felt in the Force.

A voice spoke, surprisingly in an inviting and relaxed tone from the flickering hellish tower of tall orange fire.

“Moosh, Moosh. We are the dark Flames of vile Sith Mastery, born in the fires of the dark side of the Force eons ago. We are wise and powerful Moosh, and we have brought you here to hear our council because you are strong Moosh, strong and powerful and destined for true greatness.”

“What is it you want you dark side flames of hell?!”

“Moosh, listen now, this is what we shall council and tell you. Master Lorn was a traitor to the growing Jedi Order. He could not resist the lure of the dark side in all its steady, direct and wondrous glory, and he communed to the dark side eagerly, and we received and blessed him.”

“I can see he is truly blessed now,” laughed Moosh.

“Moosh, you must listen now. We used this weak man to summon you here. To tell you to resist the dark side, and usher a new age to the galaxy!”

Moosh laughed and laughed in shock and rising anger.

“You are fools!” he hissed.

He turned his back to the tower of fire and prepared to make an exit now.

“Moosh, Yogus never understood your true, true potential. He is a fool like the fallen Lorn. We know you are wise Moosh and we shall not command you.”

“We shall offer you a parting gift—a secret of the dark side of the Force.”

Moosh laughed. “They are fools,” he thought through his bitter and painful tears.

He screamed as if on fire. He was angry now and sought their most immediate destruction.

“Look within Moosh. Look now within and see yourself.”

“I see nothing fools! I see nothing, but the vile hunted beast I have become!”

“And you shall overcome this Moosh. You will erase this transgression to the Jedi Code. We shall show you how, and we shall tell you what now Yogus plans to do with you.”

Moosh stood feeling something strange within him. He could not quite place it exactly, or concentrate in a meaningful way, but he felt pleasure, a strange pleasurable sensation.

“Look within yourself now young Moosh, see how you control the beast of the dark side?

“Look into the flames Moosh, what do you really fear?!”

“I fear nothing fools! I fear no dark side! I shall overcome all things, high or low, mediocre or lofty, and you think yourself lofty and wise, oh great Flames of Sith Mastery?” Moosh pronounced in a mocking voice.

“Look fools!”

He reached to the Force and now the flames extinguished as if they never existed. There was silence ringing in his ears.

“Fools, I have sacrificed those who would dare to sacrifice me,” he thought and felt calm and bowed his head humbly.

He slowly and evenly ate supper above the mesa that was Asada-Hel using desert brushwood to heat his food, which growing amply in these desolate parts, under the glowing stars above. He smiled and suddenly extinguished the flames through the Force with a quick wave of his hand.

After a few moments of quiet deliberation, he decided he would head for the Outer Rim planet of elusive Geonosis and seek Jedi atonement in his place of honor and strength in the ancient Jedi cave retreat he had been ordered to meditate before by his master. He felt it was his duty to the galactic order, to humble himself in this direct way.

“Now, at last, is the final defeat of the Sith,” muttered Yogus on an unknown green and forested planet, near Wild Space—a dangerous and unstable region of the galaxy. He turned off his pulsating, humming green lightsaber that had cut down seven dark side adepts of various rank and mastery.

Sugoy and the other, mostly alien, Jedi masters agreed, the marauding fringe dark siders and adepts and their masters, who had struck so quickly and efficiently from the Mid Rim from a hidden space transport against their order were no more. They had, however, given a very spirited fight.

His brother passed him a Jedi canister of clear water.

“We have peace and we can return home. Victory we have.”

“We shall build something to honor this victory.”

“The Senate shall be very pleased,” smiled Sugoy after a quick refreshing gulp, as another Jedi Master patted him on the back in touching appreciation.

A young Jedi Knight named Kron talked with his best friend in the Jedi order, Kwan, in the quiet halls of the Jedi Temple on the busy and slightly congested galactic center called, Main Coruscant.

“Look, Kwan, intelligence is not always something that is inborn it can be gifted as one grows, especially by the living Force.”

“I disagree, and I think the Jedi Code proves me more directly rather than your fancy ideas Kron, your old Master Sugoy, has remarked, as gossip goes in the Temp, that you have flights of fancy ideas sometimes,” he patted Kron, the popular and easygoing Jedi Knight, in good comradery.

“Let me begin my rebuttal of your basic hypotheses,” he said dryly looking at Kron’s face.

“The non-Force sensitive, which computes, as you well know, to more than ninety-nine percent of the sentient beings in this galaxy, are locked in their respective, and dare I say, very primitive, mind frames quite strongly, and that our great Code suggests pursuit of real knowledge and not chaos, and we know readily that this large segment of galactic beings has no Force skills of any kind, no real knowledge, nor harmony nor order within themselves to be without our direct stewardship and gentle guardianship, which the Jedi and our Code, as you readily know, dictates—by order of the galactic senate.”

“I do not find harmony in your words, brother,” laughed Kron, in an easy and gentle manner.

“I find great wonder, in these so-called, primitive beings,” he added.

“That is what Moosh always said, that all life is very precious.”

“You should not speak of the banned and transgressive one!” whispered Kron in awe and surprise.

“My point exactly!” smiled Kwan and patted his friend on the back as they walked together and alone in halls of the ancient Jedi Temple near a glistening waterfall.

The beautiful blonde young woman, a strong Jedi Knight, Arda, who would later betray her roots and training in the Jedi Order and Jedi Code, and become a very powerful Greater Sith, taking the name Darth Twilight, enjoyed her time ‘babysitting’ the young Yodess while she was still in the light side of the balanced and giving Force.

This secret Core World, however, was destined and fated to become the Sith controlled world of absolute scum and vileness called Byss—a deep abyss of dark sides nexuses and vortexes and very horrid Sith experimentation, especially by the fanatically obsessed Darth Vengeance in his sad quest for true immortality.

Darth Vengeance, when he had achieved this title and dark side station and embraced the dark side of his soul, had renounced his birth name, Ader the young.

His rising anger, theatrics, passion, cunning, and thirst for glory, revenge and true immortality that he almost always exhibited throughout his not-so-long life had become a true testament to the beast that was the tempestuous dark side of the numinous and powerful Force.

He, along with the Jedi Despoiler Grandmaster Moosh, had become a great villainy in the historical accounts of the Second Galactic Civil War two thousand years before the vile malarkey and grandiosity and hubris against life that Palpatine’s failed Empire had heedlessly and unwisely emulated with great and savage cost of innocent life.

Such prices they would learn, unlike Palpatine, who was later called the unjust by nearly everyone, are best left undeveloped and not brought forth into being, both within and without.

Unlike all other Siths and fringe dark siders, Vengeance had developed his mastery of the dark side unaided using his quick genius for discernment and quick categorization and ruthless unheeded reductionism and hasty generalization, sometimes quite playful, for he like the Jedi Despoiler Moosh was no fool, but a power-obsessed human being who caved in to the vile temptation such avenues could realistically offer.

He was to learn about true and long-lasting suffering throughout his life and his failure was complete near the end of his painful yet far-reaching life.

He was like a Force chaotic dark side vortex which had he learned to channel slowly yet even sometimes controlled with exacting precision through his extreme and powerful Force sense and control, an inferno of towering willpower.

Some historians had dared to suggest that he loved life at first, but soon became so insane and obsessive and so filled with his mad quest that he even sacrificed his followers and armies for his own ego, pride, and megalomaniacal thirst. He wanted to vaporize weakness in beauty and in death.

Jedi Despoiler Moosh was almost the same, yet different and more sensitive. They were both highly creative and felt the Force at core levels even as teenagers.

Both men were quite matched for each other, chosen by fate, and perhaps the permeating living Force, to fight and waste life.

Both had felt great suffering and loss at a formative early age, and some galactic historians suggested their bitter galactic Civil War was all done for sake of their wounded souls and egos.

Their destructive war was a lesson indeed to minds that understand such things.

Ten standard years had now passed. The Galactic Senate was quibbling, and many systems had territorial disputes and there were heated arguments everywhere in the large Republic bureaucracy, strange new wondrous planets were being discovered which added to overall tension, not just in senatorial hallways.

Sadly, it was a strange conflicting time alternating between hope, anger, freedom and deep pride in a reductive global mind frame that can be directly gauged and described, as many historians and ardent chroniclers have done.

Ader the young had left his home and family and joined the Republic free forces as a scout, quite laconic, on a few fringe planets; he saw death, and soon quit this career path, feeling the distant and heady call of something else: something as a spark within and without. He followed his feelings heedlessly and gleefully. He had landed alone in his donated—by some good-natured and hopeful Republic free forces officials—small transport space barge, modified somewhat, yet not expertly, on the siren landscapes of the planet, later named as Byss hidden deep in the Galactic Core, the mysterious Deep Core.

He really knew he had chosen this place randomly, by astronavigation he felt guided by some inherent power, or powers, at his core sense.

He searched his feelings and mind very carefully and reflectively in the solitude of his hyperspace travel in the near total emptiness of space. He was only partially educated, yet his quick mind hungered deeply and beastly for more knowledge and depth in the power of the Force.

He was a rather ugly looking red-headed man but had a remarkable presence that would serve his slightly charismatic theatrical style. He could emulate a deep humanity easily—much to the loss of many a galactic citizen.

For many days, weeks and months and even years, he wondered and wandered alone on Byss, noting everything he could and making detailed logs of his long meditations and of the terrain features in both his memory and the computer logs of his decrepit, and now almost powerless space barge, the Owl of Haste, where he eked a rather grim living and lived like the hardcore survivalist that he was and had become and practiced long-term meditation in the dark side.

Unknown presently to him, he was being slowly consumed by the receptive and eager energies of the dark side of the Force in the atmosphere of this weird siren world that had ‘called’ to him constantly since he felt the dark side shockwaves created by the strange symbiosis of Moosh and the vile and depraved Flames of Sith Mastery on Glorious Jewel.

He knew he had changed and matured and grown, but he was yet to learn the true full cost and mastery of such penetrating and consuming energies and great vortexes of the dark side, and of this place called Byss—hidden now from all normal trade routes and galactic civilization.

At present, ten long years had passed since he had landed on the siren-like Byss. He had constructed an efficient and cunning lightsaber in his eerie and power thirsty meditations.

He would enter such trances readily and felt a childlike joy the dark side would gift him.

He loved the strange meld of chaos and order and disciplines the elusive and illusionary dark side gifts had granted him now while they ate and consumed his soul fabric and essence very slowly, like some horribly engineered virus.

He knew he was now ready for his first kill.

He had many visions, of the Jedi Temple and the humble Jedi dwelling and prospering there, and he knew now there were two hidden Jedi Order participants here on Byss. He had felt them, their auras quite easily and hungrily. This still young man wanted to test himself now in the maddening heat of battle and real struggle. He did not really know what this would portend, and he had not yet begun to feel his own doom in the madness beyond death—in the chaotic and freeform and animalistic dark side.

He would pay deeply for his clouded thirst and arrogance and weaknesses, even before the galactic bloodbaths had begun. He was lean and hard, and his brain was a swirl now, of energies and thoughts, he could barely control, but somehow did with his strange iron will and deeply cunning intelligence.

He suddenly smiled slightly to himself now, “By my quiet craft by my quiet art! What was once as one will now shift and grow apart—in death?” He grinned and chuckled, and felt a sudden strong electric surge in his lean body.

A chain of lightning spray erupted from his left outstretched hand at some marginal plants and rocks. “This—I like—for I am now immortal,” he whispered with a grin and a deep and measured breath.

Another Jedi XT shuttle exploded in flames in the cold void of space, as two new Sith RUN starfighters shared a green laser strafe upon said shuttle. Yogus was deeply aghast. There had been periodic outbreaks of dark siders this last strange and formative decade, that would break out like some contagion or periodic epidemic, when one Sith or dark side cell was contained, sometime later another would appear just as bad, or even worse.

He accelerated and tricked the two Sith RUN starfighters into passing him, and feeling the Force guide him, he incinerated them with two quick strafes of precise red laser. These two were worse he had ever seen, and the cost had been high.

He could barely concentrate the Force effort he had channeled had been enormous.

He briskly ordered the remaining craft to make the hyperspace jump back to Coruscant Minor and it’s peripheral, smaller Jedi Temple that had been constructed recently by order of the Senate to deal with the new dark sider threats.

Millions of lights soon stretched into glowering lines of pure hyperspace, and his small fleet was gone in its overpowering vastness.

The sunset on Byss was a fiery display of light and cloud that both Yodess and Arda enjoyed.

Moosh stood on the edge of very sharp cliff on Geonosis amid horribly misshapen crevices, caves, and insanely deep pits. He wanted to jump into one. He wanted death and oblivion at such an early age. He was not yet twenty-six. The hellish wind howled whistling in the sharp biting air stretching into endless wastelands and strange twisting and spiraling formations of rock.

Both Yodess and Arda felt now the one, called Vengeance, at having singlehandedly attained the grim and powerful status of a near Sith Dark Lord with great, great promise and skill in just ten years through self-meditation on the siren planet of Byss amid its’ strange blue suns and distant horizons, amid fiery sunsets and strange inviting lukewarm heat.

Life on this planet was strange and outlandish. Both Yodess and Arda had been trapped by the serene and tranquil and lazy beauty of this place called Byss. It was not yet the birthplace of those called the Greater Sith, the Sith of Light. That immaculate-conception was in the vile Tenebrous Temple in the Negrev wastes of Nal Hutta.

Yodess was crying deeply, he knew that to escape, Arda would have to sacrifice herself for him.

With large expressive eyes and now sad, his ears shifted downward in grief. They hugged and Yodess moved quickly to escape in their hidden old XT Jedi shuttle.

Now Arda felt this Sith man’s self-taught power, steadily in rising perverse waves like small blows and then rising in titanic Force aura shockwaves. She remained calm but feared greatly.

Just as the shuttle lifted gracefully into Byss’ fiery sunset, Ader the young, now called Vengeance, by those other dark ones he had communed within the Force through Force telepathy, now watched and waited in the Force for Vengeance’s first real lightsaber struggle, as he approached with great cunning and skill and wanted to play with this fool.

“So, at last we meet, young woman—Arda.”

She looked at him as calmly as she could.

“Join us,” he stated with a warm smile and investigated her gentle, warm and intelligent blue eyes with his grey-blue ones, his sharp red hair glistening in the warm sunlight of siren Byss in fresh gusts of air, unlike the hard streets and high walkways of congested Main Coruscant of the Republic, where Arda grew up among the Jed Order.

She did her best to resist his massive and powerful Force push, and she did.

He threw his orange lightsaber in a cutting arc, and she quickly ignited her yellow glowing lightsaber to parry the laser fire blade.

She did, as Vengeance recalled his flashing blade immediately by Force telekinesis.

“You know you want to join and be one with true greatness.”

She knew this sounded both strange and wondrous and highly, highly speculative and unknown to her deepest instincts. The dark side was not yet a seed she understood fully or cared for.

“I promise you wealth, gifts, and power beyond your immediate imagination. The unbridled untrammeled full power of immortality and divinity.”

“Or I will destroy you shortly and torture you.”

“I promise you I will turn to you into a goddess.”

“And what shall the price be?”

“I offer my true love and devotion to thee,” he bowed.

She bowed suddenly accepting such a boon.

“My master,” she said.

He nicked her cheek with his orange blade and promised to heal it after a brief time.

“We shall build tall cathedrals of light here on Byss.”

Moosh, the grandmaster Jedi Despoiler, stood on a plateau in his nondescript clothing on Geonosis amid the hellish wind, close to his hidden lair.

"They are all subhuman," he proclaimed and ignited his new killing lightsaber.

He was the first, the great original one of his kind, born to greatness and great suffering.

For a decade, he had wandered in deep meditation trying to absolve and attain back his favor for his murder and sundering of the noble Jedi Code that had stood centuries of time beyond count.

He had persuaded already many Jedi masters to bring him back to the Jedi Order, but its current heads Yogus and Sugoy decreed that he will never be forgiven and should seek a quiet life.

I shall perfect myself he smiled in deep control of himself. He had secretly practiced his new Force skills of draining power of the Force from lifeforms during his time in the wondrous and twisted wasteland of hellish Geonosis.

Moosh howled and screamed into the wind. The wind stopped suddenly. He reached out to the Force and brought forth an earthquake through his direct telekinetic power.

He breathed in deep meditation.

“And they shall suffer…soon.”

He planned all kinds of genetic aberrations soon and his ultimate redemption in the Jedi Order.

A standard year later, Darth Vengeance’s fleet of great and excessive destructive power dominated the orbit around Coruscant Minor seven light years away from Main Coruscant nearby the head central system of the great Republic.

The new combat ships under his direct command and his new love, the gorgeously stunning Darth Twilight, had just emerged from a long flight in hyperspace travel. She was deeply and passionately in love with Darth Vengeance, and she would learn the heavy price such a love would hold. The both ordered an immediate strafe by this fleet on all settlements on the planet below.

The relatively newly built underground Jedi Temple on the planet below raised full energy shields and deflected the energy blaster fire with perfect precision.

As enemy ships began to land, the Jedi there prepared for mass conflict and invasion.

The underground pit that the circular underground Jedi temple was around released an energy stream that decimated and crushed in oblivion, more than half of Vengeance’s and Twilight invading forces in one swift stroke. The two leading Sith Lords prepared for heavy ground assault action and war.

First, the Greater Sith heavy ground troops landed and then a rocket Ewok assault suicide fleet upon Coruscant Minor. The Jedi put up a very valiant and great effort—but were cut down and overpowered quite quickly.

This smaller Jedi Temple was no more—as emergency raised Jedi Knights prepared to win back this lost ground to the attacking and destroying Greater Sith Lords. It was a testament to the galaxy and the prosperous Republic that was patiently run by care and attention to total galactic order.

An emerging great army was conscripted to fight Darth Vengeance, and soon many great battles engulfed with many strange angular and efficient killing machines, only matched in numbers used by Palpatine’s Galactic Empire two millennia later from these time points.

The troops on both sides were efficient and well trained after rigoruos preparation to either repel forces or conquer ground. New horrors would arise seemingly later.

The Jedi fought the large numbers of Sith of Light adepts, and a few of their masters with brutality. The head of his order, Sugoy, perished in a taxing and skill testing lightsaber duel of pure hell and lost to another, a Sith Master of Light, first class, called General Darth Ardent, who after received a critical wound and scars that Darth Twilight could not heal through her Sith force healing techniques by using the Force directly, now or later in time.

Battles continued to flower in the Galactic Core as the head Sith of Light, the absolute head of the Greater Sith, was nowhere to be seen, as he was meditating to summon his first vortex through the dark side powers. He could not yet find the final formula to mentally tap into this power directly, quickly or efficiently, or summon a Force rapture vortex on whim.

He ordered retreat of his all his forces to the nearby Corellian system.

Yogus now welcomed Moosh in the head council inside the great Jedi Temple that towered above Main Coruscant during a brilliant dawn, as the sharp-lined space fleet waited above for direct orders.

“Moosh, we welcome you now in this time of utter darkness and absolve your violations to the ancient Jedi Code.”

“Of course, my master, Yogus,” said Moosh warmly with a grin.

“I have felt this, Vengeance, for a long time now as I wandered the wastes of elusive Geonosis under the cold stars there and harsh heat, and I am glad to become welcomed into this retreat and sacred place of the Jedi Order."

“I have brought creatures I call, the Rancors,” explained Moosh.

“I suggest we Jedi, use these beasts and behemoths to devour some Sith Lords.”

Yogus approached Moosh slowly and hugged the sun-scarred man in the Jedi council chamber.

The light entered this place as dawn was fading.

“Much wisdom Moosh, you have earned.”

Over and on Corellia, most of Darth Vengeance’s forces were left for dead in the freezing void as his heavy battle-hardened troops were no match for Moosh leading the counteroffensive of a force of Rancor beasts, Jedi Knights, and remaining Jedi Masters, alien and human. It was a terrible slaughter upon these Siths.

Darth Vengeance quickly escaped with his love to Main Coruscant by a sudden and hazardous and hidden hyperspace jump to infiltrate and attack the Jedi Temple with her alone to begin their sovereign reign and to slaughter the remaining Jedi there, through an application of terror and force. He wanted to summon his first great engulfing dark side vortex of doom.

He was entering the tall Jedi Temple tower with Darth Twilight unheeded and unopposed since Yogus ordered this facet after they landed amid rain and more torrents of rain on a Jedi landing pad for august visitors high above the congested Republic city that was being terrorized by them.

He stood now wet and confident, and ignited his orange bladed, yet modified constantly and of variable alteration on its length and reach unmatched lightsaber.

Suddenly he was cut down by Darth Twilight.

“Rise, my master,” she whispered over his fallen body and walked onward.

She entered the Jedi temple hooded and cloaked in grey in the rain and entered the tower of the head council chamber.

She entered an airy hallway that led from the starfighter landing ramp.

“Master Yogus—it is an honor—to be back now among my Jedi brothers and sisters,” she spoke trying to match Yogus’ face and mood.

“We have at last defeated this upstart villain in one swift stroke of utter defeat and gained total victory.”

Yogus hesitated, as Yodess looked on with his large expressive eyes.
“Welcome back young Ar—.”

She sprayed both with Sith lightning discharging ravishing amounts of electric charges into the soft bodies of Yogus and his son Yodess. Yodess survived, as other Jedi master’s attacked Darth Twilight throwing their lightsaber laser blades upon her body.

She deflected all the attacks perfectly.

The sharp cutting then began in earnest, haste, and grim flesh cutting.

Moosh approached her from the shadows in his humble clothes, and she was startled suddenly.

He gently mocked her, “Summon back your master, Vengeance, Darth…Twilight, dressed in grey.”

Moosh walked beside the cut and fallen bodies of the other Jedi Masters, except the Jedi Knights, Kron and Kwan, who now stood beside him and approached her with their blue lightsabers humming and with their guards raised for offensive Jedi proficiency.

Yodess was hiding in the shadows, beside the glistening waterfall in this airy hallway and its statues of gone masters.

Moosh stood and watched, letting these two younger men attack this affront to the Temple of the Jedi on Main Coruscant.

She fought bravely, timing her efforts. It was a very grim battle, in heat and sweat and taxing mental energy and defensive flukes in the dark and light sides of the Force, as Moosh watched slightly, even indifferently, and prepared to win this last battle before he would gain supremacy among the Jedi Order.

Both sides in this recent combat were exhausted beyond any movement and were thus tied after twenty-five standard minutes of heavy lightsaber dueling in this Force and melee contest.

Moosh quickly, and silently, ordered Kwan and Kron to retreat, and head back and regather the fleet and dispose of Darth Vengeance’s dead body. They left the hallway quickly with a measured pace and great fear yet knowing that Moosh would stop and defeat her finally.

“What do you care to show me, Arda? Now that your demise is at hand” asked Moosh with a smile, and then a slight grin.


Darth Vengeance appeared—by summoning his first Sith vortex to a power level and shifted in Force space and time to ‘resurrect’ himself through a Force wormhole and shift to reenter life; and now challenged Moosh to a great duel of fate inside the Jedi Temple’s airy hall under the head council chamber tower above the great Force spire beneath that was gathering Force energies for Moosh, as he sought to drain it directly and steadily for more Force energy through his advanced self-training.

Darth Twilight vanished suddenly.

And then did the same, now cloaked in a dark ragged robe, Darth Vengeance.

Many standard days and weeks had passed, and Moosh was controlling, searching and speculating the way to defeat this powerful Sith Lord—that had risen so quickly and ravished the Galactic Core to these levels by the mastery of the dark side.

Moosh was stunned and barely in control of his emotions. He summoned the Rancor beasts back to their cages on Coruscant Minor from final operations on Corellia, as a new underground Jedi battle station was being built with haste and precision there; and its damaged settlements were being rebuilt and repopulated and stationed with troops and walking multifaceted armor.

He summoned the few remaining Jedi masters to hear his counsel and new revelations of a new power he would train them in. The Jedi now had taken their first step to becoming worthy of the name Jedi Despoilers, and Moosh began to teach them the basics of using the Force to drain lifeforms to power themselves and their Force auras. The more they learned, the more they hungered for this great power.

They began to grow very powerful and planned a new age of great glory for the Jedi Order.

They knew now why Darth Vengeance and Darth Twilight chose to go into hiding now, and Moosh was growing angry, despite this draw, and cowardly swift first strike on his hold.

Moosh gave the Jedi Order great joy and heedless and an untrammeled version of the proud thoughts Darth Vengeance used through trickery and temptation to build up his vile ranks of warriors and engineers, and now this obsessed man wanted immortality more than ever, and to lash out against the Jedi Despoilers and their systems in a final showdown without mercy.

A standard month had passed, Darth Vengeance stood now before the Flames of Sith Mastery for what he hoped was a final time on Nal Hutta to worship them directly and heedlessly and in mocking ambition in hopes of outdoing them for good. He felt the heat of the roaring flames directly and was unafraid, or perhaps stoically unconcerned. It was time for his final baptism.

He outstretched his hands outward latterly, and laughed, as their power shifted to him now. He paused and wanted to give them a speech as a final blow to their egos and very spirited presence.

He shifted now again in great, terror and pain as the air heated brightly in an explosion of gas, and he survived this spice of hellfire. And then he promised to build towering dark cathedrals of light and glory to the Flames of Sith Mastery’s true immortality and raising guidance.

They proceeded with their dark ceremony of melding souls and powers through the giving and balanced Force, ignoring the large disturbance in the Force that permeated all around, and through their byzantine efforts.

They communed in the Force now outward to their adepts and troops on the hidden siren world of tranquil Byss to lash out against the Jedi and everything the free and democratic and just Republic stood for, across time and space of galactic proportions. He promised them total victory and spoil and the worst pleasures of war, that would end in their destruction, as he ordered worship of the Sith Flames of Mastery—through righteous and joyous thoughts toward them.

In these planned efforts and hidden construction, Darth Vengeance and Darth Twilight made passionate love together that was doomed to retreat. Twilight saw things with this man she never dared to imagine by herself.

“So, Vengeance these are your ways and your ways have taken us here now.”

“Yes, high flames of Sith dark side mastery.”

“This shall be our last and final commune together that will give us final and eternal victory. We prophesize the coming of a Darth Light and a great Sith resurrection that will give a truly victorious Force synod.”

“You dare?” bellowed Darth Vengeance his hair as red as the flaming tower upon him.

“We see that we will have a victory in the ending times of great future timescales.”

“You should heed this warning, Vengeance, and take this final lesson home that we have foreseen barriers to your fate that will end, as the vagaries of the Force decide.”

“I will heed this great warning,” hissed Darth Vengeance in Asada-Hel, a fortress of great doom and great hope for him.

“And I will apply myself most ardently to the task of defeating these Jedi, Jedi Despoilers, for permanence, as I have wasted great amounts of life at their defeat, something I did not wish, and not at this scale. I wanted an easier path with truth and galactic order at my choosing.”

“Plus, direct immortality in the flesh and the Force.”

“I am, and, I shall have it!” he bellowed hastily, and with a small trace of a slight smirk.

The first lightsaber he constructed on Byss was now being consumed as an offering to this vile Tenebrous Temple of Sith Mastery in the large Negrev desert outside civilization on Nal Hutta, as a great fiery light show of cloud over the great emptiness showered outside this secret place hidden in the bowels of a mountain chain upon lava chambers and great dark side focus—and the desert was lit up.

This item floated above him as it was crushed and incinerated by these dark side ghosts and spirits of Sith Mastery and hellfire, as they laughed and cackled in direct depravity of what Darth Vengeance had done and was doing.

He was laughing now as well, as he held Darth Twilight in this fiery swirl and kissed her deeply and passionately when the Force energies of the communing lava chamber and dark side fire and lightning crackled around them in pure bursts of energy and death. She kissed him yet with fear, with great relief and love, bathed in the heat and glow of these moments.

She then used the Force to teleport with him to watch the silence over the desert land as dawn glistened across the distant horizon points together, as they held each other strongly.

They were blinded for a moment and kissed.

At the Jedi Temple, Yodess was in a Force telepathic consultation with Grandmaster Jedi Moosh, a man now who humbled himself to train the Jedi, and his partners in leading the Jedi Order, Kron, and Kwan.

“Win we shall,” he said with self-effacement in the best way he could as they sat comfortably near each other.

“Yes, of course, Master Yodess, but remember the ways of the Force have chaos in them that we must finally root out for all time. That we should consolidate and build in the Force this final lesson our ranks have yet to truly understand, appreciate and learn, with true devotion.”

“Ask them, we shall, to serve us well, with hierarchies and rewards, each given their share according to merit and guidance through the giving and balanced Force of galactic sustenance.”

“You gave much light within yourself, Yodess,” said Moosh slowly, quietly and in thought.

“You are truly going to be one of the great Jedi one day.”

“I live to offer my wisdom to take out this Sith of Light order of the dark side.”

“We shall overcome them Master Yodess, soon, very soon and we shall triumph over their deadly and death wielding philosophy permanently.”

“I miss my father and uncle greatly Moosh, and all this is because Lorn chose the dark side willingly and eagerly.”

“We shall undue his mistake, I promise you Yodess, and elevate you to Jedi Master.”

“A Jedi Master is guided by fairness and humility,” answered Yodess quietly.

“We must seek peace with our order to send these Siths to hell and discover their secret base once and for all.”

“A secret I have to tell you,” said Yodess, as his ears perked up.

The lean cathedral to the Sith of Light’s eventual conquest of the galaxy was being constructed by the Sith Lords under Darth Vengeance. On this spot, two thousand years later, Palpatine would construct a strange and monstrous citadel for cloning and spawning experiments on Byss. He would use a clever blueprint designed by his evil and megalomaniacal predecessor.

Three years of steady construction had passed now as his ranks and troops grew.

During this time, Moosh perfected his skill and focus, at channeling and draining Force energy from large swaths of biologically based organisms and trained his ranks accordingly. He also created and engineered with Kron, a mathematical genius, and now a powerful Jedi Master, numerous savage beasts designed to hunt and destroy the Sith of Light, who prepared for an eventual defense of Byss—their main stronghold and place of defense and building ranks and training centers for the Greater Sith adepts and armies. Kwan was becoming jealous even more of Kron, more than ever before.

It was a sunset of true magnificence, as Jedi Master Erdu, a tall and round Gran loved that the Force showed him now a great hope for this galaxy. He breathed the light air and felt his deepest emotions stir in the giving Force. He saw they would have total success at defeating the vile worshippers of the dark side and their temptations.

He used his reason to see that even many of the Sith they had fought recoiled at what they had started upon the Republic, run by the democratic senate of free beings and aliens.

Erdu loved all life and the Jedi Order, as it was maintained by Grandmaster Moosh. He had been well rewarded and felt great peace and the warmth and power of the giving and balanced, numinous life Force. His three gifted eyes beheld colors like he never imagined over Main Coruscant, and his aura basked into the warm inviting glow of the Force.

A massive starship exploded into being with its fleet from supralight hyperspace travel, this giant flagship called, the Blood of Light, led the attacking battle fleet.

It failed in winning in orbit or sub-orbital space over the tall towers of Coruscant
Minor however, and it crashed on this planet, as the Sith adept crew was Force sucked out of existence by the Jedi Despoilers there, as crashing battles and personal melees of heated lightsaber duels and Force trick mastery finished this second Sith strike on the newly rebuilt underground Jedi battle Temple.

Darth Vengeance groaned in deep anger, hate and fear; he was running low on resources and ordering his scouts to scour the galaxy. For him now peace was a lie, there was only passion.

After his second great loss, he ordered and began a long-distance dark side Force commune with the secret Flames of Sith Mastery on Nal Hutta. He was growing more and more pensive. His love and desire for Arda was burning even more now in a great and total flame of feeling.

“You must duel with Darth Twilight for total supremacy now. If you do not, you will fail within and without,” they spoke ominously to his bowed red-haired head.

He bowed his head even more, in great anger, and great hate.

Deep down he knew he deserved more, infinitely more than being exemplifying merely as death to the galactic order. He knew he would have to sacrifice all things now for his quest and success at being a true god of the dark side of the Force, one that would rule and be remembered and worshipped, as he joined the Flames of Sith Mastery when his body had moved on.

He could already feel certain weaknesses and used stimulants to counter being used up by the atmosphere on Byss since his flesh and soul was being slowly and steadily consumed by the dark side vortex power and chaos he had unleashed upon innocent life. He sat now in deep meditation and regulated his breath, as electricity moved through and around him.

Such Sith Lords, as him, had easy ways to kill their friends, and would sometimes give into such murderous temptations as electric sprays and chokes and other horrors killed many down the centuries who would befriend such men and women and alien life dedicated to dark side paths and worship of its direct reception.

He approached now Darth Twilight on the top of the towering cathedral of Sith glory rising in a serene valley above the landscapes of siren-like Byss, amid four shining, in blues and pinks, mountain peaks.

“It is time for you die now, fool.”

“No, my master, I love and live with you in all things.”

He ignited his new orange flashing lightsaber that he had prepared for his duel with her.

She was hooded in light silk and ignited her yellow flashing lightsaber with a measured swipe, as it hummed in eager anticipation.

She scanned all around her and noted the features of the barely constructed scaffolding at these reaching heights, dangerous and chaotic, and still being built on his orders.

They slowly tested each other’s blades first. He slashed hard in quiet and grim practiced cuts and she parried easily, yet knowing she was being toyed with at first with each pause, as they investigated their eyes.

At every wielded parry, electric charges sprayed the ground beneath. It was full of holes and pits and endings.

Above the crevices of Byss, on this monstrous and beautiful cathedral to Sith Glory, now the real duel would begin between Sith apprentice and master, for life and liberty and the pleasures of command in the Sith Order.

Evil is not to think.