Topic: Fan Fiction and Fan Film Ratings

As some of you already know, we host a massive library of Boba Fett fan fiction and Boba Fett fan films here on the website.

BFFC members can now choose to give a rating below the story or film, respectively. One to five stars. This will help for later providing a "most popular" filter, to skim through the list by ratings rather by date/title. It will also soon show up on your new-and-improved BFFC profile (see mine for example) so others can see what you've rated and how.

This feature is identical to the one in the "Bounty" collectibles database. Over 400 ratings have been added by BFFC members so far.

We will also be opening up a choice to give it a written review, too. In the past, with just the fan fiction, we had three dedicated critics provide a ton of reviews and those are back on the site.

If you have a story or film, we'll consider them for adding to the site!