"Boba Fett Breakin'" by Bobby Rubio

"Here's a drawing of when I was a kid and we are making our Star Wars action figures battle it out in an all out breakdance hip-hop battle!!! Now, back in the early 80's, Breakdancing was the big thing and some of us could dance. Then there were others, like me, who just wished they could. So this is probably the closest that I will ever get to busting out a "Windmill". In this drawing, Boba Fett is "Windmilling" and Darth Vader is waiting on deck. Dig my crazy "fat laces"! FRESH!!!

So if you ever want to have 5 minutes of fun and totally diminish the value of a childhood collectible, I suggest you go to Ebay, buy an old Star Wars figure, anything from the 80's will do. Take a coin (nickel in the States) and jam it in between the figure's legs. Then spin the figures on their heads like spinning tops! PURE AWESOME, for a good 5 minutes at least." -- Artist's Statement on ComicArtFans.com

May 4, 2014

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