Topic: Is Boba Fett a villain or an anti hero / dark hero?

"The Mandalorian" is starting to ramp up it's public relations campaign. Today, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, three official cast/crew members of the show shared three points why the new character is different than Boba Fett.

1) He is actually Mandalorian unlike Boba
2) It's a different era
3) He's more of a dark hero than a villain

Now, wait a second. Is Boba Fett a villain? Is he an anti hero / dark hero? Or is it something else?


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Re: Is Boba Fett a villain or an anti hero / dark hero?

Well, when boba witnessed mace windu kill his father, jango, we all know that that obviously wouldn’t have gone well with him, especially at ten.

That probably didn’t start him off on the right track.

And than, he sees more and more things and has more painful reminders of his father’s death.

But this isn’t an excuse to kill Jedi for revenge. he sees them as evil, though, and this would mean, in his eyes, that he was exterminating evil.

So, I don’t believe boba fett was evil, even though he has a scary theme song.

I believe boba fett is mislead.

Re: Is Boba Fett a villain or an anti hero / dark hero?

In canon, I wouldn’t call Boba Fett a villain, because as we all know, he’s a bounty hunter, and bounty hunters are hired to do something. They just want the money, nothing else.
Probably if the Rebel Alliance hired them, they would accept. And now you can ask yourself “But maybe Boba wouldn’t accept it, because of his relation with Solo”. True, but well, this is just part of the story-plot.
As a regular bounty hunter, they just work for those who request them.

So for me Boba is neither a villain nor a dark hero (since he hasn’t done anything as Din did with Baby Yoda, for example.)
For me, the perfect definition is “anti hero” because Boba has his own personality, and he doesn’t follow the rules to be a hero, a villain...
He just follows his own way. As a bounty hunter.

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