Boba Fett Autographs (from the collection of Steve Grad)

1. Bruce Nicholson (PP2 Boba Fett armor model)
2. Joe Johnston (designer of Boba Fett)
3. Bill Hargreaves (ROTJ Boba Fett costume maintenance?)
4. John Mollo (designed the all-white "Supertrooper II," the precursor to Boba Fett)
5. Tom St. Amand (ROTJ stop motion?)
6. Sandy Dhuyvetter ("Momma Fett" costume painter)
7. Pete Ronzoni (ROTJ Boba Fett firing mechanism art department?)
8. Duwayne Dunham (white prototype Boba Fett screen test model and San Anselmo parade walker)
9. Ben Burtt (sound editor and hosted the prototype Boba Fett video in 1978)
10. Vance Lorenzini (ESB costume painting?)
11. Kit West (ROTJ costume help?)
12. John Morton ("Bespin" Boba)
13. Bob Yerkes (Boba Fett stunt pick-up)
14. Glenn Randall Jr. (ROTJ stunts)
15. Daniel Logan ("Episode II" Boba Fett)
16. Jason Wingreen (original voice of Boba Fett)
17. Don Bies (ROTJ:SE "Jedi Rocks")
18. Nelson Hall (Boba Fett ROTJ:SE walk-by)
19. Mark Austin (Boba Fett SW:SE)
20. Dickey Beer (ROTJ stunts)
21. Temuera Morrison (Jango Fett and new voice of Boba Fett)
22. and last but not least is Jeremy Bulloch (the original Boba Fett)

March 29, 2017

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