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I'm looking to buy some patches to add to accessories like hats and bags, and I am looking for the Krybes, the crest, and also imperial/first order symbols. Looking on Amazon, I get the feeling that what I see will not be what I get. What is a good source to get these? Anyone have an online vendor they trust for this?


Re: Looking for suggestions where to buy patches

Jeremy, great question. So, Amazon patches are pretty much all fan-made efforts, often bootleg from other fan-made efforts in the first place, like a vector stencil.

Back in 2016, Hot Topic had an officially licensed patch. More info on that at BFFC's Bounty. Now nearly 2018 already, it may be only available second hand like on eBay.

Pretty much all officially licensed things and most cheap fan-made things are also screen inaccurate. For screen accurate work, which would cost more but be made by fine craftspeople who cosplay, see our costume guide for some recommended vendors to reach out to who might be able to help do something just right, akin to the movies.

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Thanks, I'll check out those vendors. I was also told about a Facebook group, 501st legion patch collectors group, but I am not part all the groups they require to join the Facebook group. I didn't know it would be so hard to get a few patches.

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JeremySDMF, yeah, patches are really all fan made, so inherently hard to get. Good luck!