Topic: BFFC Upgrades: Trophies and Badges

We've rolled out a new feature for BFFC profiles, which all BFFC members already have.

Trophies are awarded automatically based on some criteria being done. To start, there's one for being a member for one year, ten years, and twenty years. (BFFC is now 23 years old and counting!). We'll add more and also share what they are so you can try to collect them if you want.

Badges are going to be opt-in, like how you can wear a patch on a vest, or add a sticker to a car to show your support. The first three are for the Fett-worthy costume clubs: The Dented Helmet, Mandalorian Mercs, and The 501st Legion. This "select what you want" feature isn't yet live, but you can see how it looks here:

Any requests for specific trophies or badges? Please comment here. Thanks!

Re: BFFC Upgrades: Trophies and Badges

Badges can now be added/removed from profiles. Check it out on your profile page.

Also had to add some more:

Re: BFFC Upgrades: Trophies and Badges

Trophies are now awarded automatically when the criteria hits. There are six so far and will be more.