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Thoughts on "The Mandalorian," the newly titled TV series for Disney's streaming service, coming in 2019?

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"After the stories of Jango and Boba Fett, another warrior emerges in the Star Wars universe."

This line bothers me. Is it implying that the story of Boba Fett ends with the sarlacc pit? If so, as a Boba Fett fanatic, that's extremely disappointing. I don't know why they feel the need to create their own underworld mandalorian gunslinger character when a perfectly good and well loved one already exists. Especially considering the character of Boba Fett has been so underutilized thus far in the new canon aside from a couple brief, poorly done portrayals (From A Certain Point of View and Marvel Star Wars 2015). So is that it then? In the new canon, all Boba Fett amounts to is just a guy who led the empire to Han and Leia on Bespin then died an embarrassing death in ROTJ? Quite different than the Boba Fett from the EU who held his ground in a battle against Darth Vader,  single handedly defeated an entire military base full of imperial forces (No Disintegrations, Please), and against all odds cheated death on multiple occasions through cunning skill, grit, and intelligence. Maybe I'm overreacting, but the lack of attention that the character is receiving is beginning to frustrate me.

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Excellent insight, TitanisEgg.

They're definitely pivoting to a new character, perhaps to have a fresh start. As one who reviews the #BobaFett hashtag on social media daily, the original bounty hunter certainly has lovers and haters. That could make it a risky bet to headline a film.

Hopefully we'll still get more in the current canon, as indicated with new toys and other merch almost on a weekly basis. It sure would be nice to get a *great* story, since -- agreed -- "From A Certain Point of View" did no justice.

Perhaps the synopsis was more of a name-drop, to suggest this new character is not a Fett?

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Perhaps. In my opinion the best way to quiet many of the haters would be to show Boba Fett living up to all the hype on screen, whether it be in a film or tv series. Make him more than a cool looking set of armor. I'm not sure I'd even want a film with Fett as the sole main character, but maybe as a part of an entourage of protagonists or just a cameo a la the Darth Vader scene in Rogue One. Some bite to back up the bark.

Maybe The Mandalorian will end with this new character removing his helmet only to reveal himself as a post-sarlacc Boba Fett the whole time! I can fantasize.

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Good thinking! A Boba cameo would be amazing, but we'll see soon in 2019.