Topic: diecast Boba Fett error?

Ok, I have had this micro machine/ galoob diecast Boba Fett since 2005. It has never been opened and the package has not been altered in any way. It is exactly as I found it at Target, 13 years or so ago. Some of the potential errors may be normal. But it seems like a lot of errors in one pack. I am looking to see if anyone has ever seen one like this and does it have any value. So to list the potential errors:

1. Barcode says Darth Vader (I think this was normal)
2. Boba is unpainted.
3. All sticker/labeling is missing inside the pack.

Again this package is 100% original and never opened. Any help/opinions would be helpful.

I have attached photos. The image with the labeling was borrowed from online.

Re: diecast Boba Fett error?

Sorry all. Apparently only one photo would post. That is the photo of mine without labels or paint

Re: diecast Boba Fett error?

Hey Maugusta, welcome! Thanks for starting the topic.

That looks like the Titanium Limited Die-Cast Boba Fett (Vintage Finish), a common variant that came just like how it is in your picture. See our record in our "Bounty" collectibles section for more info: … boba-fett/

As for the images posting, sorry you were having trouble with more than one shot. Will look into it.