Topic: New Feature for Follow Fett

As some of you may know, we track the public conventions/signing for the Boba Fett actors who tour, plus where the costume and props are on display. The "Follow Fett" data goes back to 1995 and is updated almost weekly now with events for Jeremy Bulloch, Daniel Logan, John Morton, Dickey Beer, Mark Austin, Temuera Morrison and the costumes in museums and at Disney Parks right now.

Instead of just hosting the data, we're about to release a new feature tentatively called "My Calendar" that allows you to save events that you've been to OR events that you want/wanted to go to. This would help with sharing your fandom and also act as a reminder for upcoming events.

When or how often have you met Jeremy Bulloch? You could track and share that now.
When was the last time Daniel Logan was in Germany? You could find that out.
Where did the Magic of Myth tour go with one of the touring Fett costumes in the 90s? You could look that up in no time.

After rolling out the saving functionality, we'll work on a notification functionality. This could help with the reminder element or to get a heads up when a convention is newly added in your area. The granularity will just be country for now.

The feature is very similar to "My Bounty," which is quite popular now and allows you to track which Boba Fett collectibles you have, want, and like.

While we wrap up the design and programming, would anyone here like to beta test, to get early access to the feature and help provide some quick feedback on making it even better before we launch?

Re: New Feature for Follow Fett

After a bunch of great beta testing, the new upgrades are now live!

Easier sorting by subject, location, time, etc.

Save who you've seen or want to see