Topic: BFFC Upgrades: New Private Messaging

We're rolling out a new and improved way to send messages between BFFC members.

To send someone a message, you need to follow them. Following can be done on the message board next to a user's post or on any user's profile page.

To receive a message, you need to be following OR be followed by a user.

There are notifications of when a message has been read or not. There's also an easy way to reply. You can also remove messages from your inbox or outbox, if you want to keep things tidy.

Welcome to any and all feedback!

Founder/Editor, BFFC

Re: BFFC Upgrades: New Private Messaging

Big update today to The default page now groups messages by user, which is more like direct messaging in different social platforms, versus looking more like email.

The inbox and outbox are still there. Sending a new message is the same. But when you're corresponding with one user, it's now faster like a chat box to write back and forth.

There's some auto-updating going on, especially if both users are online, for the fastest back-and-forth. But if one user isn't online, it's like usual.

Feedback would be appreciated. It's still a work in progress.

Special thanks to BFFC contributor Juan Fuentes for helping beta test this!

Founder/Editor, BFFC