Topic: Sith Empire

Reflections by Darth Light, Regent of the Empire by Royal Appointment of Darth Natas and Sheev Palpatine, Emperor of the Sith.
Treatise 1.0
The Sith must always understand that concentrated power can come in differing manifestations among the Sith Order family as very diverse yet proficient members always know, and of course, those seeking to be elite and finding, either an eclectic perfection, or a true one—the very essence of real immortality.
Ultimately, the Sith Empire is about the ‘Eden’ regained for the Sith family and those deemed with good bestowal. Even though the timeless Sith Creed connotes an essence of a very basic philosophy that unites us, it must be used—even as a basic drive—with total wisdom, and I, as Regent to the Sith Empire, suggest and edify the high principle of reason as a basic guide for the passions of a Sith member’s ‘inner child’; also, a basic step for exploration in the giving and living Force, a warm center that unites out being.
The principle of high reason is simple: do not let destructive emotions cloud the most reasonable path for attainment of a Sith member’s ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ options within and without the Sith family. And it should be readily understood that even a neophyte is ‘imprinted’ with the fact that the Sith are one.
This is our center, our family, our immortality. Power is concentrated among the Sith as such. And readily after centuries of inner wars and horrid inner strife.
Ranks Standard among Sith
Journeyman (intermediate status for a minimum of six months)
Subcategories: lesser, medial, greater, specified and unspecified
Special Sith Lore Keepers: junior, senior, greater one (Darth Keepers: chroniclers/keepers/librarians of Sith Holocrons)
Force Power Hierarchy of Attunement
1.    Sense
2.    Control
3.    Alter
Sith Ritual of the Beast
“Sit in front a fire and meditate within and without.”

Evil is not to think.