Topic: Will Boba's arc in Clone Wars be finished?

I, like many others, are excited for the concluding season of the Clone Wars which is coming to Disney+. Boba had a bit of an arc during the Clone Wars and they WERE going to finish it as shown in Star Wars Celebration. It would have Cad Bane, explain how he died, explain how Boba got the dent on his helmet and possibly many other things. But after the Clone Wars got thanos snapped that arc was never finished. Now that CW is coming back however, things are looking likely that fett will have his arc finished.

So...what do you guys think?

"This IS my face" -Boba Fett, Twin Engines of Destruction (Page 15)

Re: Will Boba's arc in Clone Wars be finished?

As seen at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim, here's the animatic of the unfinished scene where Boba Fett kills Cad Bane and gets the dent on his helmet:

Here's a prior scene with Cad Bane and Boba Fett:

We don't know yet if the completed versions of these are a part of the last season, coming soon. Daniel Logan was asked to be a part of The Clone Wars panel at Star Wars Celebration Chicago and then was not on stage. If he were, would that have confirmed at least one Fett episode in the final season? Hmm. We'll see...

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