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Topic: Boba Fett Movie Update

I was watching a fan-made Boba Fett movie trailer on YouTube and in the description was this:

"According to the Hollywood Reporter, Lucasfilm is considering movies that focus on Yoda and Boba Fett the bounty hunter, alongside other Star Wars characters. Back in March a source said: 'Rest assured, the Boba Fett movie is not dead. As far as I can tell, the movie will most likely not be an origin story.

'It’s not strictly a Boba Fett movie, but a film about an ensemble of bounty hunters on an adventure.

'It sounds as though Fett is just one important component to the movie as opposed to the central character.' "

Here is the link to the video if you would like to take a look for yourself: https://youtu.be/RMUsK-nzA8A

I know that a Boba Fett movie has been in the air for a long time now, but I think this is extremely interesting. Fett obviously has a huge fan-base and I think that if Disney (*vomit*) smells enough money in it, they will go for it. We have to get past the Solo, and Obi-Wan movies first, but I have high hopes that after that they will put some more thought into it. Even just a bounty hunter movie with Fett in it would work for me at this point, though obviously I would still like to see a Fett solo film in the future. With the very real possibility of a cameo in Solo, and/or the Obi-Wan movie, that may spark enough of an interest to get the wheels turning. If there are any cameos from our favorite bounty hunter, it could be Disney testing the waters for a Fett film. I could be completely off-base here, but still, I don't think a Fett film has been this likely in a long time.

Also, in a different video, the possibility of a Slave 1 appearance in the trailer is being analyzed, but at the end of the video it is pointed out that one of the coins that is pushed forward during the sabaac part of the trailer is emblazoned with the Mythosaur skull. This looks like another hint like in The Force Awakens with the banners. Here is the link if you want to see it for yourself at the current time as well: https://youtu.be/VAHrySda5Hk?t=105


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Those are unconfirmed rumors.

Hollywood Reporter's blurb was from August 2017. We've got it at https://www.bobafettfanclub.com/news/fe … /spin-off/.

At the same time, Variety also claimed a Jabba the Hutt film is being considered. (Where do they make these things up?) No comment on any of this yet on the official Star Wars website.


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Agh! No! Stupid, unreliable information! Stupid newspapers! They're just trying to create some drama. I'm sorry, I hadn't seen the first video's description until a few days ago, so I only just now came across that information. Didn't realize how old it was. I'll be more careful.

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MandaloreRising, hold up, just because it was an old rumor doesn't mean it's gone. Just the other day, The Hollywood Reporter again claims they have an exclusive that the still-unconfirmed Fett film is happening and they know the director and writers attached. So you never know when something just might be accurate once more info comes to light. Hopefully Lucasfilm will confirm one thing or another soon. They've been silent on the status of the "story" films for a while now.


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Good! I just wish they would stop leading people along like this.

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Re: Boba Fett Movie Update



THIS VIDEO IS SAYING THAT A BOBA FETT MOVIE WAS ANNOUNCED THE 24TH ON THE OPENING DAY OF SOLO AND I DON'T KNOW WHETHER TO BELIEVE IT OR NOT! I know that this is up on the home page, but is this absolutely confirmed or not? The guy in the video says it is, but I'm just not sure!

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Not officially confirmed yet.